SAY WHAT? Elizabeth Warren is Running FALSE Ads to Mislead Voters

She is digging herself a hole…

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been sharing Facebook ads that insist Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are supporting Donald Trump’s re-election.

However, Zuckerberg hasn’t supported Trump. 

Also, Warren knows Zuckerberg hasn’t supported Trump. The ad itself states, “You’re probably shocked, and you might be thinking, ‘how could this possibly be true?’ Well, it’s not.” 

Warren’s false ads focus on Facebook’s decision to exempt specific political advertising from spreading third-party fact checks. That policy has been in the spotlight following CNN’s rejection of what it called “demonstrably false” Trump campaign ads—ads Facebook allowed to run. 

  • FB spokesperson reply: “If Senator Warren wants to say things she knows to be untrue, we believe Facebook should not be in the position of censoring that speech.” 

Conclusively: This is where every story in the news has ties to a larger narrative, but for this…we’ll let you choose. Warren vs. Zuckerberg, Warren vs. Trump, Facebook vs. regulators, Facebook vs. political misinformation, misinformation vs. free speech.

    1. The question should be daily–what has she told the truth about today? Nothing is about as short as the answer can get.

  1. Another lying cheating disgusting Democrat who is deceiving Americans daily. She IS NOT FOR AMERICANS despite what she says. She is a radical socialist who will bankrupt this country within a year. Business’ will shut down, people will be unemployed, we will screwed, Trump is the best bet. TRUMP 2020

  2. She is a so called Democrat. She lies, all the time. All so called Democrats lie all the time, just like their Nazi and fascist and communist predecessors did and do. There is nothing honest or honorable about a so called Democrat.

  3. POCAHONTAS is nothing but a DERANGED and DEPLORABLE HABITUAL LIAR !!! She LIED to her mother and her turned right around and belted right in her BUTT UGLY FACE !!! I can’t see how her husband can even stand her unless he is a

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