Sarah Sanders Top Replacement is ‘Stone Cold Killer’

You won’t believe who it is…

Stephanie Grisham, the communications director for first lady Melania Trump, is one of the top contenders to replace outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Grisham joined the Trump campaign during its initial days in 2015 and has remained steadfastly loyal to the Trump family since.

One White House source said that Grisham “has proven herself to be a stone-cold killer” who is a “risk-free move for the administration in the run-up to perhaps the most important election in American history.”

“Grisham is pure Trump,” the source told the news outlet. “She holds down the East Wing with ease and has no loyalties to any faction within the Republican Party. Members of the first family love her and know that she is fiercely dedicated and loyal.”

On “Fox and Friends” Friday, Trump was succinct in his praise of Grisham.

“Stephanie is terrific,” Trump¬†said.

  1. Don’t you think the expression “stone cold KILLER!” is a bit of an over statement when you are only speaking of an employees loyalty and dedication? If she is competent and willing to serve; that is all quite admirable. But, to put her in the killer category is a bit over the top!

  2. To the Leftist maggot, who has no honor for the truth, they would try to demean and deface anything that a Trump person says or does. They all have the mentality of that stone cold killer liar Palosi and the stone cold killer Fake News Media. They have managed to call President Trump everything, but the kitchen sink and no one bothered to censor them, like that Omar, who still holds a position as a Congress a questionable repulsive representative.

  3. She may sit them ALL on their best behavior ! Meaning the DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS.. The maybe this young lady has the knack to to sit all the DEPLORABLE Journalists and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS STRAIGHT..

  4. Perfect fit. A stone cold killer and the idiot. Still awaiting affordable, good, healthcare. Still waiting for our new infrastructure, long promised , never delivered what about the 290 trillion in raided Social Security funds. Where is a real raise for Social Security as utility rates increase 810% and our property taxes keep increasing.

  5. First thing she should do. Call a press conference and express new rules to press corp.”Look folks I know Sara enjoyed sparing with you/ no rules. But I don’t work that way!” We will take 12 questions. No liloques. No 15 minute questions. No follow up’s. No 2 questions at one time. If one (so called) reporters ask a question, then there are 11 left. When the next lefty ask the same ? looking for a different answer. ” Asked and answered. That leaves 10 questions”. I personally would love to see a provisional alt-tech question taken each meeting.
    Do it that way and make these people actually work for a living. Plus Stephanie, you’ll get home earlier!
    Mr President PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give Alex Jones a press pass. That would be hilarious!!!! “Move over Jim let a real reporter work here!!” “Where are the aliens?” “Who shot JFK?” “Who is ‘Q’?” I don’t care who you are. Now that’s funny.(Cable Guy) Plus
    “That’s about all. Peace out” CLANK CLANK! Go Styxenhammer 666

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