RUTHLESS Colin Kaepernick SPITS In NFL’s Face After Getting Chance To Play

This man doesn’t want to play, he wants attention…

Jay-Z reportedly helped Colin Kaepernick secure a workout for NFL teams as a way to make amends with his liberal fanbase after working on a project with Commissioner Roger Goodell. They thought he sold out.

24 of the NFL’s 32 teams were set to show up to the private workout in Atlanta. There wasn’t supposed to be any media in attendance. At the last minute, seemingly out of the blue, Colin and his camp decided to change the location so there would be media. You know, for transparency sake.

Now, Colin is getting called out for turning the event in a sideshow. Here’s what’s up, via Washington Post:

Representatives for quarterback Colin Kaepernick moved and rescheduled his workout for NFL teams Saturday after disagreements persisted with the league over the details of his audition.

The session, as planned by the NFL, was originally scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Atlanta Falcons’ training complex in Flowery Branch, Ga. After continued haggling with the league over the conditions for the workout, Kaepernick’s representatives announced it would be moved to 4 p.m. at another Atlanta-area venue.

They wanted the session open to the media, which the NFL refused, and objected to the version of a liability waiver that the league wanted Kaepernick to sign, Kaepernick’s representatives said.

Here’s the NFL’s statement (click to zoom)…

NFL’s response to Colin Kaepernick opting to do his own workout today in Atlanta:



Src: Flag & Cross

  1. I for one would BOYCOTT WATCHING THE TEAM HE PLAYED FOR ! And I for one would BOYCOTT the NFL and the NFC.

  2. He has never thrown the ball well He throws on the run better than in the pocket because of his side arm release He got away with things when he first came into the league, however, once they covered his run he was not completing passes His rating was thirty something He was different and unexpected That allowed him to be successful up until they had a game plan for him and that showed his real talent level. For him it was his ticket out of the NFL but that he did himself he walked away Now that he is asked to show his ability to get himself a job He is a no show If you wanted to get back into the league you would do anything right but not him If he did the workout he could no longer say give me a chance He knows what the outcome would have been if he went out there So now he can keep the lie a live You are a real swell guy I hope you keep your ugly ass in Ghana

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