REVEALED: Secret Documents Show Facebook Is Desperate To Censor This Opinion

Project Veritas recently released some files obtained by Facebook insiders.

They show that the social media giant wants to stop people talking about “vaccine hesitancy”.

It’s an opinion that Big Tech just won’t tolerate, regardless of the reason for expressing it.

Facebook even attaches a score to people’s comments to determine if it expresses vaccine hesitancy, and then limits its reach if it does.

“They assign a score to these comments that’s called the VH score, the “vaccine hesitancy” score,” the whistleblower said. “And then based on that score will demote or leave the comment alone depending on the content within the comment.”

The Gateway Pundit

This is artificially interfering with people’s right to freedom of speech.

Just because these social media companies are private doesn’t mean they can go against the Bill of Rights.

But they’re doing it anyway, because they have the money and influence to enforce their will.

This is why there needs to be a “silent secession” from liberal platforms like Facebook.

Alternatives like Gab are available for patriots to use, and it has many of the same features, without the censorship.

If patriots don’t move off of the mainstream platforms, or those platforms aren’t regulated as public utilities, we will eventually be forced off them.

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  1. Just this evening I tried 5 times to make a statement about Biden and every time I would get to the end and it would disappear The next was something about Harris and it did the same thing twice and I said they don’t want us to hear the truth They insult the people of our country Do they morons believe they can hide things from us We were getting news before these idiots came about They have used their money to try to payback the people for making fun of them while growing up I got a flash for you we all still think you are nerds Your money will not always work You will have to muzzle all of us Oh now comes our training camps (prisons) to show us the wicked ways we had Thinking you could work hard all of your life So that some lazy fucking idiots think they deserve This gaggle of morons and criminals Biden has assembled The people are tired of the bullshit B & H LLC are putting out They coupled with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are destroying our country Fucking people have died for this flag and these pieces of shit are pissing all over them as well as every person who has worn a uniform all of the services Here we are at the time to pay respects to the fallen and our government is trying to destroy the the legacy of men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice I find these people disgusting and I will never call Biden president or his giggling other side of the LLC I demand that they never call themselves leaders That is an out and out lie

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