REVEALED: Democrat Rep. Is Corrupt And A Hypocrite – Here’s What He Did

Democrat Representative Tom Malinowski, from New Jersey, made a specific comment in April 2020:

“This is not the time for anybody to be profiting off of selling ventilators, vaccines, drugs, treatments, PPE, anywhere in the world,” Malinowski told MSNBC in April 2020.

The Gateway Pundit

But while he was saying this, he was actually profiting off all that himself, through trading.

He made quite a handsome profit while lying to everyone’s faces on TV.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) secretly made $1 million in investing in medical companies that had a stake in the Covid response.

The Gateway Pundit

Here’s the details of what he got up to and then hid from the American people:

Since early 2020, Malinowski has bought or sold as much as $1 million of stock in medical and tech companies that had a stake in the virus response, according to an analysis of records by The Associated Press. The trades were just one slice of a stock buying and selling spree by the congressman during that time, worth as much as $3.2 million, that he did not properly disclose.

The Gateway Pundit

So not only is he corrupt for not disclosing any of this properly, but he’s also a hypocrite for telling people not to profit off the pandemic.

And that’s not the end of it either:

When millions were out of work and markets were hemorrhaging, Malinowski snapped up securities at bargain prices — profiting when valuations recovered. In other cases, he sold shares before they fell substantially, according to the AP’s analysis of a list of trades that his office said he made in 2020.

He also engaged in the controversial practice of short-selling stocks, placing bets that the values of specific businesses would decline at a time when many companies were pleading with the government for a financial lifeline.

The Gateway Pundit

It should come as no surprise that a Democrat has no sense of right and wrong.

If they did they wouldn’t be Democrats!

But it takes an extreme level of arrogance to be this corrupt and tell other people how to behave.

Hopefully nobody listens to his political opinions ever again after this.

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