REVEALED: Biden Gives Extra Contracts To 1 Type Of Business

The Biden Administration’s latest obsession is something they refer to as the racial wealth gap.

They’ve now decided to give 50% more contracts to minority-owned businesses.

Simply because they’re not owned by white people, it seems.

President Joe Biden plans Tuesday to propose new rules that will award minority-owned businesses 50 percent more contracts, ignoring a fair bidding process to lessen the “racial wealth gap.”

“Under the Biden proposal, the administration would aim to increase the amount of federal contracting dollars given to small disadvantaged business by 50 percent over five years, amounting to an additional $100 billion in funding for those businesses,” the Hill reported.

The report also mentions nearly 10 percent of “federal agencies’ contracting money typically goes to small, disadvantaged businesses in a typical year.” Small, “disadvantaged” businesses includes minority-owned businesses.

The federal government picking winners and losers, based on “disadvantaged” status, the administration says, will “strongly impact lessening the racial wealth gap.”

Breitbart News

That’s a lot of money being given out to business owners because of the color of their skin.

It doesn’t make any sense.

There’s very rarely a reason to give out free money, and this reason is no good at all.

But it shows you where the priorities of this Administration are.

They’ll do anything to help groups they see as disadvantaged, but they won’t lift a finger for white conservative Americans.

This proposal could also hurt white business owners too.

The specific selection of certain businesses will reportedly extend federal purchasing power to those chosen businesses, giving them a competitive edge with businesses which are not minority owned or “disadvantaged.”

Breitbart News

Instead of letting businesses compete with each other in the free market, the Biden Administration will tip the scales in favor of minority-owned businesses.

There’s no doubt this will be a recipe for division.

If the Biden Administration wanted to help disadvantaged businesses, they could cut taxes and relocate manufacturing within America instead of outsourcing it.

But that’s clearly not what the globalists backing Biden want to happen.

They seem to want Americans divided and pitted against one another.

That will not end well for anyone.

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