Republicans to Support Dems against Trump?

A growing number of Republican lawmakers could vote for Democratic measures to reopen the federal government.

Several dozen House Republicans might cross the aisle this week to vote for Democratic bills to reopen shuttered parts of the federal government, spurring the White House into a dramatic effort tostem potential GOP defections.

Several dozen House Republicans might cross the aisle this week to vote for Democratic bills to reopen shuttered parts of the federal government, spurring the White House into a dramatic effort tostem potential GOP defections.

White House officials and Republican congressional leaders worry that GOP support for the shutdown is eroding, weakening President Donald Trump’s hand as he seeks billions of dollars for a border wall that Democrats have vowed to oppose, according to GOP lawmakers and aides.

Hoping to sway skeptics in his party and the broader public, Trump will make an Oval Office address Tuesday night to discuss what he called the “Humanitarian and National Security Crisis on our Southern Border,” he said on Twitter. Then he will visit the border region on Thursday.

Vice President Mike Pence and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will address House Republicans on Tuesday evening. The House is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a Democratic bill designed to fund the IRS and several other agencies, the first of four bills Democrats hope will peel off Trump’s GOP support in the House.

Without more money, the IRS could have a problem processing tax refunds. Russ Vought, acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, reversed course Monday and said refunds will be paid out, another move by the White House to mitigate the effects of the shutdown.

    1. Agree. These Republicans are no good worthless fools, -Jeff Flake, a great example of a dimwit Republican. So glad he is gone and all other establishment Republicans need to be shown the door.

    2. I fully agree that every republican who votes with the dimorats and votes against Trump should be voted out of office. They are not truly a republican and do not deserve to represent the party. Let’s get these naysayers out of office once and for all.

  1. Trump is cleaning up our country.
    Closing part of the government is good
    we save money to go better places. The government does double work wasting lots.
    Are those against Trump afraid they will lose
    the money from under the table??
    Nancy needs a stick up her ass, bitch.

    1. You are as stupid as they come people family going without a paycheck to feed their families and pay their bills to do a job to protect you and your family what kind of a women or mother are you I pray while this government shutdown is still going on that you and your family get a taste of what these loyal workers are going threw and see how you feel than lose your only income to feed your children maybe your home try to get medicine for your sick child family members not knowing if your going to be living in the street in the dark when you come home without a paycheck force to get to work to protect the American people why don’t you trade places with those people how dare you think this is acceptable by the human race and from a female to say such a thing call some one out of their name look at a mirror…..

      1. First of all, no one is starving or loosing their home because of the shutdown. President Trump isn’t the one responsible for the shutdown. He is trying to protect this country and us. The shutdown is because the Dems/Socialist are so full of hate for our president they won’t support anything he tries to do. Pelosi came right out and said, we, Dems, won’t vote for anything President Trump wants. Dems and their childish attitude isn’t hurting our President they are hurting American citizens and it’s all because they can’t stand the fact that he is going a great job and Obama was a complete failure. So if you want to blame on someone put it in the lap of the ones that are guilty. That is the Dems/Socialist. Start with Pelosis lap.

  2. We have to make it vary clear, that it bis not president Trump that is keeping our Government shut down, it is the crocked Demarcates, scum, like Pelosi, and scum like Schumer, the American people has to know that these two scumbags, would rather keep our government close, and keep the Illegal borders open, putting the American people at risk, and that scumbag Pelosi, pulpwood rather spend tax payers dollars supporting other countries helping them to have abortions, Pelosi is a real disgrace to America, and should be removed one way or the other, and scubag schumewr .

  3. If a G. O. P. House of Representatives member crosses the aisle they must immediately be contacted by millions to express their disdain for such treason against the american People and for the Illegal Immigrant Criminals! Lets flood the House Switchboard with millions of votes against any damn bill that does not provide $ 7,000,000,000 for the Wall Immediately we must reign in the Treason before it get worse! The DemoCommunist pigs must be made to pay through the nose for their evil treason against America.

  4. It is absolutely mind boggling to think that the people of the United States of America actually gave control back to the Democrats. UNBELIEVABLE!! That’s like shooting yourself in the groin to test to see if Health Care will provide coverage. The other matter, more serious and very very destructive, because the people of the United States are not as gullible and blatantly stupid as is presumed by some Republicans. This Bill could have been passed months and months ago when Republicans had control. This has truly demonstrated beyond every single shadow of doubt: That many Republicans are VERY CORRUPT and THEIR POCKETS ARE BEING LINED BY THE DEEP STATE. They are CLOSET DEMOCRATS that have to be rooted out. For instance, Ryan, Romney, McConnell, Flake etc. They are either being coerced and blackmailed, being paid off or are involved in the paedophile rings and other crime syndicates. You will never convince me that it is simply because they just happen to hate Mr. Trump that badly. THIS WHOLE THING STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. IT HAS DEEP STATE AND SOROS PAYOLA WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.!!! There is something that some of them know or are involved in that the Democrats know about and are using against them. They aren’t willing to allow known criminals, rapist, thieves, gang members, ISIS members, child molesters, killers, mentally ill and unstable people into the US unless there is one hell of a serious PERSONAL CONSEQUENCE for not doing so. It’s like living in Twilight Zone Horror Movie. WTF???

  5. Republicans are probably joining Democrats to reopen the Government. They fear the backlash, and politically, I don’t blame them. Whether they’re for the wall or not, probably not! Just Reagan, Trump and the American people on the Conservative side!

  6. I’m a retired Marine, born in El Paso and have delt with illegal immigrants from Mexico for my early life, trust me when I say WE NEED THE WALL, President Trump, do not give in on this dispute with democrats, the don’t give a dann for what’s right for our country they just want to defeat you in any way they can.

  7. If republicans cave on this vote their asses out next time they are up for election. So tired of these senators with no balls. They need to think about these families that have lost loved ones to illegals. Pisses me off finally get a president who stands his ground and then these weasels show their true colors. I have federal employees in my family and they say build the fricken wall already.

  8. They better belive we want a wall prefer one made out of big solid steel large poles tapering to a sharp point at least 5 to 6 foot down in concrete and at least 20 ft high and last cross bar around 5 foot from top good basic design now lets get it built

    1. I am with you! I live in Texas now for some time had a home in Cal. But the Mexican’s took over not the good ones so left it and the wh#@%e I was married to. If any body in Texas vote against the president I will vote against them. Even if it has got to be a Demorat it would be the same. They have never had a pair if they would have went in the service before becoming a leach of the American people. The hardest they ever had was playing with there selves.

    2. Let’s get this wall build against the democratic wishes…have you ever driven in any state, especially Sacramento, ca. between 300pm and 6:30 pm…it HELL!


      President Trump did more for America and the American people in two years than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!

      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!

      Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

      Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!

      Four million plus new jobs, 600,000 new manufacturing jobs, four million plus lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in 60 years, a robust stock market, 4.2% GDP growth, a booming economy and the largest tax cut in the history of America, all because of our amazing President’s policies! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace!

    4. Put our reserves on border, you have people invading our country and taking it without firing a shot, bringing diseases, financial ruin, and harm to the citizens . If they run into live shots while crossing the border it is their fault, it is illegal to cross without going to ports of entry. Citizens of this country first, we pay these politicians to safe guard country not sell it out. Term Limits and live by same laws we do then they might do their job.

    5. I guess the Republicans that vote against Trump on the wall do not want to be re-elected. That is what is wrong with the Republican party they don’t stand with Trump to keep the America people safe.

  9. I guess those 8 republicans/democrats decided that they could afford to lose their jobs. They and the democrats lied when they took their oath.

  10. They best vote the way people put them there to do. We want secure borders, no Illegal invasion, America prioritized over supporting other countries but paying our debts and taking care of U S Citizens.

  11. Everyone that votes against the WALL shout have to live along the Border for at least 6 months and if they survive that should have to take illegals into their homes. They waste more on BS than they would spend on a WALL.

  12. Know who the enemy is… THERE IS A THIRD PARTY…..R and D mean nothing…….The treason comes from within. A third of all elected ARE CATHOLICS, NOT AMERICANS. ..Half of them call themselves r, half d. ALL CATHOLICS are traitors.

    1. Not all Catholics. I’m a conservative who voted for Pres. Trump and the Republican party. By the way I’m also a Catholic and monetarily contributed to the Republican party. Have you???? Of course, not unless you’re a bigot!!!!!

    2. Why are you slamming the Catholics? Is this about RELIGION or a Wall to protect the U.S.A borders. Half of the people that are in power even if they are Catholic they don’t practice their Faith! Nancy Pelosi certainly does not practice her faith. Don’t call all Catholics traitors! You cannot judge a book by it’s cover.

    3. Gross generalization….I am Catholic, I am not traitor. I am 100% in favor of the wall if it is needed to stop the invasion of the country. Traitors are those who are against protecting our borders, who are mainly Leftist Democrats who also call themselves “Catholic”. I am originally from Cuba and I know who effective these
      Socialist devils are in destroying a country…Cuba, Venezuela, any place where they get settled. I support Trump.

    4. I happen to be a Catholic and I believe your words are very offensive. You buddy are nothing but an asshole and probably an atheist. On the other hand this so called pope is a traitor.

    5. WOW!!! You are a hate-filled individual who spews nothing but lies and filth, al. So sad to be so mentally disturbed that you have invited the devil to live in your soul. You sound just like the DEMONazis, libtards spewing filth and lies against OUR PRESIDENT and our beloved America. My prayers are with you for repentance. and to see the evil you are espousing.

    6. That is absolutely ridiculous and you are a spreader of hate. I am Catholic, conservative, republican and a supporter of President Trump. I am for the wall and totally against illegal aliens entering this country from any side.

  13. People illegally here should not be able to file refund on taxes and family credit exempts. I pay taxes and make 100.00 to much to claim a total care adult with brain function of 12 months old in a 34 yr old body. I served my country 26 years, disabled veteran 100%.

    They qualify and I don’t…Justice at it best????

  14. R and D mean nothing… There is a ‘Third party’. TREASON! Pelosi, Ryan, Murkowski, McConnell, and a third of all elected support all the hundred failures south of the USA. This is TREASON. They are ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the lot. Vote for ANY of the cause of failure treasonous folks is not wise. Vote for ANY Catholic and the wall will never be built. Pelosi, Murkowski, McCain, McConnell, and a third of all elected support all the hundred failures south of the USA. A hundred nations, a thousand years and not one success in the lot. Vote for ANY of the cause of failure treasonous folks is not wise. Vote for ANY Catholic and the wall will never be built.

    1. Never listen to a character name al. When he makes broad generalizations, he only shows his own ignorance. As a Catholic, I have big problems with these traitors you specifically mentioned. Does that disqualify me? Even the Pope didn’t want to be near Nancy when she was trying to get a photo-op.

    2. No Al, the Catholics are voting their conscience. They are doing the right thing. Proper border security and proper channels for immigration. Fear mongering and selfishness shouldn’t rule the day. For once think about someone besides yourself! Let’s use common sense security, not a 5 billion waste on an ineffective wall.

    3. i got news for you not all catholics are for the illegal invasion i know alot of them want the wall built the catholics that don’t are a bunch of loud mouths that think they are better than the rest of them. PRES.TRUMP DON’T GIVE INTO THE DEMS AN RINOS AN BUILD THE WALL. we are behind you 100%

    4. I resent u using the Catholics as a pawn for ur stupid remark about the wall. If the repubicans would stick together like the democrats & get behind the President & stay firm . We can get the wall built.. The demo’s stick like glue ,the republicans have rino’s that hate the President & will not stick with him… If you want to make a difference call Pelosi & Shummers office & tell them we want the wall.. Google them for the phone number.



    7. Al you are wrong. I am a Catholic, but I support the wall completly. Don’t judge all Carholics because some are ignorant. For years this country went with what they have now. The Catholic church shouldn’t get involved in politics. But this pope has in some of his ideas. When it comes to people in trouble they will help them. If the wall is built and they can’t get across. Then they are not obligated to help them. The Catholic church has been doing this for centuraies. They are like the good Sameritan. They don’t ask somebody they help. Are you a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Atheist or etc. They do it out of helping a stranger in help. I hope this helps you. God Bless

  15. No wall Theyre not effective. Its not needed . Had a friend worked as a supervisor for border patrol. Told me there are not no record ammounts going through. They were very effective at controlling illegals crossing..Its all nonsense. Trump told his base that n now. Because hes in trouble. Hes making it hard on everyone. In the country. Hell be done in 2020. If not before. Waste of money thats needed for humanitarian. Causes. Thats where its needed.

  16. We need a wall or huge strong fence or barrier…..whatever you want to call the damn thing! Build it to stop
    a ton of drugs, bad people and whatever else comes across that border. It will help tremendously with the caravans and everything awful. Vote for any Democrat and they won’t do anything right….they never have.
    I’m so sick and tired of the way they act. None of them have ever grown up. Show some respect, you idiotic,
    lazy Democrat bums. How in the world did they get voted into Congress…..I’ll bet it was a fraudulent election.
    They are so dishonest and corrupt!

  17. We need the wall and the Dems and Republican’s had better get it done for the safety for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and stop these illegals who don’t give a rats rear end for their safety of their own children much less our AMERICAN CHILDREN from all these diseases they are bringing into the UNITED STATES and having no way to support themselves costing the taxpayer’s of AMERICAN People to give them a place to stay,food to eat and paying for their hospital bills. We have our own problems taking care of our own PEOPLE. Go back to your home lands.


  19. Any so called Republican that doesn’t stand with President Donald Trump needs to be recalled and sent home. We can thank Ryan for this Bull S–t, he should have been ran off from the start. We elected President Donald Trump to build this wall and we the people that you low rent SOB’s work for had best remember that because we can and will not accept this BS.

  20. America needs BORDER WALL. Please President Trump, don’t give up to this Radical Democrat, we are in your side. Drain the swamp in congress.

  21. President Trump. Do not abandon your commitment for the construction of the border wall. A vast majority of us, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are on your side and want protection from the human traffickers and the horrible illegal drugs pouring into our country. Please stay resolute and do not give in to the Democrat Dictators who don’t care about anybody but themselves. Keep the Partial Govt. shutdown until you get the money you are asking for to completely build the wall. Our national security is at stake. Use you’re Executive Authority to declare a state of national emergency and do it now!!!!! The Democrat Dictators will never do the right thing for the people of this great country. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  22. President Trump. Do not abandon your commitment for the construction of the border wall. A vast majority of us, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are on your side and want protection from the human traffickers and the horrible illegal drugs pouring into our country. Please stay resolute and do not give in to the Democrat Dictators who don’t care about anybody but themselves. Keep the Partial Govt. shutdown until you get the money you are asking for to completely build the wall. Our national security is at stake. Use you’re Executive Authority to declare a state of national emergency and do it now!!!!! The Democrat Dictators will never do the right thing for the people of this great country. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  23. Don’t the Republicans (House and Senate) realize that the ONLY reason they got elected in the first place was to support ours Republican President? What do their constituents say? Or don’t they care once they feel the power of being in office? Can States impeach the ones they elected if they lied and don’t fulfill their promises?

    1. If these fellow Republicans want to go against their President we will take them out and get new Reps to take their place and STAND BESIDE THEIR PRESIDENT . This Country and the “Jelly fish” that are in Our Congress are going to Hell. We need to get our heads out of our butts, and start working to get this Country GREAT AGAIN. What ever happened in BACKING OUR PRESIDENT and protecting our Country. If we can’t do that, then all Military forces should go out on strike. What will people say about that protection now. HELL I did fight for this Country and I will hate to see these $%^&*() representatives (Congressmen / etc..) destroy it.

    2. agree. so tired of rhinos failing our president. . you wouldn’t have had your job if jt werent for trump you are just part of the swamp. so sick of our own party
      going against him. why dont you grow a pair. and work for the people that you
      are suppose to represent.

    3. We, the very people that elected these “representatives” have the power to RECALL any or all of these. All we need is a petition to recall and if we get enough concerned citizens of our state to sign it, then the Govenor HAS to, by law, hold an election to either keep that/those Senator(s) and/or representatives.

  24. I resent the Catholic insults. Most Catholics are traditionalists and American patriots. At least half vote with pro-liberty Republicans. Don’t be ignorant wretches.

  25. Mitch McConnell has become just like the previous House Speakers: John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Both became turncoats. @hen the proverbial heat was turned up against our President, Ryan and McConnell ran for cover. Speaking of Catholics, Nancy Pelosi speaks out of one side of her mouth how she loves her faith and then blatantly lies about Pres. Trump, promotes the murder of babies, wants us to be driven to socialism/globalization, and on and on ad nauseum. Please get the message McConnell and you other cowardly Repubs: WE THE PEOPLE WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND THAT MEANS TO CONTINUE TO HELP OUR PRESIDENT KEEP HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES. This President has kept more real campaign promises in two years than any previous four presidents (Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush).

  26. Democrats Pelosi and Schumer are spit on America citizens people. They make Americans look weak .we people must act support build border wall . Make look Americans stand strong.

  27. You can bet that if any Republicans vote against Trump they can kiss there seats goodbye come the 2020 elections for we want all the rhinos out of our government for these Republicans are the main reason why we got this issue for when they had the the Congress and the Senate they did nothing to get Trump’s immigration policies and laws passed nor to get the wall fully funded!!! The leader of the Congress Paul Ryan and the leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell did nothing to get things done on immigration policies and laws passed and to get the wall built and they didn’t need the Democrats to get any of these things fixed!! As for the Democrats they are going to be in shock come the 2020 elections for they will lose the Congress again and by a huge amount and will even lose even more seats in the Senate!!! For these Democrats not wanting a wall and immigration policies fixed are just one thing that has doomed their re-elections in 2020, but the sad thing is these Democrats are going destroy or try to undo everything that Trump has done, and most likely send us into a a new Depression and I mean a depression not a recession!!!! It is going to be one hell of a miserable two years mark my words!!!

  28. Being a Baptist I think it is only right to defend my Conservative Catholic Friends. I have worked for different bosses. two were Methodists and . Two were catholic. One of the Methodists and his wife treated me as their personal whipping boy. Both of the Catholics treated me like a valued son. Both were conservative. The politicians you speak of are just hiding behind a Rosary!

  29. I am pissed!!! We have been lied to, laughed at, ridiculed & called names; & Now We American Citizens have been thrown aside & run over!!! What has happened to the Loyalty, Honor & Respect of Congress Representatives? They are fighting against Our duly elected President, & We American Citizens who voted them into Congress!!! This is CALLED TREASON!!!
    America is in Crisis because of their actions & non actions!!! Call your congressmen & DEMAND they do their JOB & Support President Trump & We American Citizens in Securing Our Borders & Sovereignty!!!🙏🗽💓🗽👍👊🙏

  30. I stopped supporting the RNCC with cash cause not all Republicans support President Trump. There is a bunch of Sissy’s in there. . I only contribute to those politicians who openly support our President. I live about 5 miles from the border with Mexico and WE MUST BUILD THE WALL. MAGA

  31. We need that Wall or fence to stop yearly problem we are encountering, It’s for our Security from people coming in that we don’t know Some r drug cartel,Gangs , Rapist , criminals killing American ppl without a reason , many of them release from jail by Sanctuary cities after committing crime killing or robbery, A Wall to stop illegals & must fall in line if they want to be legal ff the rule of law.

  32. I’m a credit or republican anyone who votes against the wall is the vote against the American people and their safety and their children’s future, and their days will be numbered if we have to go in primary them out or we have to go and recall them

    1. Yes, but everyone supported on the ballot by the D or R party is as corrupt as the next one. They do so much damage to our country while filling their pockets until the next one comes along, all the while building the national debt for our kids.

  33. I for one want to know if my representative in the Senate votes against the President so I can start taking measures to make sure the spineless dirtbag isn’t re-elected. I believe everyone in each state should make sure their Senator(s) are not re-elected if they vote with the democrats.

  34. These RINOs who vote against President Trump are sealing their fates, thank God! None of these creeps are going to get to vote on anything, because President Trump can get the job done on his own! this is a matter of national security and it is a national emergency!

  35. My thoughts, exactly! We will vote every Republican out, who votes against the safety of our people.
    I am former law enforcement, and am fed up with the corruption in DC.

  36. Can’t the voters of USA recall their votes to get rid of these Congress. Scum who won’t work with our POTUS and to do their work? I didn’t think any illegal could hold office Muslims and here the Demon Rats can change a law that has been a law for a 181 yrs old to fit their agenda to get this Muslim in Congress ! We the People need to boot them out ! We elected these devils can’t we unvote them out? Does not make sense ! The DEMON RATS are the ones who commited voter fraud to win elections !

  37. I agree there may be turncoats within the Republican party, BUT I stand with OUR PRESIDENT and building the wall HAS to happen! If our own republicans turn tail, I will help another like minded citizen Republican preferably, but some True Democtats do understand the importance of backing a president, and I will do all I can to back them do riight for the USA! Thank You President Trump for standing up for the USA and its citizens and being a trrue LEADER OF OUR PRINCIPLES!!

  38. Religious right prevented the success of the first 2 years of Republican majority by neglecting to fulfill the promises made that got them elected in the first place. They frittered away valuable time and power…just as the dems did to Obama in his first two years of absolute power… What in hell were they thinking?! that they were making a grand statement of their values….that they were going to somehow change the majority decision to bend to their values instead of realizing their minority moment was just dragging us down to the disappointments experienced by the opposing party during their hey day?! — They could have cooperated to get some real things done…and then, in the period after the mid terms , they could have negotiated for some in kind progress. – Well, the only consolation is that the dems are now dealing with an unruly novitiate who will probably bring them to a divisive future. Thank G-D.

  39. That steel wall you are talking about will cost about 70 Billion! As it was the cement one would have cost about $35 Billion!!

  40. There very strongly needs to be a wall built. In 2018 alone there was 1.7 million pounds of narcotics found coming across the border. There were 17,000 adults with criminal records trying to get in. They found 3,755 known terrorists And they discovered 6,00 gang members. The media don’t report the fact there are murders and other criminal action daily. And the democrats don’t want a wall to protect the US citizens.

  41. The citizens of this country need a wall/ IN 2018 1.7 million pounds of narcotics were found coming across the border. There were 17,00 adults with criminal records; 3,755 known terrorists; and 6,000 gang members trying to get in. How many were not found could be baffling.

  42. The citizens of this country need a wall/ IN 2018 1.7 million pounds of narcotics were found coming across the border. There were 17,00 adults with criminal records; 3,755 known terrorists; and 6,000 gang members trying to get in. How many were not found could be baffling.

    1. Check the facts! Stop being brain washed!! Most drugs come in through ports, not our southern border….those 3,000 plus people are NOT terrorists! They come from countries on the “watch” list!
      Most known terrorists come through airports!
      Crossings at southern border have DECREASED & are now at an all time low!

    2. where do you get your info ? Stats are totally wrong. More drugs, etc coming in from North border not South.

    3. Not per say baffling but make the fools see children mule in knock-off backpacks of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Little Dorrie, even Barbie with 2 K of dirty brown Mexican Meth, or of South American Snow that does not melt in the SW 105 cool day. Take them to the rape tree it’s just 2 miles from ElPasso. It’s full of panties bras and other girl stuff of the rape victims, it’ been there since 1962 when I first looked at it (57 years ago). Our D.E.A. has pegged it at 78.775% of all street drugs come via the S W. I wonder if the JACK ASS Party even think of even just that 1 fact that they can put a real hurt on the drug cartels by building & manning the S W wall it would burn $1,955,750,000,000.oo the first full year (yes it is 1 trillion 955 billion 750 million dollars per year)

  43. The demorats all need a kick in the ass, they can have walls around their million dollar houses with armed guards that we the American people pay for but we have to take care of the illegals. the free loaders that they want to allow into the country. build the wall of steel and do it now you miserable scum bag demorcrates.

    1. The people that make the laws don’t have to pay for these people that come and are old enough to collect Social Security. They have their own retirement system that’s why they don’t care. Stop all government funding to house, feed, etc. You will see them go back to where they came from. Why is someone that breaks the law allowed to bring in 9 other people once they are here? This is rewarding criminals. We should build the wall and ticket all that have helped people break our laws for abetting in crimes.

  44. If our senators and representatives do not support our president I hope the people that voted them in are paying attention. They need to go. There is a lot wrong that we have got to fix. The people running for elected offices should be thoroughly investigated and approved BEFORE they are declared a candidate. If our elected officials don’t swear loyalty to our country, our flag, uphold the constitution and all our laws, they should not be able to run. If they have a criminal record they shouldn’t be able to run. If they are a Nazi, communist, socialist, or anything unAmerican they shouldn’t be able to run. Tolerating anything else is treason because we have a democracy that our ancestors and relatives fought and died for and they sure as hell didn’t give their lives for the way things are now. Quit tolerating this $hit. You’re ruining our country.

  45. We need the wall,I donated to gofundme, wrote to our politicians, for years, And these people who are against today ,voted for it the past. these people make it personable,,its not,, its for our countries protection. They are not doing their jobs period.

  46. Build the wall it makes no difference weather it’s concrete or steel. GET IT BUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the weak kneed Republicans you need to remember you can be recalled and kicked out of office. We the people want the wall built so get the job done whatever it takes. You are wining this fight do not be a coward and cave in or you are out. Remember the the very same Dems. not wanting to give the money now are the same ones that have voted for it in the past. So STAND UP LIKE REAL AMERICANS AND GET THE WALL BUILT.

  47. How could anyone say we don’t need a wall? How many have to die by illegals to for Democrats to understand! In moral ,she needs to look that up the meaning. Abortion is immoral!!!! They want to kill babies and let illegals cross the border with diseases to kill our people as we still have people of this country sleeping on the streets! These Congress men and woman have Security and walls , fences, around their homes ! The PEOPLE SPOKE ! That’swho you work for ! Remember that ! Pelops should never been voted in !!!

  48. Yeah you Republicans use bolt for against Trump the people who voted you in the office going to turn against you and Lord I hope they do we want we need the wall the Republicans want the wall y’all don’t care what the people want the people wants a wall we need the wall.

  49. Happened upon these comments and am ashamed to refer to any of you as Americans: poorly spelled, ungrammatical, gullible, lacking in reason or just plain insane.
    1. The “CATHOLIC” argument is laughable, making “Al” sound as if he would murder the pope for being one, and especially for being so compassionately liberal.
    2. “Demorats” may have been in tended, but “demorcrates”?
    3. The “3,755 known terrorists” were caught in airports, not crossing the border. And for the past 18 years, the rate of illegal border crossings has gone DOWN. ( ( Nowhere are the current numbers near “emergency” level.
    4. Trump cannot get the job “done on his own.” His narcissistic temperament wants you to believe that – the same temperament that said “I alone can defeat ISIS.” And along with his other bombastic and outlandish (and unsubstantiated) statements, make “believers” into idiots. Declaring an “emergency” without any reasonable resources to back up the claim is sheer stupidity.
    5. Trump’s shutdown (not the Democrats – he flatly and publicly stated that he would own it, then reversed blame when it suited him) is hurting America in ways that will have long-range effects, all because of his childish vanity. Most Americans don’t even support building a wall (
    6. Most Republican members of congress were NOT elected just to blindly support the President. A handful may have gotten support from Trump during their campaigns, but most were already in office before Trump even started his.
    Yes, I am (to you all) a horrible, worthy-of-torture, treasonous Democrat and liberal. But I am also a reasonably well-educated, and reasoning human being, capable of seeing beyond the bullshit of which our president is made – in entirety:
    – he was never a “self-made billionaire”,
    – he has never read the Bible – never read anything in depth for that matter
    – he was never a good businessman (his father bailed him out countless times and good real estate businessmen do not garner 500+ liens against their properties, making it impossible for him to get a loan in this country – but not impossible to get a loan from Deutsche Bank “The Laundromat of Russia”).

    After this missive, I am hoping (against hope) that you will not attempt to come at me and my family with pitchforks, torches and AR-15s. I am a poor Democrat – no “million dollar house” with “armed guards”. Poor, but proud. Sorry.

  50. I am holding up on any contribution to GOP until I see how the y back up our President. It’s time for the
    Gutless, Spinless , wonders started fulfilling what they campaigned on to get to Congress/Senate. If you don’t back Trump you kiss what little I have to support you.

  51. Support your commander and Chief i’m an immigrant and i want the wall. While most folks wait 5-6 years to do this legally these clowns come here throwing rocks carrying there countries flags and being a general pain in the a$$ along with the clowns in dc supporting this ship em all back. Those idiots in dc piss away more taxpayer money than our pres needs for his wall. Those against Pres Trump on this you may as well find new employment
    cause you will not survive the next election and rightly so. There are more of us than these are of you. And Mr Trump companies that hire illigals should be fined to the max.You Republicans in the house get your head and ass wired you pissed away the last 2 years if you don’t get it right now shame on you.

      1. It’s a sure sign you are winning the argument when you manage to bring out the best in people.
        You may also notice an continuous lip flapping with no opportunity to get a word in edgewise.
        This is usually at a level of conversation just below or at shouting level. Stay strong!

  52. We take in around a million LEGAL immigrants a year. Isn’t that enough? We don’t need another million or 2 ILLEGALS. That’s lunacy. A country with open borders is destined for failure. Exactly how many of the world’s 6-billion people can we withstand taking in? We cannot save the entire world, even if we wanted to. A million LEGAL immigrants each year is extremely generous & probably too many. We need to stop ALL ILLEGALS – now & forever.

  53. I believe ICE agents, the enforcement people on the front lines of this battle. They declare we need a wall and are appreciated of our president working hard to get it done. Support our president, not the democrates who are only about keeping power and illegals voting which is and will destroy our beloved country. Stand together, Good ol Abe Linclon said ” A house. Devided can not stand.” Stand and support the right., to save our country.

  54. Mr. President, Please DO NOT BACK DOWN ON THE WALL! If you need to, We the people who voted you into office will back you in starting a THIRD PARTY. Bury ALL the RHINOS.

  55. Build the wall, get the government open and you Democraps need to stop being obstructionists. What the hell is wrong you all you elite Washington people? The American people are sick of all this bullcrap. Let’s get it together all you DUMBOS!!!!!

  56. Build the wall now ! Had enough of this bs resistance. Any republican who crosses the isle is pure trash and not a patriot

  57. Nasty language again
    Seems that’s all the language dem o Rats know
    These people are the retards for sure

  58. If we don’t have a wall, then the Democrats win plain and simple. A majority of these illegals are necessary to run our agriculture, so the farmers can pay them slave wages and make a profit. And if that continues to happen you can bet your bottom dollar that we will become a socialist country in a very short period of time. Today’s young people don’t want to work hard like their parents and grandparents did, they want to make money as fast as they can with the least amount of effort. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult for the younger generation to make it on their own, so they will revert to socialism because they can’t make it the capitalist way, and the only way they will get that is to vote Democrat. And if the Democrats take the Congress and Presidency they will eliminate the electoral college and we will never see a Republican majority again!

  59. Clearly these comments is for those that can ONLY see things one sided. Just in case you haven’t noticed this is ALREADY there is a WALL. RIGHT NOW!! TODAY!! I have a solution: Vet those that qualify for citizenship, due to process, now working class citizens, paying taxes, more Agents, more Judges and more legal workers not mention- Why is this such an crisis when the last TWO YEARS THEY HAD COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE? WHY ISN’T MEXICO 🇲🇽 PAYING FOR THE WALL? Wasn’t that the campaign PROMISE? So, YOU ALL MAKE him keep his promise! 5 Billion dollars- Veterans-BETTER CARE, POVERTY- STAMPED OUT, EDUCATION- LOWER COST! Just a few suggestions

  60. Term Limits ,live by same law as citizens, these politicians our employee’s . Military on border until wall is finished live rounds for illegal entry. The country is being invaded without firing a shot. what in the hotel our we paying these POS for.

  61. Our land is open to invasion. THAT is a national emergency. Build the damned wall! That’s why we elected you folks! And let’s put the Dems and dempublicans on the Southern side!

  62. It cost the American taxpayers 10’s of billions of dollars a year for illegal immigrants, yet they don’t have 5 billion for a wall. All the foreign aid being spent is ridiculous, charity begins at home. Foreign aid was to restore
    Europe after WWII not as a lifelong welfare program (we have enough at home). These politicians should look at
    past promises to the American people (Sen. Schumer). It is time for voters to look at who they are voting for.
    95 people in congress are members of the COMMUNIST PARTY (they might pass themselves off as PROGRESSIVE OR SOCIALIST but it is another term for COMMUNIST). Politicos taking money from SOROS are also thinking about themselves and not the country. He supports any anti U.S. factions in his efforts to destabilize our country

  63. You can have a call in campaign, a million man march on Washington to protest what the Democrats are doing but unfortunately it wouldn’t make any difference. Reason: The Democrats, who are ALL liberals, want power so they can dictate to us what we are going to say, think, eat, etc. That is why they want open borders. They want all these illegal aliens to come in and get all the freebees and then register them as democrats so they will vote democrat and keep them in power forever. They don’t care about the American people, they just want power to dictate to the rest of us. These type of actions lead to a dictatorship and that explains why Obama and the other liberals cater to the dictators and thugs of other countries.

  64. I say don’t give in. They ( Democrats) think they have the upper hand. But we know better. Build the wall.
    They first order of business is to raise taxes.
    The second, try to impeach the president by any means necessary.
    We need term limits now.

  65. Absolutely build the wall 6ft 7ft 8ft concrete down 30 feet high whatever makes America safe where we control who comes in this country I don’t care Electrify the fence people want to grab hold of it here’s some extra energy stay on your side trust me we’re not breaking down anything to get over by you

  66. Why is it that all the dopey liberals try to get their point across by using foul, ugly language and name calling? It kind of tells you what their IQ level is! They cannot express themselves without ugly, cursing, foul language.

  67. The only reason the dems don’t border security is when the illegals cross they automatically become democrats and think how many votes the dems would loose. so there is no way the dems will stop them from coming in. why don’t republican keep this subject going they are selling out senior citizens and jeopardizeing our safety. For there votes.

  68. Has anyone noticed that the left wing liberals cannot get their point across without using foul, ugly, name calling & cursing? Tony, you are correct…Dennis shows his IQ with his ugly language

  69. President Trump has had to fight for us without any support. The RINOs tried to hide. Most are gone but they were replaced by another RINO Romney. The American people need to let their Contrgssman and Senator know they better strip off the RINO suit and support or President. Call the everyday. If We the People were to act or take action on the scale that the Snowflake Dems had when Obama stolen the election for his final 4 we would have reps with backbones. All of us would be on a watch list ….. but we would have the wall. Our Reps have never worked for us. Lips service doesn’t protect.

  70. Any Republican that stand with the Dems against Trump will be considered traitors and will never be voted to office again. We need to send the Dems and the spineless Republicans a message. We the people demand a wall now! And if it takes a year for government shut down let it be so. Any politician against the wall need to have their salary frozen also!

  71. If the wall is not built, it will encourage many more thousands of Central Americans and Mexicans to storm the border. There will be an uncontrollable situation. The battle lines have been drawn. The U.S. MUST follow through. It is too late to turn back now.

  72. Sometimes pure logic prevails. Trump lied about the funding and now wants taxpayers to foot the bill. He just gave $10 billion to Mexico and other Central American countries. If the wall will fix illegal immigration, why didn’t he spend that money on the wall?

  73. All Congress reps fear voters feeling sorry for pain being inflicted by their failures and those that get media publicity are amplified. But, Pres. Trump can artfully do what Obama, for one, did not want- make the unfunded payments anyway! A national emergency will assist this task and interagency assistance will fund those and the wall out of existing budgeted funds. Some of the ‘swamp’ staff may discover loss of their being needed without transfer to something that is needed. Government Unions don’t like this, but have no leverage in an emergency.

  74. Build the WALL, PLEASE!!! Before another one of us, including democrats, republicans, government workers , celebrities, all Americans be killed again by an illegal criminal alien. The wall will decrease the murder of Americans by illegal criminal aliens. Let’s pray for the safety of our hardworking POTUS Trump, his family, and people working or governing with him, and for our great America!!! Do not let Christian America be destroyed. Let’s pray Immanuel to always be with us America. God bless America!

  75. Fence or walls make good neighbors. You fence around your house and property to keep people and animals out. YES BUILD THE WALL

  76. I say let the the Republican cross the line and join the Democrats on voting for lifting the Furlow of Government Worker. My opinion is, since they want to help the Democrats; Fire those SOB for helping the Democrats. Maybe it will teach the rest of the SOB that the President means business. I am tired fo hearing the news network reporting what the President is doing wrong and not what he is doing right for the People of the United states of America. I stand by President Trump 100%. He is One of the better Presidents I have I have known that knew what he was doing and where he was going. In my eyes, he has done more for this Country in the short time he has been in office than the past President did in four years . I say Mr. President, KEEP UP WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE BS THAT THE DEMOCRATS AND THE MEDIA ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU. All you have to do is Concentrate on your people of the 50 states. Never mind of the immigrants that want to enter the United states. United States Owes them Nothing, They are not citizens of this Great Country.

  77. Please put up the names of the traitorist so called Republicans that cross over and vote with the Socialist scum!

  78. The democrat’s & RINO’s aren’t voting against Trump…They are voting against the Angel moms, the parents that have lost love ones by people that shouldn’t be her to murder them…that is who they are voting against!

  79. Money would be better spent on educating people. Trump is a non humanitarian, self indulgent, greedy, poorly educated person that lies all the time. Just shows money can’t buy intelligence or common sense. Big business is destroying our planet, Trump is big business. The only reason we all pay outrageous prices for everything is market manipulation by big business, the rich. Trump is corrupt, how many of Trumps cohorts have to go to jail before you wake up? A useless wall is a waste of our money. Educating people will help save our planet. My favorite Trump saying-Trump targets scientists, says he has a “natural instinct for science” Another one, Trump doesn’t remember Stormy Daniels. What an idiot! I could go on, however, you get the picture! Wake up!

  80. I agree with most comments, BUT, the problem is not the Democrats. Most of the “so called Democrats” are actually Democratic Socialists, Progressives, and downright Communists. The Democrats were not watching their flock and non-Democrats were being nominated as candidates for Office. Barrack Obama was and is a “card carrying” Democratic Socialist. Look what he did in Michigan!, Obama flooded Michigan with Islamic refugees posing as refugees from ISIS, when it was ONLY Christians that needed to fear ISIS. Now there’s a number of Muslim politicians that are pushing Socialism and their own Muslim laws.

  81. I would encourage the media outlets to publish the names and party affiliations of those who vote against the bill. It certainly helps me in that there is no convenient way for me to look up such information. Maybe a list of those results with links to the official material source. The more we are aware of what those “representatives” are doing in our name the better.

  82. about first off read your comments before you post them….your grade levels show when you post illegible garbage…
    2. Learn the TRUTH! Don’t listen to propaganda!! We do not live in Russia or North Korea where many people are “brainwashed” by their governments!
    3. Most “terrorists” come in through airports.
    4. Most drugs come in through seaports
    5. Four terrorists who were detained came through our NORTHERN border!!!!
    Thank God only 1/3 of Americans support trump & his “Wall”!!
    Start READING & doing your own research (if you know how) & STOP repeating falsehoods….

  83. They aren’t voting against President Trump! They are voting against the American Taxpaying Citizens!! The Americans Citizens want this wall; we are tired of paying for the ILLEGALS, and every other government program that robs us of our money, and our rights! We are also tired of paying for those good-for-nothing crooked politicians masquerading as “representatives,” congress and senate alike! Time to vote them all out! Why isn’t anyone protecting us from the domestic terrorists among us (politicians, lobbyists, media…)?

  84. Any Republican who does not support Trump on the border needs to be publicized so we can change things soon. I will vote for no one or anything these people want until the wall is established and enforced.

  85. I hate to say this but what the dems need like shumer and pelosi some one close in there family to to killed by and one of these immigrants. Then would like to see them turn the other cheek.

  86. We b-have seen enough crime from some illegal aliens to make us shudder. They are making it harder for those who seek to come in properly. All countries have a right to protect our borders. Let’s stand for what is right. It appears that we can only control our borders by buildin g a wall.

  87. Since JFK this country has diminished its integrity seeking to destroy our SOVEREIGNTY. Reflecting on historical events President TRUMP is securing the borders. He is picking up where our noble countrymen left off dying;
    securing our boarder. “REMEMBER the ALIMO”.

  88. There is no valid reason to not build the wall. All or most of the principals involved in the dispute have at one time or more voted to fund it when they knew it wouldn’t be signed. Most recent presidential candidates have called for one because they knew it wouldn’t happen. Certain big companies take advantage of illegals by not paying them their due and are loathe to give up the cheaper workers. They reward politicians with campaign donations so it is a despicable practice taking advantage of everyone but some big companies and politicians who love power more than country.

  89. Trump has accomplished useful things. But he behaves like the Eastern end of a Westbound horse. Ugly and unneeded. Costing use allies we need.

  90. What we need is a new Ross Perot to show charts on illegal drugs, terrorists and known criminals that have crossed and one for illegals crossing in 2018 plus one showing total money spent on supporting illegals that are in the country. And lastly a large chart showing Angel Moms that have suffered because of no wall and Santuary cities and states that refuse to allow ICE to do their job.

  91. everyone, be sure to go to “GO FUND ME WALL’ site. It helps you not to feel helpless and less frustrated ! There is something we can do! WE THE PEOPLE WILL FUND THE WALL.

  92. Build the Dam Wall you Communist creeps and get it done NOW or Face the fact you may be dragged out of Washington we are tired of this gov. Not doing what it is to do PROTECT AMERICA and OUR CONSTITUTION you don’t do what We the People say we will Remove you and that needs Made Law so that way those who won’t Support Our Constitution and Our Laws can Never be in any gov. Job Never hold any gov. job includes garbage pick up

  93. How about a list of the percentage of foreign source campaign funds for each Senior and rep. That show who they arerealynwotkingnfor.

  94. I think all the people that vote not to build the wall should be charged with treason against the US. If not then kick them out of office for not doing what the pledged to do when they took the oath of office. That is to protect and defend the US.

  95. if the GOP traitors walk over to the DEMORATS i hope president TRUMP doesn’t seek re election for the REPUBLICAN party and run as a INDEPENDANT, then all the millions and millions of votes that he gets will destroy the GOP and unfortunately the DEMORATS will control congress and our once great nation. it will be only a matter of time under the rule of the open border and welfare states scum of the earth that our country will be brought to it’s knees and become a 3rd world country. the intelligent WHITE race will move out and migrate to NEW ZELAND,, AUSTRILLA,, EUROPE and possibly create a new country of only pro TRUMP whites.

  96. Build the damn wall!!! Any republican who votes against it, or votes to reopen the government before funds are secured by legislative process, should be fired at the next election. This is a government of the people, for the people. Now do what the people want and need. Or become unemployed!

  97. I say if the wall wont be built then all of the illegals that get into the US should be bused into the sanctuary state of California, Illinois, new jersey and any other state that wants them. Let them take care of all the expenses that are required to take care of them. Let the states pay all of the expenses and leave the rest of the tax paying citizens of the US out of it. As for the bad illegals doing harm catch them, jail them or send them back where they came from.

  98. Why don’t the Democrats want to protect its people? Why is it only about making Trump look bad. For their own sake, they better start looking out for there own, American people. We put them in office, we can just as easy get them out. If they really had our best interest at heart they wouldn’t be fighting so hard.

  99. WALLS work real good . . . I give you North Korea, East Berlin & Germany, I give you Red China, I give you GitMo, I give you every Federal Prison, I give you every Military Base, Fort, Sea Port of the world, I give you every ” Camp ” used by the NATIZ’s to enslave & murder the Jews, Gay’s, Lesbians. Trans-Gendered, I give you the Commie Russian, North Korea, Cuba & Red Chinas Goulogs full of political dissidents, I give you every Mental Asslem ever used, I give you the walls of the city of David, & let’s not forget the 3 parts of the Great Wall of China that still stand & are manned with 12 full divisions of Red Chinese GI’s to keep the Russians out . . . WALLS DO WORK ! ! !

  100. the 2016 election was a mandate to build a wall to secure our southern border. we are supposed to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. why do we keep supporting these politicians that represent their special causes and not the mandate of the people? the 2018 election saw rino’s and professional politicians ousted because they failed to represent the people. unfortunately, they were replaced by liberal, special interest, and socialists who definitely do not represent the ideals upon which this nation was founded..
    this brings us to the problem: we as a lack of real political knowledge electorate listen to the entertainment elite and the liberal, (actually anti-u.s.),news media and continue to elect people who do not represent our values.
    yes we need to secure our border, and more importantly we need to wake up to reality. beware: our nation is eroding dangerously.
    please do us all a favor; visit a national cemetery, look at the rows of markers; then, ask yourself why these people paid the supreme price for us.
    last questions: are you thankful, or, did the die for nothing? now, will you act responsibly to preserve what they paid for?

  101. Any Republican who tips his/her hand and chooses not to vote with Trump needs to be on Do Not Vote For list in the next election cycle. It is time for All states to step up and campaign extremely hard against those who pretend to be conservative. We need to get rid of the Rubio’s, McConnell’s, and Burgess’s who pretend to be Republicans.

  102. So the Republicans are evil like the Democrats (not surprising) and do not stand for the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Shame on them, lets vote them all out 2020 and vote for those that support TRUMP. TRUMP 2020!!!!

  103. DemoRats didn’t come to the people’s house to work for USA They Come to Overthrow We The People’s Constition….Rino’s also…When are Patroits going to protect Her???? God Bless President Trump USA

  104. If the Republicans vote against The President, they should switch parties since they will show what they believe. I have a better idea, if it is so safe to allow illegals in the Southern Boarder, make a law that all who vote against protecting te people of the US,Musty move their families to the southern boarder to greet all the illegals in and also the cartels and their drugs

  105. I have yet to hear a plausible defense or to the point excuse for the democrats position on this or even worse their answer to solve the problem beyond slimy standing in the way. Lead,follow or get the he’ll out of the way

  106. I/We want the wall a concrete wall. Put steel post on top to hold electrified razor wire.
    Any I say any Republican voting against our President needs to be named for betraying we the people for there should be no mercy for them show side with democrat left wing haters of the American way of life and our Constitution We need to demand a law/legislation that when a elected official takes the OATH of office they are to do as they commit to when taking it. If they don’t keep it then they must be removed. No more LIP SERVICE.
    We need to know every Republican that joins in with leftwing demo’s..

  107. Damn well better believe they should vote against Trump. He doesn’t represent Republican values. He is an anarchist. Don’t need a wall. Think you can solve a humanitarian crisis with a wall , then you need a better understanding of what a humanitarian crisis is. Drugs don’t come across the border in huge amounts on the ground. Sorry to break your misinformed views. Worked the border with illegal trade, know the field, know the data. You are wrong. Better surveillance, better work on preventing supply and demand. Drug cartels are high end businesses.

  108. If the Republicans cross the aisle and vote with the Democrats on this wall, there are a lot of Republican who will be kissing their butts goodbye!!!!! There are also lot of democratic voters who have been sitting on the fence, who will change party and help us! Think before you go REALLY dumb as dirt!

  109. The Republicans had better think before they do anything stupid. They should all be standing with the president or maybe they will not have to worry next election. We want a wall concrete or steel. That is the only way to stop illegals from forcing their way by or guards.
    Stop the salaries for the house and Senate instead of hurting the other agencies. Also, take away their great insurance plans and give them Obamacare.

    1. Yes all the house and the Senate should have Obamacare since they think the insurance plan is so great and does not deserve to be abolished.

  110. Start calling congressmen and senators! Trump said to do this! Don’t let these evil ones rest in their ivory towers.

  111. Drop the most VIOLENT ILLEGALS inside the walls of these Democraps homes. This will get us our Wall and more. See if they had to face what the people they are supposed to work for do they would give$50 Billion and then help dig a trench 40 feet deep by 50 feet wide with their bare hands on both borders. Then they would mix each bag of cement to fill that footer trench by hand as well.

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