Republicans Face Major Disagreement

Could this become a much larger issue?

During a recent appearance on “PBS NewsHour,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) informed viewers that there are at least 20 Republican members of the Senate who think “we’ve already done enough” when it comes to economic relief and who “don’t think we ought to do another package.”

According to Breitbart, McConnell stated, “About 20 of my members think that we’ve already done enough. They’re deeply concerned, and it’s understandable, about the size of our national debt now, which is as big as our economy for the first time since World War II. And so, I do have a reasonable number of members who don’t think we ought to do another package.”

Adding, “That’s not my view. And it’s not the majority of our conference’s view, nor is it the view of the president. We have divided government. So, we have to sit down with the Democrats and work out something. And, hopefully, we’ll begin to do that before the end of the week.”

You can watch a clip of McConnell’s comments here.

Image credit: Bay News 9

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  1. Ya know, I am not a politician, but was a negotiator for union contracts, and not everyone agrees on every part of anything.. In this case a simple solution would be to simply fund unemployment for 6 weeks at say $475.00 a week and then see where we are at in 4 weeks.. On the covid19 checks give all $1000.00 dollars and in 4 weeks, see where we are at.. A rush to judgement always ends poorly for everyone..

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