Republican Traitor Gets EXPOSED On Live Air

About time someone called this coward out.

Recently on Fox’s “Fox & Friends,” former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney blasted his former associate John Bolton for a recent ABC interview where he tried to sell his slanderous new book.

According to Breitbart, Mulvaney called Bolton’s interview a “classless display” and “hard to watch.”

“I watched the whole thing last night, cover-to-cover,” Bolton stated. “I’ve not read the book yet. I’m not going to pay for it. I cringed. I mean — and I imagine that former chiefs of staff and former national security advisers, former cabinet secretaries from all administrations cringed to watch sort of the betrayal confidence last night by John Bolton. It was — it was really a classless display. We can talk a little bit about what I thought was driving it.

“But it was hard to watch to have somebody who was in the Oval Office with the president almost every day sort of turn on him just because he didn’t like the style — didn’t like, sort of, the policies,” Mulvaney said. “It was really, really hard to watch last night as a public servant. You know, The Wall Street Journal wrote a piece earlier this week or last week that said — asked whatever happened to the concept of honor in public service. Clearly, John Bolton doesn’t have any left.”

You can watch a clip of Mulvaney’s comments here.

Image credit: Courier-Journal

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  1. Money makes the world turn round and the traitor Bolton wants lots of money he will sell his father for a buck.

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