Republican Puts Pelosi On BLAST

Whose side is she on?

Rep. Liz Cheney tore House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a new one today after Pelosi sided with Iranians and blamed President Trump for the current situation in Iran.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Speaker Pelosi has proven herself time and time again to be completely and totally lacking in any seriousness,” Cheney stated. “This is a person who told us for months and months that it was urgent for our national security that we impeach President Trump. So the House Democrats impeached him with no direct evidence, and now, she’s been literally sitting on the articles of impeachment ever since.”

Adding, “Now, in the wake of missiles raining down on American service members in Iraq, Speaker Pelosi is saying that it was needless provocation on our part. She’s blaming the United States of America.” You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: The National Interest

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  1. Historically the Left, Dems in particular have sided with the enemies of this nation. Old Joe Kennedy was a fan of Hitler, the N.Y.T. and Washington Post both covered up the concentration camps and the death Houses of the Nazis among their other atrocities right up until allied forces liberated the camps. Hanoi Jan has popped up supporting the Iranian Criminals just as she did the N.V.A.. The Democrat Propaganda Media spread stories of the N.V.A. and Viet Cong supermen just as they do about the Radical Muslims. The Democrats think of themselves as citizens of the World first and wrap themselves in the flag, Mon, apple pie and patriotism only as a means to an end. bottom line, the Democrats, their minions and fellow travelers are the real enemy within.

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