Republican Gives Democrats A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

This one has to hurt.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Josh Hawley slammed Democrats stating that they rejected the electoral college vote in 2004 and 2016.

Hawley said, “I don’t recall hearing the Democrats make any such outrageous claims when they were the ones who were objecting during the Electoral College certification in 2004 and 2016.”

He added, “Democrats have done this for years in order to raise concerns about election integrity. Now, when Republicans, 74 million Americans have concerns about election integrity. We’re supposed to just sit down and shut up?” You can watch a clip of Hawley’s remarks here.

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  1. This election was invalid when votes went out to everyone including illegals and the biggest criminal organization in the history of the country, the DemocRAT Politicians interfered in every way possible and there lying rotten media kept it from the public! They had thousands of ballots dipped from one state to another witnesses by a postal employee who swore under oath of the criminal acts done by the biggest criminal organization. They would not allow observers to be able to see the ballots and kicked them out, saying going home for the night and coming back to count illegal ballots, if they were not illegal they would have allowed observers! These criminals should be tried and do 20 to 20 years in prison and that is the only way to stop the biggest criminal organization in our history and ther media should not be called media they are lying rotten mouth pieces for the Criminal DemocRAT Politicians!

    1. One Republican Senator with with the courage to stand up for what he believes in !!! I applaud you Senator !!! Just wish there were more in the Senate with some real backbone , most are all talk , very little action !!!

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