Republican EXPOSES The Truth About Impeachment

Democrats are trying to push this under the rug…

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the so-called whistleblower did not like President Donald Trump.

Jordan said, “Understand what happened here, Jake, you had a bureaucrat who didn’t like the president.”

He continued, “We know he didn’t like the president. The inspector general says there’s an addition of inarguable political bias. That is Washington speak for this guy didn’t like the president.”

He added, “A bureaucrat who didn’t like the president files a claim saying the president did something wrong in a call. This guy wasn’t on the call, somebody else told him about the call, so the White House does something they’ve never done before, they released the transcript, but the Democrats say we don’t care we’re going to move towards impeachment. You know why we know that because Nancy Pelosi did a press conference the day before and said she was going to move towards impeachment, the day before we even saw the transcript. It shows these folks with bound and determined to go after this president no matter what. They put the country through three years of this false Russian Trump collusion issue all the way through.”

  1. Jim Gordon got that 100% right. And now evidence is comin out that the Democrats “helped” the whistleblower craft his complaint. The democrats can’t beat Trump at the ballot box so THEY are going to choose the next president for the American people; who gives a da*m what the people want. God forbid.

      ESPECIALLY the HABITUAL LIAR ADAM SCHIFF ! I wished he would fall on his bottom lip and break his BUTT UGLY FACE !

  2. The demwits will take the beating of their party like never before.. Their LIES and innuendos are the things Fairy Tales are made of.. If you go to the Webster’s Dictionary and look up LIES the i.e. says democrats.. I can not believe an entire party can be so stupid and gullible..

    1. The stupid party is more and more composed of younger members who have been brainwashed in our government schools. They are ignorant of anything other than the liberal mantra. Anything that doesn’t agree with the ideology that they have “learned” is HERESY and must not be allowed to enter their ears. They have been “trained” to be cogs in the DEEP STATE machine. Don’t expect reasoned judgement from any of them, ever.

    2. The Democrats have to move fast, because there are so many high ranking Democrats involved with the country of Ukraine doing their corrupt dealings, it would sink the entire Party if the total truth came out. President Trump would be the least of their worries!

  3. Let’s have an investigation into the democrats involved in Ukrainian to include Hillary Clinton . Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe Former President Obama Former Special counsel Mueller The 3 democrat Senators involved in the letter to the Ukraine Government about The democrat HOAX > I mean a Through investigation . Let’s have an investigation into the IMF Money that was a loan to Ukraine that some how got sent the Hillary Clinton’s campaign funds in 2016 > There is more in Ukraine then meets the eye !!!

    1. Wayne, I agree with what you want congress to do! Jim Jordan is right about what he said also, but the investigation has to go to the EVIL Demonrats, they have NOT been held accountable for any of the things they have done.

  4. Nancy Pelosi already saw the letter before it was released and that is why she didn’t wait. She probably helped create it. The squad I call the death squad of America are the ones who want to kill America and OUR freedom. Well you won’t because FREEDOM is the most important thing an American has. Are you dems. who are voting for the dems. want to kill your children’s or grandchildren’s freedom that you loved growing up. I hope not. Think twice before you vote for a dem. Search and you will see how bad the dems. and the media, whom I think may have helped with the letter, have really been.

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