Republican EXPOSES Democrats’ INSANE Plan

They are trying to push this under the rug.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Louie Gohmert slammed Democrats stating that they are trying to have another coronavirus lockdown.

“It’s exactly what the socialists manipulating things want,” he said. “And that’s mainly coming from the billionaires that think falsely that they’ll be part of the ruling class. But it is also conditioning Americans that the government can tell you what business to be in, when you can open, what you can do. They’re moving us more and more away from our freedom into socialism. And that’s exactly what we were promised, and that’s what Biden is going to deliver on.”

“As Rahm Emanuel famously said, ‘Don’t let a good crisis go to waste,’” Gohmert continued. “Who would have ever dreamed Americans would allow the government to say you’ve got to go out of business because we’re not going to let you open for a long time. We’ve never done that before. We’ve never quarantined healthy people before. So yeah, I think they’ve been very genuine. They’ve been dishonest about a lot of things but not about that. And fossil fuels — they will start the attack, pick it back up where it was under Obama. And as Obama promised, it will happen under Biden if he were to be president — the price of energy will skyrocket. Inconvenient to the rest, but it is absolutely devastating to the poor. That’s what we’re facing.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: ABC News

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  1. I thought Johnson was a lousy president and his administration. Boy oh Boy it appears Biden and his administration will top Johnson. Time will tell. Politicians need to REMEMBER ——— WE THE PEOPLE own the US not elected officials and WE THE PEOPLE will decide what is best for us not elected officials.

  2. The Biden administration will be a disaster for American citizens, their 401(K), savings, retirement, investors, etc.
    Prepare for higher taxes, higher corporate taxes, layoffs, and possibly the collapse of America…. However, also be prepared for a revolution which I do believe is forthcoming as American will protect our US Constitution at all cost to remain free…. there has been and will be too much blood shed not to uphold our American Constitution and keep the US a Constitutional Republic. Hope for the best… Plan for the worst.

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