Republican Delivers The BAD NEW To Liberals

They aren’t ready to admit this…

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke about the final presidential debate before the election and liberals weren’t to happy with her assessment.

According to Breitbart, Blackburn stated, “If you want a political insider and an elitist, Joe Biden’s your guy. If you want an outsider who is going to fight for you, Donald Trump is your guy. And Maria, I thought it was a really good, healthy exchange. And for people to see the differences when it comes to the economy, the minimum wage, taxes, what you would do with energy, Joe Biden saying he actually wants to shut down the oil and gas industry. I thought this was a very positive night for Donald Trump.”

“The president was smart to point out … if Joe Biden has his way on healthcare, you, 153 million Americans, plus 57 million in Medicare, you are going to lose your private health insurance,” Blackburn stressed. “And you’re not going to have a doctor. You’re going to have a bureaucrat. And that is something people I think will talk about because it affects them. And the president rightly turned the conversation to getting people back to work, children back to school, and Joe Biden fumbled every one of those answers.”

You can watch a clip of Blackburn’s comments here.

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  1. Pedo Joe LIED about everything. He claimed he did not call Blacks Super predators but he did exactly that. He said he would not shut down FRACKING but he said exactly that many times while Campaigning. Ever chance he got he spoke LIES. But being a Democrap that is all they know how to do. Pedo Joe won’t be the one Democraps will be cheated into office if Barrett is not appointed. It is the Ho that should be giving answers but she will say no she is just up as VP. But she like Pedo Joe is a Democrap and LIE by existing.

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