Rashida Tlaib LOSES Her Mind, TURNS On Liberals

The liberals losing their minds over this…

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib had a temper tantrum and demanded that people boycott the show of liberal Bill Maher.

Maher called the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement (BDS) “a bullsh*t purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class.”

“It’s predicated on this notion, I think — it’s very shallow thinking — that the Jews in Israel, mostly white, and the Palestinians are browner, so they must be innocent and correct, and the Jews must be wrong.”

“As if the occupation came right out of the blue, that this completely peaceful people found themselves occupied,” the host of “Real Time” said.

“Congresswoman Omar has said things like, ‘It’s all about the Benjamins,’ ‘Israel has hypnotized the world,’ ‘May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,’” he said.

“She apologized for it, but it’s out there: Jews control the world, control the money,” the host said. “I can see why they don’t get a hero’s welcome.”

As is common with the young representatives from “The Squad,” Rep. Tlaib could not deal with the fact that Maher did not take her side.

“Maybe folks should boycott his show. I am tired of folks discrediting a form of speech that is centered on equality and freedom.

“This is exactly how they tried to discredit & stop the boycott to stand up against the apartheid in S. Africa. It didn’t work then and it won’t now,” she said.

  1. Having a hard time deciding which is the biggest jerk, idiot, Tlaib or Maher. I think it’s a ties. Both buffoons.

    1. Maher is one fucked up Propaganda swallowing & spreading piece of ass dung .
      Like the low IQ brain dead “The View ” , his room is stuffed full of communist Cesspool smelling Lefties who can’t think for themselves and laugh at his feeble attempts at humour .
      Maher & Joy Behar should make babies that we could go and see ……at the zoo .

  2. rashida….very, very STUPID…..What part of Shut up don’t you understand?????? America DOESN”T want you a Traitor, big mouthed wanna be……does anyone see when she yells her Big mouth covers her entie face…Which is a good thing because it is horrible looking…………..The tratorist Trash needs to be gotten out of congress and DC…….

  3. It’s Obama’s fault that this trash is in Congress. Along with the 3 other goons of THE SQUID. If you want to eliminate a problem you start at the source. Soros and Obama are the source. One provides the money, Soros, while the other is his hand puppet, Obama.

  4. I’ve said before if SA didn’t have a weak leader in DeKlerk they would have never gave the reins of the South African government to the black. Anyone who looks can see what they have done to SA in just 25 years. The average IQ of a black person in africa is 70. America considers that borderline retarded. Do you really believe people with an IQ of 70 can run a prosperous country and keep it that way. It won’t be but a few more years and they will be asking America to feed them. We should let them starve because it is their fault. Who do they think will farm the land once they kill off the white farmers?

  5. Not a fan of Maher. That being said, he has managed to show the utter intolerance of the left. He stated what has historically been said by these radical Congresswomen against Israel and voiced his opinion. Her immediate reaction is to demand a boycott. And he is basically on the left’s side on almost every subject. I hope that the Independent and moderate Democrat voters are waking up to this, and on November 3, 2020 vote for President Trump. This movement to the far left will eat everyone alive if they get any real traction and power. If they can go after one of their own allies and make a demand to virtually destroy his livelihood, what do you think they will do to crush the average citizens rights and freedoms. They right now, as we speak are trying to dismantle our right to free speech, religion, and have singlehandedly told the Press, what to say and print. Look how they made the NY Times change a headline they did not like. There goes your 1st Amendment. They have a goal of complete gun confiscation. In that way they totally defeat the Founders safeguard of protecting the populace from a totalitarian government. Bye-bye 2nd Amendment. They are clamoring to alter our 5th Amendment rights of self- protection against runaway prosecution and persecution. They want our sovereignty wiped out with mass invasions of unvetted foreigners who bring poverty, crime, and yes, diseases to our country. They do so, with the main goal of diluting the voting pool. Ironically, these same people who push the climate change issue, have put blinders on to the fact that by letting third world people into the US, they are not only destroying our country by having more people polluting our country as using up more and more resources, but they are increasing the entire planets carbon footprint. When these people come here from third world nations, they now have a chance at riches they never would have experienced before. As a result, they all buy cars (and ironically they seem most attracted to SUVs and trucks, not Priuses) and this burns fossil fuels they never before would have. In the USA, they work off the books and receive taxpayer goodies for each child they produce. As a result, with the fear of not being able to provide for another life eliminated, and the promise of a larger deposit dumped on their food stamp card each month, they reproduce children at higher rates than citizens, since they are cash cows for the household. They never would keep reproducing at the same rate back in their home country, for to do so would guarantee starvation for them and any children they already have. Finally, the promising that everyone will rise economically is an outright lie and impossibility. As a result, the masses will not become richer as that is a goal that has to really be worked at. It is so much easier to make everyone (except the ruling class) poorer. The sad part is that the youngsters that can vote, for the large part, will vote for them. These are the very same ones, who mommy and daddy have coddled, found excuses for, bought them everything, and perpetuated the Peter Pan syndrome. I recently saw a news show where a commentator was excusing criminal behavior because the perpetrator was “only 23 years old”. Let me see. By the time my husband was 23, he had graduated from high school, had served as a Marine, was honorably discharged, became a NYC cop, was married, and had a child. Not too much coddling there by Moms and Pops.
    Folks, God help us if these lefties obtain any real power. A word of note to the Dems currently in power, like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, etc. Watch out. You guys will be the very first they will come after to dethrone. They actually look at you all as their first enemy and major obstacle.

    1. I get what you’re saying but these people are all oppressors, Talib is just a representative of the Far-Left Hater group that Maher is actually a card holding member- in fact, a leader of this do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do biased and yes bigoted group. Only a couple of weeks ago he said how he dreams and prays for a Recession as he believes it is the only way the Dems will win the WH. (Well, at least he is right about that.) When his guest said- but millions of people would suffer. Maher replied- I’m ok with that, it would be worth it.

      Of course, this far-left elitist filthy rich self-centered idiot is ok with it, as are most of his ilk both in Hollywood (who called for the boycott of a gym because one of the investors supports Trump) and DC- these people who claim to be loving, tolerant, compassionate, and of course self-righteously holier-than-thou NEVER CARE about us little people who suffer due to their greed for power.

      If others suffer so they can have the WH that’s fine by these people. If you lose your job, home, 401K, no education for your kids, and you end up eating cat food in your 80s- Well, that is a sacrifice he and his buddies are willing to Make! As long as they have the WH!!!

      These people like Talib, Omar, Maher, Nancy, 25 Dem candidates, and all on the left (not even far-left anymore) Will sacrifice your lives and livelihoods if it means they gain power and you should consider yourselves Fortunate to be able to help facilitate their agenda!

      Think about this people before you vote Dem and continue down the road of losing all of your Freedoms to PCBS, faux-unity in the name of Diversity (at least of skin color – never ideas) and become slaves to your liberal-progressive overlords who want only that you walk in goosestep with all of their biased intolerant hate-filled ideas!

      Oh and for anyone who thinks the DEMS will not try to crash the economy to get what they want- think about what you are hearing on alllll the propaganda channels – A Recession is here, the economy is in danger, etc even though the experts all say the opposite and your wallet tells you otherwise. They did the same thing in 07 when Bush economy was strong then Dems propaganda machine kicked in and all you heard about was how terrible the economy was- by Sept. 08 they got their wish and the Economy Crashed! Ushering in Obama and 8 yrs of stagnation and devastation. Only in the first yr of Trump did we see the economy massively turn around! (but remember all the Dems said if Trump was elected the Economy and stock market would crash! Did not happen- so don’t listen to the propaganda- we already suffered enough of the consequences of this shallow callous tactic that harms millions in the lefts bid for power!

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