Rashida Tlaib CELEBRATES Democratic Hit List

How is she still an AMERICAN politician…

Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro recently advocated his brazen effort to doxx personal Trump supporters by claiming it was OK because there was “no ‘ call to action ‘”:

Castro also opposed GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s critique:

Luckily for Castro, Rashida Tlaib is his knight in shining armor helping him slay all those Republicans who are pouncing. Tlaib gave her special seal of approval to Castro’s tactics last night:

Now it’s a public service to doxx private citizens who want to re-elect a politician you don’t like. Quite a precedent we’re setting here.

And she’d be right to. Tlaib is a well-known bigot who regularly fosters bigotry, but that gives nobody the right to open their supporters to harassment or worse. And yet, she’s here, advocating private citizen targeting. And, no less, in the wake of mass violence.

  1. I wonder what the reaction would be if Caucasians were pulling the same stunt from Canada and the President declared them illegal aliens, invaders from the North —

  2. These are very SICK people – they want to totally destroy America & make it into a SOCIALIST country – with this sick **** in charge. Don’t let that happen – & that “rag Head” referring to him as “chairman” is sick & sad.

  3. Just proves more and more how sick the democrats has become. Their hatred for America and anyone that tries to help America is at an all time high. In simple terms, they are some very sick bastards.

  4. All the Democrats have to offer is hate, fear, and poverty. That is what socialist will do with the clueless Democrats in charge and it will be a faster feat than Venezuela because we’re larger and the destruction of the country will decay a lot quicker. The Democrats do not know how to fix anything, just look at the big cities and states run by Democrats! They are clueless, incompetent and do not know how to fix anything, all they have is hate and fear going for them! Plus they lie, steal anything for power not for the citizens.

  5. Two can play your game, if this is public then so is yours along with your dirty laundry, it may show up when you least expect it.

  6. Remember people the communist left in Congress were calling Trump the one who started this with this so-called massacre by two men that we’re going to punish 300 million far no that’s to go in accommodate the communist party is disarmament of the American people. This is the kind of hate that Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters Elijah Cummings and a host of others in the communist Democrat party let’s not forget Cory Booker and Eric Swalwell have been spewing against conservatives Christians and white people and white men storing hate daily and you wonder why these things happen they’re not up and accidentally ,They’re calling their troops to arms against weed the people. They been attacking us with an Tifa and everything else not a peep from the communist they keep a party in their own which that wants to be somebody that’s looks like she’s on crack Nancy Pelosi

  7. Please Mr. Castro; As long as you feel President Trump is putting targets on the backs of all ILLEAGAL IMMIGRANTS (of all nationalities), why not stick one on your back and your Muslim Lover Rashida Tlaib’s back so our Republican backers can pick you out in a crowd.. We have a right to see your F N clown show too..

  8. This is a member of the Modern American Bolshevik Movement. {Formerly known as the Democrat Party} The requisite to becoming a member of this organization is you be a dyed in the wool Marxist and secondly you be crazier than an outhouse rat, full rabid moonbat mode. They didn’t care that Operation Gun Walker would result in the deaths of Law Officers or innocents, they just wanted to build a case for total gun control. So with that lack of respect for human life who is to say some element of this group of American Bolsheviks would set up mass shooting events to firm up the case for total gun control. I mean that Icon of the modern Democrats Bill Ayers was once quoted as saying when they finally took full control of the U.S. they would have to eliminate a minimum 40 million Americans deemed unable to be reeducated. I mean Tlaib already has her hit list made up,like a true Palestinian Radical.

  9. Tell us who supports these low or no class Dems so that we can harass them for supporting the most corrupt, no-class jerks ever to pretend to be Americans!


  11. It is a historical fact that every piece of racist legislation that was
    ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was inflicted on
    African Americans, was initiated by members of the Democratic Party.
    History shows that during the past 160 years the Democratic Party
    legislated Jim Crow laws, Black Codes and a multitude of other laws at
    the state and federal level to deny African Americans their rights as
    citizens. Congressional records show it was Democrats that strongly
    opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These three
    Amendments were introduced by Republicans to abolish slavery, give
    citizenship to all African Americans born in the United States, and give
    Blacks the right to vote. Congressional records show that Democrats
    were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by
    Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans: Civil Rights
    Act of 1866 Reconstruction Act of 1867 Freedman Bureau Extension Act of
    1866 Enforcement Act of 1870 Force Act of 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
    Civil Rights Act of 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Civil Rights Act of
    1960 And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the 1964
    Civil Rights Act 1965 Voting Rights Act 1972 Equal employment
    Opportunity Act After reviewing all of the evidence, many believe
    America would have never experienced racism to the degree that it has,
    had not the Democrats promoted it.Source material by Wayne Perryman

    The DDD(DUMB DUMBER demonrats) Party started with slave owners of the
    south. The KKK was founded and run by DEMOCRATS.DEM President Woodrow
    Wilson proudly showed to his Cabinet at the White House the WHITE
    SUPREMACIST film “Birth of a Nation” which gloried the KKK. Wilson
    segregated the Federal government. The KKK rose to its zenith of power
    and respectability because of DEM Pres. Wilson.Margaret Sanger, the
    secular patron saint of the DEM Party, was a rabid RACIST WHITE
    SUPREMACIST Eugenicist who dreamed of eliminating Blacks from the human
    gene pool. LIBS looove her.All but 3 of the 24 Southern DEMS, including
    Sen. Al Gore Sr, who for RACIST reasons voted against the Civil Rights
    Act of 1964, remained lifelong DEMS as did most their children and
    grandchildren. They did not all become Right Wing Republicans. DEM
    Senator Robert Byrd, who Hillary called her mentor ant the Conscious of
    the Senate,, was KKK Grand Dragon who recruited over 150 new KKK
    Klansmen. Republican party was founded to END SLAVERY and it did It
    continued through the days of LBJ and his “Great Society”. The demonrats
    still own slaves, that population that sucks upthe welfare and other
    enhancements to sustain their lives(“YOU”) with absolutely no remorse
    for taking unearned welfare. demonrats are desperate to keep these
    programs alive and increasing to enhance their voting block and make
    their welfare recipients dependent on them. As LBJ(after assassinating
    JFK, yes demonrats did that to there OWN PARTY)said at the signing of
    his “Great Society” legislation, “We have now secured the N vote for the
    next hundred years.” In other words, he made the
    Black/White/Red/Yellow, and Brown Population of welfare recipients
    slaves to them with no way out. You say I am WHITE PRIVILEGED I am a
    HighSchool dropout I “GET NO HANDOUTS” and “I SUCCEEDED in this GAME
    insurance to cover demonrats NON-WORKING SORRY -SSES. I raised two
    children one w/a Phd/MedDr and another w/MBA on a low income middleclass
    salary w/NO HELP FROM NO-ONE(Govt Asst)! So you no what…YOU ALL CAN
    KMA with your racebaiting BS get up off your SORRY -SSES and make
    something of yourself. Break “THE demonrat STIGMA OF RACISM THEY HAVE
    “PUT” AMONG US!” Quit having the govt supporting you and do it yourself
    The key to success in this world is to work hard and do what is right.
    Trying to forcefully take success from people and redistribute it will
    never work, and the harm always outweighs the good.

    Since when is expecting Immgrants to drop the HYPHEN and decide which country they owe allegiance to being RACIST ? Ever heard of a “Mexican-Korean”? Try that. Go to NoKo and decide to climb over their fence, tell them to rewrite their signage and labeling and language so it includes or prefers YOUR OLD language, and demand to be called a “Spanish NorthKorean” or a “Russian – North Korean”… tell them what they owe you because your old place was so bad… Yet you expect to come into our country without any solid decision to drop (foreswear) any allegiance to the hellhole you just left, and swear allegiance to your NEW HOME without exception. Nope. You want to live in half-way land, getting the best of both and supporting NEITHER above all others. Worse, you took advantage of someone who offered to PAY you to do it. You grabbed somebody elses unattended kid to either sell or at least get a picture with as you “fled”… You had food water and shelter provided for you on your ORGANIZED trip across several countries to be here while crying “sanctuary” — by definition you are a RECON TROOP until you cross the border, then you became part of an INVASION force. Paid to do this, supplied, and organized by NOT YOUR SELF. You obviously think the american citizen is STUPID and willing to let this continue. How the HELL is THAT racist?


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