Rand Paul Denounces Trump’s Actions

Right now President Trump needs every Republican’s support.

In a recent appearance on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Senator Rand Paul claimed that because of Soleimani’s death there was “a certainty that there will be attacks.”

According to Breitbart, Paul stated, “I think if you ask the question, now, is it more or less likely that there will be attacks on Americans? I think it’s much more likely. The replacement for Soleimani is basically a clone, somebody who is a hardliner, who’s worked with Soleimani for 20-some-odd years. And so, while Soleimani may have been plotting attacks, and probably was, it’s now a certainty that there will be attacks in revenge for his killing. The other unintended consequence here is, you saw the chanting in the streets of Tehran. This has emboldened the hardliners.”

You can watch a clip of Paul’s comments here.

Image credit: National Review

    1. You got that right, thank God he didn’t make it for POTUS! Rand is so wishy washy, you never know what he’s going to say or do – RINO best describes him. He needs replacing, too many years in Congress and too many perks for him to quit.

  1. Rand, I use to think you did a wonderful job, but as of this administration it seems you’ll say anything for air time

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