Radical Democrat Mayor Says Only 2 Types Of People Can Interview Her

Lori Lightfoot, the far-Left mayor of Chicago, recently made some changes to the way she does interviews.

If you have white skin, you can’t speak to her.

If you have black or brown skin, you can.

If that’s not racism, then what is?

Democrats love to tell us America is a deeply racist and prejudiced country.

But when it’s anti-white racism, it doesn’t count!

 A white local news reporter stumbled onto an outrageous story when she attempted to get an interview with Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot – only to find out she only grants one-on-ones to journalists of color.

In a tweet Tuesday, NBC5 Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern documented attempting to get an exclusive with Lightfoot as her two-year mayoral anniversary approaches.


Here’s the Tweet from Ahern:

Can you imagine if a white Mayor did this?

They’d never hear the end of it, and would probably be hounded out of their job.

But when a black Mayor does it, nothing happens…

How strange for a country the Democrats say is racist against minorities!

Seems more like the reverse is true.

Minorities can be racist against whites with no consequences.

Lightfoot has since defended her comments, as covered in the clip below:

‘Overwhelming whiteness’…

Clearly Lightfoot has a problem with white people.

She definitely can’t claim to represent white Chicagoans after this.

The Republican Party should talk more about anti-white racism, because it shows how Democrats really think.

  1. Because Lightfoot states that she doesn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with white people from this moment on means that in the next election EVERY white Democrat will vote for her. You ever wonder why Chicago is a total failure hell hole? This is why. Everyone in the country should always be sure to keep Democrats in Democratic cities.

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