Proof Democrats Have Fallen Off The Deep End

In one of the most counter-intuitive proposals yet, the governor of Wisconsin offering to supply state issued ID cards and driver’s licenses to illegal migrants if his spending budget is approved.

Governor Tony Evers tweeted, “We’re announcing tonight that undocumented folks will be eligible to receive driver’s licenses and ID cards. This makes our roads and our communities safer, and helps strengthen our economy and Wisconsin families.”

Evers justifies his faulty thinking by claiming that providing illegals with these means will make driving in the state safer as well as boost the economy. 

“It’s not just giving people driver’s licenses, it’s getting them to work,” Evers said. “People will be required to have the training and making sure they know how to drive.”

Meanwhile Republicans, along with any other users of common sense, point out that it will make the state a haven that encourages illegal immigration while also posing the threat of furthering the idea that illegals should be given the power to vote.

Republicans like Rep. Jim Steineke have called for the proposal to be judged on it’s own, rather than being coupled with the budget proposal.

  1. I think the democrates are crazy. If they want these illegals in America why don’t they let them live with them in their big houses. No they have a fence around their homes to keep them out. They want them to have ID’S so can vote illegally for them.

  2. The gov. of Wis must have drank from the same poisonous bottle of scum. Allowing these illegals to have a driver’s license so the Dems get more votes in that state are the criminals. Not the poor illegals who want to come here for safety, better life discounting the murderers and criminals. Women and children are raped or murdered. I will have no sympathy for him or any other people of WIs. that are harmed. The Dems are desperate for votes as they have been the ones turning our government into a place of hatred, with people who shouldn’t be there. There were some Dems art Trumps rally on Thurs. nite in Michigan. They are the ones who no longer believe in the Dem. party and their radical divisions. Pelosi, Schiff and Swalwell are all contributors to the insanity of what is happening in America.. Trump has done more for minorities in 2 years than their “brother” Obama who let the illegals come into our country, illegally. Their “brother, Obama gave them a cell phone and a computer and said bye bye, were are done with you till time to vote again and then we need your vote and promise you great things if you show up.

  3. Excuse me, but how much money have you set aside to y ach these ILLEGALS how to drive? Without such an expenriture, how cqn you claim the roads will be safer? I assume that you’re going to require all these illiterate, non-English speaking invaders to vote for Democrat Party candidates to show their gratitude for all the “entitlements” you are going to shower them with, right?

  4. Its been a long time that I have lived in Wisconsin , but now feel sorry for all those that still live there !!! A Democrat in charge again , & you all thought that you had it bad before. Now you have a wacko democrat as governor . Scott Walker was a saint to this idiot !!!

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