Prominent Republican STABS Trump In The Back

This is not got the GOP needs right now…

Recently on CNN, the former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) outrageously claimed that President Trump has destroyed the Republican Party’s brand and that they were facing a “meltdown.”

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked, “The Republican Party is—many times you and I have talked on this topic of the party struggling to deal with Donald Trump since the beginning of this presidency, the division that he stirs up. On the virus the president now denying the facts that he’s trying to sell that it’s 99% harmless and it’s life and death. I mean, we talk about responsibility quite a bit, but what is the responsibility of elected Republicans when we talk about leadership in this country when you have a Republican leader in Donald Trump doing what he’s doing?”

Kasich replied, “Because they have coddled him and they have made it easy for him to say these kind things because they operate out of a sense of fear, that if they criticize him, he’s going to go after them and somehow he’s going to cost them their election. If, in fact, Republicans as a group had come out early on, particularly starting with Charlottesville and said that this language is unacceptable, I believe he would have changed, or the party would have separated from him. But, you know, somebody was telling me at the Mt. Rushmore, one of the senators out there clapping his hands and laughing and on the one hand saying I don’t agree with Trump and kind of supporting him. I see that some of them are beginning to move away from Trump. I guarantee you, Kate, at some point in the future some of these people are going to say— once they understand that their election is imperiled by Donald Trump, they will say I’ve never supported Donald Trump.

He went on to say, “So, you know, they have really encouraged it. It’s like when you have kids, right? If you don’t correct your kids, they do things far worse than if you had stopped them in the beginning. The Republican Party has been absent, largely absent, terrible.”

Adding, “They are damaging the brand, too, so if you’re a Republican now and you’re in a moderate district, you’ll likely lose because you’re Republican. If you’re in a solid Republican district, you’re living in fear of a primary. That’s why so many of them are leaving because they don’t want to deal with this any longer. It’s a party meltdown right now.

You can watch a clip of Kasich’s comments here.

Image credit: The Toledo Blade

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  1. [Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) outrageously claimed that President Trump has destroyed the Republican Party’s brand and that they were facing a “meltdown.”]

    What Republican Party is that traitor of an idiot talking about, since this weeks national polls show that President Trump has a 92% approval rating with Republicans. Why do you give idiots like this print ink, when they are irrelevant and haven’t been heard of or from for a long time, as all Republicans knows of his “sour grapes” and why he keeps denigrating President Trump, even though President Trump is very popular with Republicans, and has achieved so much for the American people.

    Kasich cut his own political throat, and will never be elected again for anything but dog catcher, if even that. His feelings got hurt because when he started playing hard ball against another Republican, President Trump, he lost to the better man, again President Trump, and now everyone knows he has a vendetta against President Trump, because he got humiliated in his loss to President Trump. So you print his inconsequential BS?

    If this is the best you have to report in print, then I won’t waste any more of my time reading any of the nonsense you have to dig up, just so you’ll have something to report. Find something relevant to print, and if you think this is, then never mind, you’re already a lost cause.

  2. Kasick is so mad at Trump he will say anything to tear him down, Trump does not follow the old party policy’s which is buried in the swamp, Trump promised to get rid of the swamp but he can’t get it done with guys like kasick who wants everything to stay the same old same old, the swamp enables members of congress to cheat, lie and steal from the taxpayers, so who wants things to change when if the swamp survives the guys can become millionaires, there are a few honest people who actually serve to the best of their ability and these few see the need for term limits, we have term limits for president so why not for congress, as a tee shirt I owned a long time ago had an apt slogan which read( show me a poor congressman and I will show you an honest one) gives us a lot to think about, maybe the states need to get together and set term limits if congress won’t do the right thing and pass a law setting reasonable limits

  3. John Kasick isn’t a republican, he’s always agreed with the left wing Dems. He hasn’t ever recovered from losing. He’s a ‘has been’.

  4. John Kasick is nothing more than a cry baby. He lost to TRUMP and can not beat him at anything. Can you spell RINO just like Mitt the other armpit of the world. He can beg really well like any other low life RINO. It’s just to bad that the Republican party is so full of low lives just like these two. As a party we need to see to it that people like this are kicked out of the Party. Another scum bag Traitor Flakes he has been very quiet lately. It’s about time for him to open his PIE HOLE again. With people like this in the party it is no wonder why the Republicans can not win all of the time

  5. John Kasich is now considered a “Prominent” Republican? Since when? He’s just another globalist establishment squishy RINO.

  6. John Kasich just continues to be a man that as a Politician cannot grasp that he no longer represents a voice or opinion that appeals to the listener and that was obvious in 2016 run for the Presidency.

  7. Kasich isn’t a fighter like Trump. He’s a rollover and let DemonRATS fuck him, if he thinks that will make them like him. I believe he also got money from Soros.

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