Pompeo SLAMS Obama For Screwing Everything Up

And liberals blame us.

Recently on ABC’s “This Week,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted that the Trump administration is having to deal with cleaning up the mess Obama created in Iran.

According to Breitbart, after host George Stephanopoulos played a clip of Biden saying, “I’m going to make it clear, President Trump has no authority to take us to a military conflict with Iran, period. The bottom line is any further action against Iran requires congressional authorization.”

Pompeo replied, Boy, it’s really something to hear the vice-president from the previous administration be critical of this administration’s policy of Iran. We’re having to clean up their mess, George. We’ll do everything required under the law to bring us into compliance with all the relevant constitutional legal provisions with respect to our duties to the legislative branch. You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: Newsweek

  1. And Biden is a can’t-duh-date for Dems POTUS? The man has ALZHEIMERS, hasn’t anyone seen/heard him in all of his fumbling speeches? The rest are all Communists, but he’s an old fart, too old for POTUS, and a menace to the presidency because he’s also corrupt. Now, my hat’s off to Pompeo that he has made the best statement regarding complications with Iran that Obama plus John Kerry, has caused this mess . John Kerry needs to be indicted on the Logan Act, I believe he promoted the reason for Trump having to take swift action in this case. He has taken multiple trips to Iran, also stating that in 2020 when Trump will no longer be president, they/he will work better with Iran. That my friends, is treason!!!

  2. the democrats and the mainstream media are moronic… everything they say and do is wrong… they need to just sit there and be quiet or trump may have to power up the drones again and clear out some of the problems… a lot of democrats and the talking heads from cnn and msnbc better be checking out the sky when they are outside… or they won’t know what hit them…

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