Pompeo Issues Critical Election Warning

Here is what he had to say…

During a recent interview on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer and Co.,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted that Iran, China, and Russia “are engaged in influence operations here in the United States.” He also noted that China prefers for Biden to win the upcoming election.

According to Breitbart, Pompeo stated, “It is the case that the Iranians, the Chinese, the Russians too, are engaged in influence operations here in the United States. We have a responsibility to take down that misinformation, to share with the American people the risks that are connected to that. And it should be unsurprising to anyone that the Chinese Communist Party has seen what we’ve just talked about for a good long time here, the fundamental shift that President Trump has taken with respect to China, no longer tolerating their misbehavior and the risk they’re creating to the United States. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that they’d prefer a president that didn’t take that approach.”

You can watch a clip of Pompeo’s comments here.

Image credit: CNBC

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