Pompeo Drops The HAMMER, Foreign Nations Shocked

This is huge!

Recently on Fox’s “Ingraham Angle,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded “structural” reform of the World Health Organization and hinted at the US possibly never funding the WHO again.

According to Breitbart, Pompeo stated, “I think we’ve got to take a real hard look at the W.H.O. and what we do coming out of this. … We need a structural fix for the W.H.O.”

Host Laura Ingraham asked, “If we’re talking about real accountability here, the guy who’s leading the organization, I don’t see how he can be part of the solution. So, tonight you’re not ruling out that that might be one of the requirements for going forward with the W.H.O., you’re not ruling it out?”

Pompeo replied, “No, I think that’s right. Laura, even more than that, it may be the case that the United States can never return to underwriting — having U.S. taxpayer dollars go to the W.H.O.

You can read the full details of this story here.

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Image credit: Financial Times

  1. American politicians have been wasting our tax dollars for many many years sending the money to WHO, the U.N. and many other organizations that we have never heard of. It is time to stop wasting our money. Turn it back to Americans instead sending to 3rd world countries that waste it, steal it while hating us. How stupid are we? Well many of us aren’t but the political class is pretty darn stupid. And they ARE elected by stupid voters. Know who you vote for.

  2. The Funding of W.H.O. was bribery, bribery to get co-operation… a wasted effort because Chine simply bribed directly to the leadership of W.H.O.,,, then the upper echelons of W.H.O did what the representatives of the U.N. did and do, live like Kings, in the best Hotels, finest foods, clothing, hookers, international traveling……………………. solving nothing.

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