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‘Fact-Checker’ Goes After The Gateway Pundit – They Have The Perfect Response

Recently, The Gateway Pundit reported how Biden’s team faked a stunt involving him driving an electric car.

That exposed him as a fraud, and his friends in the liberal media didn’t like that one bit.

So they got one of their own to email The Gateway Pundit, warning them of an upcoming ‘fact check’.


I’m Chiara Vercellone, a fact check reporter with USA TODAY. I’m emailing you because we’ve come across the article published by Gateway Pundit which claims Biden was not, in fact, driving the Ford F-150 electric truck earlier this week.

I’ve read your article and I see that you mention the model Biden was driving has two steering wheels. Where did you get that information from? Did Ford confirm that with you?

I also wanted to ask you if you could elaborate on the tone and motivation to write the article.

We are writing a fact check on this and will be publishing this week.

Thank you in advance.


The Gateway Pundit

But the one thing the fact-checker didn’t do was actually watch the video inside that article.

So they’re in no position to be doing any fact-checking.

The Gateway Pundit’s founder, Jim Hoft, responded with this:

Hi Chiara,

We also have some questions for you as well.

Did you watch the entire video in our post and/or view the photos?
Did you see the second person in the passenger seat with his hands on that wheel?
Did you see when Joe Biden moved the steering wheel yet the car is not moving in that direction?

And what is your motivation in asking TGP these questions?
What are you trying to assess from your questions?

Have you confirmed with Ford on the record their statement?

Do you believe Joe Biden is fit enough to drive a car or truck?
Would you ride in a car with Joe Biden driving you?

Did you watch his speech on Tuesday? Did you count how many times he got lost in his own words?
Have you reported on his mental decline? Have you reported on his dementia?
Or is your organization protecting Joe Biden?
Why do you continue to hide the truth from the American public?

We will also be doing a follow-up story including your email… Could you please provide some additional information?

What is the tone and motivation of your questions?
Can you elaborate on your motivation for this fact check?
What conclusions are you trying to affirm through your questioning?

Thank you,
Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

Each question is spot-on, and fact-checks the fact-checker.

And the truth is, as Hoft probably knows, they won’t write a fair article.

It will be a hit-piece designed to please other liberals and stir up trouble.

So will they reply to that email?

Don’t hold your breath!

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