Pete Buttigieg Wants To Flood His City!

It’s beginning to look like Buttigieg has his mind set on destroying America.

Recently, the South bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg shockingly campaigned for more illegal immigrants.

The campaign started as a discussion for important issues for Democrats.

One woman in the audence asked Buttigieg whether the United States should protect the legal statuses of DACA recipients and other illegal immigrants with temporary protected status or send them back through deferred deportation.

“We need people here. We need to grow. My community — if we got responsible able-bodied people on a path to citizenship, send them to South Bend, because we’re trying to grow our community,” Buttigieg replied. “Job growth and population growth go hand in hand.”

The woman also raised concern about the sudden growth of illegal immigration.

Buttigieg then alluded to President Trump’s assertion that the country was “full” and could not hold or accept any illegals in the country.

“If somebody thinks America’s full, I can tell you that my community in Indiana isn’t full,” Buttigieg said. “We were built for 130,000 people and we only have a 100,000 now.”

Buttigieg also criticized President Trump’s political strategy in trying to divide Americans instead of working on the process to legalize more immigrants.

“We can’t expect that process to work if we aren’t willing to fix it,” he said.

He said he is willing to welcome 30,000 more illegal immigrants in the South Bend, before commenting on the issue in Spanish.

  1. Pete Buttigieg is the most intelligent politician that I have heard in the current possible runners for the 2020 election. We need someone like him as president. What a great change it would be from what we have now.

    1. The reason ‘his community’ is down 30,000 is because of idiots like ‘Peety the Pinhead’ driving all the big companies out of town. When I was a lad there were many big companies like John Deere doing business in South Bend but, when the dems got into power, all five of the big companies moved to more intelligent cities.

  2. This guy is a JOKE! PERIOD! Where’s his plan for American MIDDLE CLASS! What about the CORRUPTION of the DOJ,FBI,NSA,CIA CLINTON FOUNDATION,OBAMA SPYING ON AMERICAN’S! As usual the BITCHES ON MSNBC FAKES are saying the same CRAP as they did about the Creepy Porn Lawyer just a Month ago, or the other LIAR BATHROOM BOOKER who is a SEXUAL PREDATOR made a man go down on him after Booker played with Bookers Booker! His WORDS not mine! Just because this little guy is Gay man, & hates Our Elected President Trump the Obama,Clinton media LIARS SAY ANYTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

  3. America is NOT empty (anybody seen photos of Detroit over the past 30 years?) That’s not the same as having jobs for everyone (which explains Detroit in part). That said, there ARE plenty of places that NEED workers–it’s a matter of balance. Demonizing anyone different from yourself will NOT fix the problem.

    1. Detroit is empty because it’s been run into the ground by liberal politicians that controlled-it for the last 6 or 7 decades. Illegals aren’t going to help Detroit they will just turn it in to another south American hell hole, just like the one the ran from.

  4. This is absurd and nothing more than advancing his abnormal life style. Be a real American regarding why and how our Great country was founded

  5. Load the trains and buses, flood his community with illegals and give this moron his wish! God help the sane citizens of this country!

  6. The reason your population is shrinking, is because of the policies you are instigating in your city. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT PART OF THAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND??????????????????

  7. The Democratic Presidential hopeful’s name Pete Buttigieg, is pronounced “BOOT-edge-edge” according to his Campain site. They report it to be Maltese in origin and translates as “Lord of the Poultry”. There was a very interesting read in USA Today about Buttigieg and his faith. In the column by Kirsten Powers we learn Pete Buttigieg thinks “bee stee Aality” is okay because Jesus did not condemn it. I wonder how the Animals involved feel? Yet we think Joe Biden’s Creepy?

  8. Pete is a disgrace to America. There are Americans suffering and he wants more illegals. Anyone listening to this crap deserve to lose everything. Your home means nothing to him. He will use you then throw you away. Can’t believe how many stupid people are out there. Really brain dead.

  9. hasnt his 15 min. of fame already expired?
    yes you can see he is the wife in the marriage.
    just curious, if elected would we have 1st happy gentleman?
    dont think gay is p.c. enough anymore.

  10. The people of south should have a vote on allowing illegals to share everything they have as a legal citizen

  11. So if you want more illegals it’s your dime “Dummie” cause the government will not
    give you guys not a single dime

  12. He is an example of everything that is wrong in America. One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all…
    its legal citizens.

  13. What an Ass Butt-Gag is.He doesn’t even understand President Trump when He says Our country is full. Hey Dummy,the President is saying our Country is Full of Non paying,usage of our Social Security system and many other abuses.ex Getting everything for Free.No such thing as Free.The illegals don’t understand that once they get ahead and find jobs etc.they will be Held Back for the next Caravan of Illegals still coming.What a System!

  14. Well, look at bright side all the citizens in South Bend will be more than Happy to pay more in taxes for all the Illegals health care, and Housing… Why just 30,000

  15. what an ass, let me explain to you sir “full” does not mean the US is “ful” it means it is “FULL” of “ILLEGALS” do you understand the meaning now MISS Pete.

  16. Any candidate that wants to abolish the Electoral College will not get my vote. Seriously do you want Cali and Ny to decide our President? Remember Bill Clinton won both times by the Electoral College not the popular vote. But now that we have Trump they want to abolish it. We would have mob rule!

  17. I live in the city he claims he fixed Butt it’s still Broken He had 1000 houses torn down but no new homes where built to replace them ! The lots are now turning into dumping sites & most will be over grown so its going cost the city to care for them ! Also most streets are filled with pot holes so bad I had 2 tires blown out broke a rim and shock & tie-rod this month ! Now he want’s to bring in 30,000 more people where they going to live ? Maybe he is just going bend-over and say cumin ya’ll ! He’s still talking out his Buttplug !

  18. What these people are glossing over is the definition of “illegal.” One would think our leading legislators would know the definition of that word first hand. If not, then they have no business legislating LAW. How can you make rules but not follow them? Laws on the books are to be enforced, not overlooked because of some fly by night emotional attachment mingled with corruptable intentions. These politicians feet could be held to the fire by reminding them of their oaths. Another thing, how are these people to be taken care of until they find work, and who will be held responsible for this enormous undertaking, and why should taxpayers bear that heavy burden?

  19. It’s all in the voting folks – this is what happens when you vote for idiots. It’s all about free citizens – who the hell would vote for such an ignorant person.???

    1. I doubt they care. They are yhe ones who voted for a homosexual pervert who defies the laws of God, and man. Problem is some didn’t vite for hom and yhe have to suffer by association l.

  20. Butt-Gag is Only there because of The Gay Parade of Asses in Politics.Its time to get back to Reality!Are these Gays going to Fight Foreign Countries to protect us?I doubt it.Most of these Gays couldn’t match up to their Hetero counterparts.So do I as a Citizen of The USA want Gays in Control?Hell No!Go back and try to figure out where You went Wrong.

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