Pence Sums Up US Stance On Venezuela In Just Two Words

The Trump administration has declared that it supports the National Assembly and the claim ofJuan Guaido as president over existing president, Nicolás Maduro in a mounting conflict in Venezuela. 

Maduro is seen as a dictator by the Trump administration and as such has led to the bitter strife enveloping the nation. It is largely believed that he has rigged elections and corrupted the system in order to remain in power. 

As a result the National Assembly, which is the only democratically elected body in Venezuela, declared itself the rightful government of the people and elected Guaido as the interim president. 

During an interview with Trish Regan on Fox Business, Vice President Mike Pence easily explained the decision to support Guaido and the National Assembly by commenting, “freedom works.”

“I think the takeaway for the American people is that freedom works. Free markets work. Look at this economy. Nearly 5 million new jobs created since Election Day in 2016. The president’s cut taxes. He’s rolled back regulations. He’s appointed conservatives to your courts. He’s made the right investments in our national security, and our national defense. And we see a business boom, capital investment. You cover it on this network every hour, every day.” Pence shared.

“Contrast that with Venezuela that was once the second most prosperous nation in our hemisphere, and facing dictatorship, and socialism, and oppression. Now, nine out of ten people in Venezuela live in poverty. Three million people have fled that nation to escape poverty and oppression,” he continued.

In closing Pence easily summed up what the USA stands for, “We want the people of Venezuela to know that if you choose freedom, we will stand with you.”

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  1. Vice President Pence has summed up so well the ignominy-the stubborn inhumanity–of Venezuela’s political anachronistic misogynist that no more is required to complete the picture of desperation and destruction of spirit of the people of that once-great and thriving country. Succeeding generations will write books describing Maduro’s incomprehensible imposition of reckless insistence on imposing socialistic failures on ordinary and innocent citizens.

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