Pelosi Vague About Impeaching/Indicting Trump

Before reclaiming her position as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi gave an interview where she gave little inclination as to whether or not Donald Trump would be impeached or possibly indicted. 

The interview took place on NBC “Today” where anchor Savannah Guthrie posted the question, “Many Democrats are talking about impeachment. You’ve said it would be sad and divisive for the country to pursue impeachment. Are you willing to rule it out?” 

The subdued response Pelosi gave was “we have to wait and see what happens with the Mueller report.” She claimed that “we shouldn’t be impeaching for a political reason, and we shouldn’t avoid impeachment for a political reason. So we’ll just have to see how it comes.”

Previously Pelosi has been more direct in stating that impeachment was “off the table.” Yet she has on multiple occasions professed that the decision to pursue or avoid impeachment should not be made for “political reasons.” 

Pelosi was equally vague about wether or not President Trump could be indicted while being a sitting president. 

“I think that that is an open discussion. I think that is an open discussion in terms of the law,” Pelosi offered before again defaulting to the outcome of the Mueller probe, “Let’s just see what Mueller does.”

  1. When is this crap going to stop. It is getting old
    They should worry about things that are more important than spending more money and time to impeach the president who has the balls to take on you low life pieces of crap

  2. Pelosi is evil to the core. Her only reason for NO $ FOR THE WALL is she doesn’t care who gets hurt by open borders. Her only interest is votes. She belongs on the same island with the other criminals like Hillary & Barak HUSSEIN..Efforts to impeach will fail.

  3. Don’t be fooled by a wolf in sheeps clothing..if pelose had the opportunity to impeach Trump the hatred within the liberal left democrats would all jump on board if they feel it could suceed and they could care less even if the economy tanked…..thats how strong and deep set their hatred runs…

    Liberals just go nuts when someone dares not to be politically correct..

    Go President Trump…MAGA

  4. Isn’t it obvious Trump is a liar, a malignant narcissist and a divider in chief? He’s not a fiscal conservative by any stretch of the imagination! And that 30 percent of Americans, his base, is dwindling repaidly. This guy is a Titanic and Mueller and Pelosi are icebergs! Time to abandon this ship. He didn’t make America great again; he made Russia great again!! Dump Trump! Lock him up!

  5. I would love to see the Congress, Senate and especially the Justice Department read and hopefully be able to understand the Constitution of the US which happens to be the law of the land.

  6. Mueller has a nothing burger this is just Pelosi attempt to speak the left wing of the Democratic party.

  7. Pelosi does not want to start a war that would wreck the democrats because she knows those poles showing more people supporting them and and not supporting the peoples wall are all made up and they don’t want louse in 2020

    1. Just because Pelosi and her House of Representative Minions scream impeachment does not mean President Trump will be impeached! First off there has to be an impeachable offense and, well, there just isn’t or Mueller and his minions,would have already shouted it from the rooftops! And, you can be impeached and not give up the Presidency, reference Bill Clinton!

    2. Nancy ur so out of touch, why don’t u go take a nap. The American people voted for Trump and u dems r pissed cuz he’s watching. You should also start praying U don’t go to jail u and the rest of this crummy leftists along with most of congress u bunch of bums

  8. There will be riots and Civil disobey throughout the states so God I hope they keep jacking with them and they’ll see what goes down I’m sure there’s multiple people that have my same feelings so let the Democrats step on their dicks and they’ll figure it out

  9. Watching top Democrats vie for the honor of bringing down the President has given me such disdain for what we have running the country. They are so overly-involved in destroying the President, that they have lost sight of their oath they took, and their true obligation to the people. God help us if we don’t demand short terms for these political pugilists. .

  10. Yeah but they need to consider all the diseases there goin to bring with them. But we don’t here about any of that. That’s like the o,we that are dieing. They Mostlikly already had whatever they died from when they got here. So stop blaming us for it.

  11. Pelosi is a very troubled person. It truly saddens me to hear that she and others would be against building the Wall for Our Country’s Security! Pelosi has NO business being Speaker of the House, none at all. All these Democrats have lied about Trump and they’ve stirred so much turmoil and chaos up, it gives America a bad name! I am truly an American Citizen, born and raised here. I am very proud of Our President Donald Trump! Everyone that I know and hear wants the Wall. We have even donated toward it. Pelosi and others needs to come to terms with their own personal vendetta and keep it out of the White House! Thats all that it is toward Trump and they know it. Its a Personal Vendetta!!! Democrats are destroying our Country and thats the bottom line. Obama did nothing in office but destroy. We need Term Limits people! Bottom line is: Democrats stop your bickering and whining and work with Our President Donald Trump! Pelosi, Clinton’s, Obama and especially Maxine Waters have committed Treason. They should go to prison for that.
    God Bless America and God Bless Our President Donald Trump!!!!!! 🙏 Trump 2020!!! M.A.G.A.

  12. Tell us Evil Pelosi what are you doing hirering a Deep State Attorney —is it to try and impeach Trump when ;your nazi mueller as failed in FINDING ANYTHING ON TYRUMP. Trump was voted and was elected by the people and if you try any of your under the table BS crap your going to be in a world of hurt for treason against a duly swarn in Pres. ———YOU REMEMBER THAT YOU SNAKE IN THE GRASS. People are going to be watching you real closely –count on it.!!!!!!

    1. This is so poorly written and spelled that I could hardly make out what you are trying to say! Please go back to school!

    2. dear Barbara you sound just like trump
      lying and / or have no clue. Trump was NOT voted in by the people.. he won electoral votes missed the people’s vote by several million…
      you are very reason this country is suffering
      no one reads or knows what the fuck they are saying and no one checks facts..

  13. Impeachment is the totally correct and deserved step for his “screw-ups & idiotic immoral acts” since taking the presidency and the only way that The United States of America can regain some respect from other countries and the majority of the people in our own country!!! He has been a very bad joke all along acting like a spoiled egomaniac and making nasty comments about people of varied nationalities and also women in general!!! Let’s put America back where the public at least listens to us seriously and acts of our presidency does not make them shocked and offended wondering why the people of our country do not do something about him!
    Come on America, remember what those stars and stripes stand for!!??

  14. You go for it and see where it ends. We the people will rise against you! The problem is that you are in so deep in the corruption that runs rampant in Washington!

  15. Pelosi needs to be dealt with, she is the evil no good one. Only ones that wanted her were evil to…she is no good and will do harm to us Americans. Leave President Trump alone you wicked no good piece of crap.

  16. Pelosi and the dems better think about taking the apples off the tree and taking a bite of them…..
    Remember what happened before ? Something to think about before you screw things up that will come back and take a bite of all of you …We deplorables voted for President Trump but “GOD” made it possible to put him in office…. Never try to put we DEPLORABLES or The President on the spot for anything ..The best thing to do is work together and get things done and keep us “THE STRONGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” Someone to be reconned with ….

  17. Both these comments were given by people who don’t know how to spell correctly. No wonder that they support Trump, another idiot who cannot spell but is a fabulous lier! He must be kicked out of presidency and put in jail for the rest of his stinking life!!

  18. IF she tries to impeach the president it will be civil war and I don’t mean politically. This will awaken the 2nd Amendment patriots.

  19. Why don’t you concentrate on what is good for the country and the American people. Leave Trump alone, let him do his job as President. Stop playing games, stop hating the President, you are dealing with all of our lives and wasting taxpayers money! Congress was elected to do a job, not play games!

  20. I think the all u people in the house senate and congress. and media are making a disgrace to this country and all other countries can see by continually to dog the president shame him and put him down u guys have dog him since he was elected he was voted in by the people not u guys everybody new about his past and how he was he was still voted in the congress house, senate and speaker have since day one have try everything in there power to have him put out shame on you don’t you have better things to work on for the country or the people that all you see on the news Iam sick of it you guys will do the same to the next president maybe some of you guys in voted out

  21. Trump is doing a good job!! He works hard to make America great! We must live on God/Jesus/Holy Spirit standards 24/7.
    We agree to put up walls!! We dont want drugs, crimes in our country! The problem w/ Mexico 97% are Catholics and it creates a problem.
    Forgive me, but Pelosi can go to hell! Democrats are evil! Hosea 4:6 says, For my people are destroyed becuse of lack of knowledge.”
    Trump is NOT TO BE IMPEACHED!!

  22. The DEMOCRAPS are far worst than the NAZI party. Sure the NAZIs KILLED OVER 15,000,000 PEOPLE. But now look at the DEMOKKKRATS they have killed over 61,000,000 BABIES So now you can see the demoKKKrats are the worst people in the world.

  23. How dis this evil lying thieving destroyer of California and the Amrican and California dream for so many legal Califotrnia citizens get another chence to F**K us deeper into the hole, and d to her 200, m0illion dollar bank account that for the most part was stolen from the hard working citizens in the form of taxes redistributed to all the socialost programs for all the bums, ‘boat’ people’, freeloaders and plain old parasites (her constituents) who never have worked and are thus ineligible for ANY public benefis and who think the government aka the taxpayers owe ’em a livin’? And to top it off and add insult to injuty, she and her liberal minions have turend her district, San Francisco into the ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA all while she lives the Champagne luxury lifestyle in a 5 million dollar mansion far aweay from the riff raff, dirt, stench, crime and demise she and her minions have foistd on us, unbelievable!

  24. Go get him Pelosi, we’re behind you all the way, He thinks it’s a game and he is right, so show Him how it’s played, He deserves to have His nose rubbed in “It”…


  26. I don’t like the idea that a sitting president can blackmail our Senate into providing all the money for a wall when so many other things need to be addressed.. Where’s the money from Mexico?
    Deanna Arbuckle, Sandy OR

  27. Dems are going to waste all their time and all the taxpayers money trying to get rid of a President that has done nothing but good things for America. Everytime she talks trash about the President she calls him Bush…Are you kidding me??? Good Grief…

  28. Every DemoCommunist in the New House of Representatives should Be impeached they swore an oath they are refusing to honor to protect, defend, or uphold so they are already in breach of Congress and show they do not have the Ethics to do what is right and moral. We have to act, they have chosen to not protect us, they have chosen not to Protect , defend, or uphold the Oath they swore. So Americans we must stop them before they gut the Constitution of the United States of America they have already coluded with Traitors to attempt a Coup against a duly elected President by helping pay for a False Dossier and using that false Document to obtain illegal warrents to wire tap a candidates Campaign Office last ones who did such a dirty deed all spent time in Prison which is exactly where these Buttholes belong.

  29. Pelosi, you be careful of all your conduct before cause Americans to full on you. You’re not going to like What I’m about to tell you. Your life is hanging by your own thread. I don’t think our God is going to like what you’re doing to America. Don’t push it,!

  30. This House of Representatives sworn in to day has already said they will not uphold their oath. They are to Protect, Defend, and Uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. IMPEACH EVERY DEMOCOMMUNIST they have no intention of Upholding the Constitution and are ethically bankrupt and immoral. We must stop them before they can gut the Constitution and Bill of Rights if they refuse to resign we must remove them forcibly and arrest their ring leaders on Treason charges.

  31. President Trump cannot be impeached unless he’s done something wrong. according to the Constitution, he must be guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” He can’t be impeached just because democrats and RINOs don’t like him.

    1. Truckman polls are spelt this way.
      Trump has been the worst president since
      Pierce but we have to wait for the evidence
      If there is then yes and if not no.
      Mike Pence is not qualified either.
      So stay the course til 2020.

    2. Pelosi knows that if they start impeaching him she going to have a war on her hands from the people that supports him.

  32. What in the hell would our President be impeached for!! He’s only trying to make our country safe!! If Obama wasn’t impeached no President should be!!

  33. Leave the President alone and let him do his job of protecting the American people. Let he or she that is without sin cast the first stone at this man. There be more for him then the eye reveals..

  34. the democrats know they will never win in 2020.Pelosi has such hatred for the president and will do anything to take him down.What goes around comes around.I have no respect for the democratic party.Trump is doing a great job.

  35. We weathered the storm for 8 years under obuma and his wife spending the people’s money on over the top vacation with family and guest
    Now we have someone who can do the right thing for America
    And you can’t stand it so you talk about impeaching him because he doesn’t play by your rules
    We voted on this matter 2 years ago. It’s a done deal
    Stop with all the roadblocks and help fix what you have broken.

  36. So many think impeachment means tried and/or convicted. It means accused. Nothing more. But it won’t happen because of what’s said above: the ‘tards don’t want to start a war!! Their BS polls don’t show enough support, even though we all know they’re BS! They can’t even lie convincingly, unless you’re one of them and stupid as dog shit! America won’t put up with it. And their personal walls and armed guards will side with America, once they realize their bosses (and paychecks!) are just so much dandelion fluff blowing in the wind!


  38. The dictatorship is on the go! Sorryassed useless people are still taking about our choice to get their asses to work, and the socalled Representatives are afraid that they will not get their kick backs from their cronies. They would have to work for the citizens, for a change, the dictatorship keep going!

  39. Which is why, politically, this country is sadly, needlessly, ridiculously, stupidly divided and heaven only knows when and if the great divide will ever get together, mended and healed.
    What the freaking hell is this talk from some hateful arrogant liberals about impeachment of President Trump?
    Just what kind of disinformation about him, his family, his administration, his policies do you find or perceive to be so undesirable, so divisive and so detrimental to the welfare of the American people and the safeguard of the national security of the United States anyway?
    High treason?
    Trust me, I was not born yesterday and I am older than a great number of you. Liberal democrats are. So, for your sake you had better not be running to the judge telling him or her that you f…… know more!
    If you insist that it is indeed for high treason, see ya in the USSC!
    For you are one administration and one ( maybe two ) POTUS late.
    You research on the following:
    To Wit:
    1) “Fast and Furious'” sting operation set up by the Eric Holder-led DOJ-ATF agency and the murder of border agent, Officer Brian Terry;
    2) The Benghazi murders of the four American patriots- Sean
    Smith, Glenn Doherty. Tyrone Woods and the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens on September 11, 2012
    barely two months before the presidential election that year:
    3) the outrageous, abominable, irresponsible, uncalled for release of the four hard-core Al Qaeda operatives ifrom Guantanamo in exchange for a US army purported deserter;
    4) what idiotic rationale could there have been that prompted BHO to authorize the seemingly emergent airlift in the dead of night of a reported $400 MILLION CASH taxpayer money to the waiting arms of the radical Mullahs and IRG’s
    (Iranian Revolutionary Guards) and if any correlation with the release of Four Amreicans held captive in Iranian prisons and if any timing considerations in regard to a gentle persuasion by the John Kelly team upon the chief Iranian negotiator, Zarif to affix his signature on the very stupidly conceived and transacted so- called. Iran Nuclear Deal;
    5) The so-called. Uranium One Deal transacted once again during the 8 agonizing worthless incompetent Obama years
    which apparently deeded a reported 20 percent ownership of the US manufactured URANIUM stockpile to Kremlin oligarchs supposedly required nine ( 9 ) signatories including the DEPT OF STATE when HRC was secretary and the FBI when Robert Mueller was director.
    Why is the American viewing public not privy to such document?
    6) Why was there hardly any mention of much less inclusion
    of and subsequent release from captivity of Mr. Robert Levinson, a former FBI operative who has been held captive in Iran someplace much much longer than any of the four who got released ?
    Care to explain that to the family of Mr. Robert Levinson who have had to endure family special anniversaries including yet another Christmas and this past New Year without their beloved Robert?
    It makes one wonder how BHO and then Secretary of State John Kelly really sleep so peacefully everytime at night unencumbered I’m sure with any guilty conscience.
    Those liberal democrats from the newly convened 116th Congress who will engage in worthless fault-finding fake news about President Trump ought to exercise the bounds of prudence and be a lot more circumspect and introspective since Citizen Donald J Trump was not even a declared Candidate Donald J Trump when much if not all of the above
    fairly recent events took place and
    why your ruminations about impeachment for high treason or otherwise by this incumbent Prez is as inopportune as the arrogant stupidity and sheer folly of your arguments and the very disagreeable putrid venom spewing out of your filthy
    diarrheal mouths.
    Enough said.
    See you before the Chief justice and the associate justices of the USSC. Assuming your arrogant beliefs do not get quashed and discarded as malodorous garbage by the US

    By the way, any conclusion drawn by the Mueller Probe is worthless, meaningless, wasteful use of taxpayer money since it is so- highly partisan, very biased and never dealt to any substantial degree about the Clinton presidential campaign, the Clinton Foundation and how it generated do- called contributions and donations from foreign governments includng and especially the Kremlin leadership. the damning Uranium One Deal. The so-called Steele Dossier apparently paid for by the Clinton campaign operatives, etc. etc, etc.

  40. Why are we still calling Pelosi a Democrat? Pelosi, Schumer, Cortez their all socialist. They are all lunatics. Their goal is to have the government run everything so they can have power. People need to wake up and find out what socialism really is. It’s not just free, free, free. Just look at what happened in Venezuela. Pelosi will spend the next 2 years accomplishing nothing. Except trying to impeach Trump and bring as many illegal voters into the country and on the voter rolls.

  41. Speaker Pelosi
    You have repeatedly declared assertively that a physical barrier wall along the southern border with Mexico is useless and wasteful despite President Trump’s diligent, persistent and widely-held belief that it is for added security not only to the American people but also safeguard of the national security of the United States.
    Questions to you:
    1) Do you Madam live in a gated community in your district in California?
    If so, why would you have your place of residence safely secured and well barricaded? From what?
    The same query could be asked of your fellow California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.Does she even reside in the same congressional district she supposedly represents?
    2) Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that there are now 25 million illegals now the the USA. how did that happen? When did they come? From where?
    Do you think those working as border security would know?
    Have you talked to them lately and do you believe what they say? If an IMPOSING physical barrier wall had been in existence the past 20-25 years, do you think we would be contending with all those estimated 20-25 million illegals?
    I submit to you that had a physical barrier wall existed way back in the early 1980’s, border security agents now would
    probably most likely have a more manageable situation and less interaction with mob-like throngs of migrants and more time manning those sophisticated electronic surveillance gadgetry along the perimeter of the entire wall.
    3) Do you think the imposing physical barrier wall set up by the IDF ( ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES ) along the West Bank
    along their border with Jordan and along the Gaza Strip with Egypt and the Palestinian Authority has helped the Israelis?
    Have you consulted recently with the command and control of the IDF or for that matter with Benjamin Netanyahu, the
    4) During the be Obama administration there was that bailout federal funds referred to as ” Omnibus Bill” for major corporations deemed too big to fail to the tune of $700-800 billion taxpayer money. Time and space is not quite enough here to enumerate a list of other multillion or billion $ taxpayer money expenditures by the Obama administration.
    Yet, when it concerns the welfare of the American people and and safeguard of the national security of the United States you are not willing to give one penny to further the cause for President’s Trump’s clamor for increased security of the American people and the national security of the USA which he is sworn to do and to fulfill as constitutional mandates.
    You yourself earlier yesterday, January 3rd, 2019 swore before Vice President Mike Pence to depend the Constitution of the United States yet you vehemently oppose the idea and the creation of an imposing physical barrier wall along the southern border with Mexico.
    As far as you, Democrats are concerned, there are at least two overriding political considerations, isn’t it?
    a) You will never want to see President Trump have any success with his policies including his constitutionally-
    mandated obligations as POTUS such as stricter implementation of border security and the already existing immigration laws.
    b) To you, you want an unimpeded number of illegal migrants crossing preferrably a borderless southern perimeter to insure a steady population of your southerrn plantation which you can subjugate and exploit with free cell phones, easily obtainable driver:s licenses and fraudulent voter’s ID’s and EBT Cards for grocery purchases and perhaps even fraudulent Heath insurance coverages and which you then
    coerce , cajole, bribe and intimidate to vote en masse zombie-like for your Democrat Party candidates come election time. That has been your modus operandi for years.
    Do not insult the collective wisdom and intelligence of millions of fellow citizens out there who support President Trump.
    I also play classical chess, do you mind?

  42. Prlodi should go she is 2 old to realy know what is gone on.
    She has has all the money , wall , We are using so much money on you folks, just
    let him do his job, and if is is not good then change things, but have have not done
    a thing for the last 8 years, about the boarder so lets give him time to try,
    It is all the democrats fault we are in the trouble.

    Alice Hncock

  43. Pelosi just showed her ignorance!! Women are far in and mostly buried in all the government actions!! They
    do not have the experience to operate our government successfully!!

  44. There is no justification for impeachment, do these people have any clue? Why are Pelosi and Schumer still holding their positions? They should be held on treason charges after all the remarks made about President Trump. We need to show support for our President, how about a rally?

  45. Democraps are pure evil.. Pelosi cannot even remember what she is saying, repeating herself numerous times during a speech… If, the Democraps decide to try and impeach our President a civil war will break out in the states… So, be very very careful of where you “step” Nancy… Could be trouble for you and that lovely party of yours…

  46. Many attempts have been made, and will continue to be made, but what I have seen is that whatever trap is set against Trump, the Democrats have fallen in themselves. Despite their temporary win in the House, the last word has NOT been spoken.
    If it comes down to it, and they believe Trump should be dealt with for wrongs that have NOT been done by him, then, in all fairness, all the proof already shown of the WRONGS THE DEMS HAVE DONE, then we need to see justice served and the DEMS also dealt with!!
    If that doesn’t happen, then Trump should be left alone and let the people speak loud and clear at the polls. Evil only prevails for a season, then watch out because God knows how to trap the real wrongdoers and those who are on the wrong side of situations. God truly bless America and President Trump!!!

  47. President Trump will not be impeached for it will fail just count the votes!! Speaker Nancy Pelosi will probably get it passed in the House but it will fail completely in the Senate!! The criminal Democrat Senators only number 46 and you need 67 votes for impeachment of President Trump, which means they need 21 Republican Senators to vote for impeachment and that is not going to happen!! Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a BIG FAT LIE to their radical voter that they were going to impeach him, knowing it was going to fail in the end and they knew it and is a total waste of our taxpayers money including Prosecutor Mueller and his investigations, with hundreds of millions of our tax dollars involved!! This will destroy the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership for those angry radical voters will attack them for their BIG FAT LIES!!!!…

  48. you commented the evil side of Pelosi, I have seen nothing but an evil come from this woman…she is pure hatred!

  49. Pelosi is an evil woman and ought to be impeached herself for not supporting the President while Speaker of the House. I recall when Tip O’Neil was Speaker. He strongly supported the President. Things go a lot more smoothly and more gets accomplished when this support is in place. They want to bring Trump down because he knows where their “skeleton’s are hidden.”

  50. Time and again, under the current, and sometimes, past, leadership, Democrats have PROVEN they do not give a hoot about whether their activities are legal or ethical.
    In my opinion, the scariest 2 years in my lifetime – 2009-2011 – they compiled a mountain of evidence as to why they should never have been allowed to hold public office, and their ‘leadership’ has not veered off that path while they were in the minority. Remember, it only took one election to seal the doom of a Republic back in the 1930’s and a person who was NOT elected by the ‘people’ was soon the absolute dictator – apparently ‘legally’.
    I can not for the life of me believe that LEGAL voters could have been so foolish as to hand the House over th Ms. Pelosi and that even worse bunch of people to make laws for governance of FREEDOM loving people after all the lies during the 111th Congress,
    The Constitutional Weimar Republic. lasted only three years (mainly in name) and during the period 1931-1933, the “Congress’ passed several laws that led to a former Army corporal becoming Dictator. From Republic to Dictatorship in only 3 years.

  51. Democrats are really scared and have to be hiding something that they are so afraid of PRESIDENT TRUMP
    Try impeaching him it WILL START A REVOLUTION

  52. Hey, Pelosi. Seen the jobs numbers? Counted the number of Blacks out of work? Might be fewer than those you staged to be seen with you at your “inauguration” as queen witch. Impeachment? I have to change my underware; I pissed myself!

  53. As it is N PoleCatLousey never has done a dam thing for this Conustitionaly Free Republic, Unless you call ZERO S/W border protection that has totally allowed not just the real truth of 415,985,000 illegals into AMERICA that have Muled in 78% of all the class 1 street drugs into AMERICA over the last 30 years, that has allowed the drug Cartels to make junkies out of AMERICA’s youth, tell me you have no grandchildren or children who are not DRUG ADDICTS because not 1 family in AMERICA does not ( hell N P’s own son she never talks of is one) . Given all forms of WELFARE to them when Federal Law totally disallows that & from that 1 act she can be IMPEACHED her self. This open door act too has undermined the value of AMERICAN workers to the slimy joke they call ”Minimum Wage” that affords you a lifestyle that is no better than an 1850’s Tobacco, Suger Cane ( for rum no less ) or Cotton Plantation SLAVE. She has way helped 2 president’s under fund the U S Military to revert the funds to help the very countries we are facing now that they then turned to Russia to buy Military Arms and up their Abortion availably. Then too she has way helped up the welfare numbers back to the 48.775% when Bush, Bush, & R R punched them down. Then there is health care what is in truth yet again welfare formally Medicare & Medicaid all they did is make you pay way way more for WELFARE MEDICAL CARE. Now you’re paying not just for your family of say 4 but too the junky Welfare mother & her 6 Bastard children Father Unknown or Whereabouts Unknown most probably in Prison. Then too here is NP telling you we have to see what is in the report to know what to do for did she not say the same thing in Health Care ”We have to pass it to see what is in it”


  54. We’ve spent more rebuilding other countries and protecting them than the wall will cost!!. Why did we ever get a representative majority of idiots?????? Poll crashing and illegal voting I am sure. Glad Senate survived as republican. Pelosi can introduce whatever but without Senate or president consent,,,,,just showsher butt.
    Mitt Romney shouuld be shunned by all republicans. Goodthing voter saw his true Demoratic ideas.

  55. You know what ,most Dems forget who put our President in office. Well it was God along with the American people. Pelosi and Schumer and others are just mad because crooked Hillary didn’t get the nomination, so therefore they will do anything it takes not to work with our President. When obama was in office the Republicans work with dems to pass things through the House and Senate. So Pelosi and Schumer bite your tongue and work for the American Citizens and get the wall built and stay strong on the laws obama passed about immigration and what our President is wanting to do. Promises made to the American Citizens.


  57. Democrat jealousy is not a good reason to keep persecuting our president, They put the biggest crook ever in office(obama) and want to get rid of a president that actually does his job. I’m ashamed to say I was EVER a DEMOCRAT!!

  58. Peoples wall??????? I for one am against it.He seems bent on spending money we don’t have.on a wall that won’t work.they’ll just tunnel under it.Also,ir sends a bad message to our friends the Mexicans.We need to be working to improve our relationship with them. The only ones I see the president befriending are the dictators of Russia and North Korea.President Trump,to say the very least is the worst president i my lifetime if not in the r history of the United States..BJ

  59. It would seem that someone with vast sums available for pursuing and paying for evil just because they are poor losers and did not accept the decision of the people that Trump should be out president at the last election. The name of a person like that is not important, but the evil paths he trods and pays others to trod is very deadly. May God have mercy on his soul. And may God bless president Trump and our nation.

  60. You are the one Pelosi that needs to be put out of office. When you point your finger at someone you have 3 pointing back at you. You democrats are upset because we have a Christian President and is doing a better job running the country than the last one. According to the BIBLE you better be careful what you do to God’s appointed, because it will fall back on you. Psalms 105:15, 1 chronicles 16:22

  61. Why do you want to build the wall? Is it because you have an option to buy the three largest boat manufacturing companies in Mexico. By far most illegals do not come as illegals, they come here on visas and then just stay. If you want to cut crime, deport all American citizens since percentage wise they commit most violent crimes. The wall will do nothing except putting more money in Trump’s pocket from the kickbacks he will receive from contractors.

  62. Any impeachment process in the US House of Reps and potential Trial in the US Senate will take at least one, perhaps two years. President Donald Trumps current term will be up for re-election, or not, November 2020. I hope Mr. Trump is simply voted out of office at that time. Impeaching and Convicting him within the two National; Legislative Branches of our Government and forcing him from office means Vice President Mike Pence becomes president of the United States for the remainder of President Trumps term. That’s not an acceptable option to me! There’s an old wise tale about foolish people. Who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows the fool? Mike Pence, who I believe is a moral person, foolishly ignored and CONTINUES to ignore his moral conscious and followed Donald Trump, who’s completely immoral, into the #2 position in the White House. I say vote them both out of office November 2020!

  63. You Democrats ought to go back to work and get THE WALL up & try to save some lives. You ALL HAVE walls our fences to protect you and your families.

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