Pelosi Called “Brilliant” For Quitting!

As if the left wasn’t already completely out of their minds, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski joined Pelosi by back pedaling on Impeachment talks.

The left, who now know that they have no chance of stopping the president, are congratulating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for giving up attempts to impeach Trump.

Brzezinski stated the decision by a “female in power” to say Trump is “not worth it” was “brilliant.”

“I love this from the point of view of a female in power, of a woman leader,” gushed Brzezinski. “I think this move was strategically significant because sometimes you have to dial back in order to be able to move forward. You don’t want to just push it forward all out front. And this is pulling back in such a brilliant way, ‘he’s not worth it.’”

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  1. Not sure gender has anything to do with governing this country and comnents associating gender is biased and insolent. Bias, racism and bigotry cuts both ways and not something to relish pride in.

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