Oregon Just Made This Mandatory For Most Indoor Venues

The state of Oregon has made vaccine passports a requirement across the state.

Businesses, workplaces and places of worship all have to ensure people have had their vaccine before allowing them entry unmasked.

This violates the liberties of everyone living in Oregon, and is typical behavior from a deep-blue state.

This statewide mandate, one of the first of its kind in the country, is meant to prevent customers from simply claiming they have been vaccinated without actually having received the jab.

Some states and businesses have adopted an honor system which has been criticized by many media pundits, but other states like Oregon – and now some counties in California – appear to be getting stricter. Business groups in Oregon expressed concerns that a mandate to check the vaccination status of individuals could become a difficult and maybe even a dangerous task.

The Oregon Health Authority said its new guidance on Tuesday is effective immediately, and businesses would be required to continue to enforce mask requirements unless they confirm proof of vaccination before individuals can enter the building without a mask.

Daily Veracity

So it’s no longer a personal choice, according to the state government.

It’s now the state’s choice.

If you want to live a normal life, you need to get jabbed.

If you don’t have the jab, you need to wear a mask.

These policies have the potential to spread and affect many more Americans.

Mask mandates, capacity rules, and lockdown orders are regulations that are typically enforced by the state governments, but vaccine passports are almost solely going to be left up to the private business to enforce. Many worry that passport mandates – like those implemented in Oregon – will eventually expand to other states across the country, and customers will soon have to show a scannable QR code on their phone to shop at stores like Walmart or Sams Club.

Daily Veracity

Imagine having to scan a code to get your shopping…

That’s not how life should be in America, or anywhere else in the world.

Everyday life should not become a total control scheme operated through ‘vaccine passports’.

Each American is a sovereign citizen with God-given rights, not government-given rights.

That’s always worth remembering in times like these.

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