Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Finally Speaks

Here’s what he had to say…

The video of Jacob Blake which has gone super viral showing an officer shooting Blake in the back 7 times after he refused to comply to orders has drawn outrage and frustration from both sides.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, the police officer who shot Blake has released a statement. Officer Rusten Sheskey stated, “During the investigation following the initial incident, Mr. Blake admitted he had a knife in his possession. DCI agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Mr. Blake’s vehicle. A search of the vehicle located no additional weapons.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: CBS News

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  1. Do you, Gerald, expect a cop to lose his life over some scumbag like that. He admitted he had a knife, and then went to reach for something on the drivers side of the car. And surprise, surprise they found his knife. I for one am very glad this police officer is still alive. His life will be hell because he was doing his job. Very sad.

  2. The only problem I see with this incident is that, why did the officer have to pull the trigger 7 times from about 18 inches away? Even without my glasses I could have put some major hurt on the guy with one round.

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