Ocasio-Cortez Puts On CIRCUS ACT at Hearing

She is literally making a mockery of our government…

AOC literally has no clue how anything works.

Need more proof? Okay, but you asked for it…

From The Hill:

The freshman lawmaker, who sits on the Oversight panel, stood at the witness table Thursday and raised her hand to be sworn in for a hearing focused on conditions for migrants families at the United States’s southern border.

In response to a tweet from MSNBC host and liberal commentator Mika Brzezinski questioning why the lawmaker was sworn in — a step taken for witnesses but not usually for members of Congress — Ocasio-Cortez maintained she was asked to make the move.


What do you feel about all of AOC’s dramatics?

  1. She is a certified psycho and any Democrat that thinks what she does is okay—then it is obvious that they drank too much of the Kool Aid.

    1. No ! AOC is ALL BLOW and NO SHOW. .. ALONG with SISTERS TLAIB and OMAR.. They all think the WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OWES them everything they want . But that ain’t gonna happen in this Country..They
      ALL need to go back where ever they come from and under what ROCK they were found under..

      1. In the first place every member of congress is under oath from the time they take office until they leave office if she wasn’t so stupid she would know that and so would that brain dead Cummings!

  2. aoc is possible the STUPISTEST person in this country….Her circus act really isn’t very good…fake crying, down right lying…Probably the worst thing is she can’t get it through her head NO ONE in America wants her for ANYTHING……only a few socialist IDIOTS…. Hey aoc get a clue…LOL you are America’s biggest joke…

    1. Well, if AOC doesn’t get her way she’ll “cry” for the cameras, and no one wants to see THAT. Better let her have her way and keep the borders open and then, as the illegals come in(potentially by the uncounted millions), better put them up in PROPER accomodations that meet AOC’S standards, otherwise she’ll “cry”. And by the way, she’s THE BOSS now. She even said so herself. You leftist Dems better get in line and get with the program. The Left does NOT tolerate dissent. If you don’t do what AOC wants, she might come and “git” you. Scary stuff !!

  3. Just get her for treason against Americans and have her shot for treason, along with a few others I might add.

  4. The people who voted for her are the people who should be held in ill regard. What a bunch of idiots they are!! Unfortunately most of our city congressional districts are filled with the uneducated, uninformed, unwashed, unAmerican, undocumented, and drugged-up socialist/welfare underbelly of the United States.

  5. Well better do what AOC wants or she’ll “cry” for the cameras, and nobody wants to see THAT. Better keep the borders open and let ALL the undocumented migrants come in(how many uncounted miilions??). And then, put them up in PROPER accommodations, according to AOC’S standards, or she might “cry” again, and we don’t want THAT. And by the way, all you leftist Dems, AOC is THE BOSS now. She even said so herself. So, you better get in line and get with the program. The LEFT does NOT tolerate dissent. If you don’t do what AOC wants, she might just come and “git” you. Scary stuff !!

  6. She still lies even under oath.. Don’t know if she actually believes all the BS she spews or what. She is a sick person.. Mental problems. She seems to think she knows everything about everything. This girl and I emphasize girl needs some serious mental health help.

  7. The Democrats are really wearing me out. So much nonsense, hatred and drama 23/7, but nothing new. I am just going to tine them out untill they are gone. By the way, listen to them all talking about coming together as a nation or as a community. This is pure collectivism. It is when a group becomes more important than the individual. When this happens, the individual is forced to sacrifice for the mythical greater good. But there is no greater good than freedom, and freddom is not a collective trait. It is an individual trait.

    Ou country was Founded upon and grew to greatness through rugged individualism. Never forget that. The socialists and Communists would like you to foget about that.

  8. LORD. this chick clearly shows she does not have a clue how things are run. Get her OUT of office. Never to return.

  9. This quartet of Scum ( AOC, Omar, Talib and Pressley ) are out of control and an embarassment to this great country. Some thing has got to be done about this. Pelosi is in control of these swamp dwelers and better do something soon before the publick has had enough and take matters into their own hands. Wake Up Pelosi !

  10. AOC always goes off half cocked, she makes up crap and then tries to push it through as truth! She is one mixed up fool, along with all the other radical left wing fools trying to push their crap through our hearings, messed up and made up, they are dumber than a box of rocks!

  11. Been saying for some time now that AOC and her fellow liberal lunatics are the BEST thing to ever happen to the Republican party. They are literally DRIVING more voters to the Republican side than we could ever recruit on our own.

  12. Her continual outright lies, embellishments to small truths show she simply has NO moral compass. She should be removed from any committees she serves on. The media should stop treating her like a star since it only encourages her to go to further and further extremes of hyperbola. Sick and tired of having her and her ‘squad’ shoved in my face all the time. None of them have any idea how to behave as simple adults much less as member of Congress. There excesses are disgusting in the extreme.

    90% Of the time she acts just like a TWO YEAR OLD STILL IN DIAPERS..

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