Ocasio-Cortez Just Proved She Knows NOTHING about World War II

Did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just compare climate change to World War II? It turns out, yes. Yes, she did.

N.Y. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was speaking to the crowd when her Civil Rights speech took a turn for the worst, picking up speed as it went.

“I think that the part of it that is generational is that millennials, and Gen-Z, and all these folks that come after us, are looking up and we’re like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change, and your biggest issue is, your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?” AOC said.

On its own, the unfounded prediction is easy to dismiss. But AOC really took it too far when she tried to imply this struggle was on par with what Americans fought for in World War II.

“And like,” she continued, “this is the war, this is our World War II. And I think for younger people, we’re looking at this and we’re like ‘how how are we saying, let’s take it easy when 3,000 people died last year?'”

If the valley-girl like delivery wasn’t insulting enough, the air-headed comparison certainly is.

    1. Oh my gosh! I don’t think anyone in Politics is as stupid as she is! Almost everytime she makes a remark about anything, it’s so outlandishly ridiculous!

    1. they come from our failed “education” system. AND will AOC be donating 70% of her salary to the government just bcz it’s the right thing to do? Let’s call her out on it.

  1. This clown acts as if stupidity was a virtue. If her IQ was one point lower you would have to water her to sustain life.

  2. She knows nothing , period!!! She is a shining example of a dumb American Democrat(however, she may be their brightest star).They don’t have a lot to pick from).

    1. There are no history courses in schools now days. Why you think graduates know nothing about history? History is considered racist.

  3. This lady is a far left nut job. Amazing that people were so desperate they voted this nut in office If you live in NY or CA no chance of getting elected even as a dog catcher if you don’t offer everything for free and blame Trump for all your troubles. Sad country we live in when garbage like this is elected.

  4. SHe says 12 years, just like Al Gore told us 20 years ago. NYC was going to be under 8 feet of water by 2012. Polar ice caps no more- melted, no polar bears, no whales, paperless society et al. None of that hapened.
    They ca’;t tell us if it will rain tomorrow, and fools loke Occasionally-Cprtez think they can tell us 12 years, even a cntrury into the future.
    As an aside – what if I said “The world will end in 15 minutes”. No time to work on climate change. You better just save your own soul, cause you can’t take family, money, anything with you in 15 minutes.
    Then, after 16 minutes and we are still here, my reesponse ifs ” Well, maybe tomorrow…

  5. How in the world did this aptly named “airhead” get elected into our government? The democrats have declared her our future? God help us!!!

  6. How can someone so simple of mind get elected and a bigger question, how can she garner so much importance within the DNC after just a few weeks? Did ya’ll hear, she now says she can’t open an office in her district because of the shut down? Congressional funds aren’t tied to any of that that is unfunded now.

    1. Have you ever heard of Hank Johnson? He was the congressman who questioned weather the island of Okinawa would capsize if five thousand marines and their families were to embark on the island. With the majority of our populace being educated in our government schools is why people like cortez are being elected. Hmmm

    2. They’ve gone crazy but also our young people are
      being indoctrinated in our university’s. Obama must be something else he’s talked some of our greatest agencies to go rogue. To disregard our constitution !

  7. AOC is a major bimbo who shows her ignorance on a daily basis. If she went to school they did not teach American History or Civics because her lack of knowledge about how America started and grew into a super power is deplorable and she certainly knows nothing about government. How in the heck did she ever get elected?????? This is what happens when millennials get into Congress. God help America!

    1. Are you assuming that she really graduated from high school? If she did, she probably had a long string of 65% grades circled in red (we all know what that means).

  8. I am starting to wonder who is behind the scenes running her efforts to disrupt this country. I cannot imagine that she was able to figure out how to run a campaign or even how to file for office. Does anyone know who is backing her? Oh, and does she even realize how many millions of people died during WWII? Every life is precious but to compare 3000 lives (wherever she got that number from) to the lives lost in WWII is very sad indeed.

  9. I have too much faith in our young adults for them to believe this politically under educated person to follow her. Pathetic! Can’t fix stupid!

  10. Are you assuming that she graduated from high school? If she did, she probably had a very long string of 65% grades, circled in red (you know what that means).

  11. She’s far from a valley- girl thats in California, but isn’t she socialist also? how can a 29 year year old be so out of touch AND want every one to pay here way/ she’s going to screw herself

  12. Read the things this woman says. She absolutely knows little to nothing about what she is talking about. I agree with a couple of others. How in Gods name did she get elected!! She is so ignorant about what makes our world go around. Only in New York or California would they elect such a fool. Oh maybe in Maryland too she woul probably get elected!!!

  13. How in the world did she get into politics? She has no idea what she is talking about. I think she and all the others should go out on the White House lawn and fight it out–then go and take a long look in the mirror–

  14. Just when we accept the fact that AO-C is as dumb as a box of rocks, she proves that she is dumber than that. The Dems must be so proud of their poster girl.

  15. This radical is not wanted with Democrates or Republicans. She might as well start her own party and be kicked out of Democrats Party if any hope is due for either one or anyone. She thinks highly of herself because she has the title of “Little Darling” Anyone can see there is nothing darling about her. Wondering how Democrates dont realize Ocasio is only using a Democrate roof to hide herself from fires of storms. She has an extremely disturbing mousey voice and a huge ‘eye sore’ mouth that seems to never close. She acts more like a baby and doesnt belong in Congress…if how ever she does, than, my 6 year old grandson probably would be a more mature person to take her place.

  16. Just proved? JUST PROVED???!! Puleeseeee! SHe won a primary with 6% of the registered voters voting for her, a campaign run by a Marxist Socialist making ‘free stuff’ promises to the dregs in her district…. proving what can happen if a vote is held and (almost) nobody shows up to vote.

  17. Root cause of current dilemma runs deep and didn’t start in the last ten minutes, make no mistake. Part of the problem has been (still is) the secretive actions to break down America as we knew it.
    Education is critical to understanding. Doesn’t matter if self-educated or learning from others. Humans are born with a functional brain by the grace of God, but some choose to flip the switch to “idle mode” or complete shutdown, then forget about the “reboot” button. Left wing infiltration into our education industry further eroded the ability to maintain cutting edge education of our young, curtailing the abilities of our youth thru adulthood. Just look at the childhood antics of alleged adults in positions of so-called leadership roles.
    Nothing more than talking heads, spouting theoretical crises that are often completely fictional. At best, absolute zero credible evidence to support their claims. Pretty sure they never played “Connect the Dots” as a child. Probably too busy texting or surfing the web rather than studying “cause and effect” situations.
    The trend has resulted in many appearing to be pathological liars, whether intentional or not. Interestingly, the DNC seems to have become a major haven for those who don’t recognize truth or refuse to accept it.
    Frankly, I’m shocked that no one has called out the DNC as a subversive organization yet, given their actions and publicly stated positions over at least the last two years. I The DNC, thru it’s various associates, publicly announced that it would work to disrupt normal government functions by blatantly refusing to cooperate with or support anything the POTUS attempts to accomplishm During the current term..
    This is a clear indication of disregard for the wishes of the general public, since they made their wishes known by electing the current president. This organization is in direct conflict with itself because it’s colkective actions are anything but “democratic”. It functions more so in a “my way, or the highway” manner. Sadly, there appears a smaller number of RINO’s as well, aka “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, who add to the problem.
    Those in government who seem to lack the will and/or ability to work for the good of the country and the citizens who put them where they are, should seriously consider fulfilling their obligation of service or forego the six figure salaries paid to them from taxpayer dollars.
    If they refuse to perform their duties in good faith, then do the honorable thing, resign the position, and seek another way to earn a living. I’m confident that other competent individuals exist who would be content to perform the necessary functions and accept the specified compensation. If you’re not working to fix the problem, there’s a good chance YOU are PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  18. AOC just disgraced herself with every WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam vet, that included several million US of As fighting men and women. This drugged induced bug eyed and motor mouth brainless twit can only serve the socialist within her domain.

  19. She should shack up with o’rourke u could call it the union of BIMBO & B2. Maybe I should reconsider that, no doubt their offspring would have 2 b supported by the taxpayers.

  20. can the the 25th amendment be applied to congress the only thing threatening her are guys with butterfly nets

  21. What else can be expected from a dumb, ugly, communist, bar tending broad from Na’yak’? She does however match intelligence level with Nancy, Diane, Urinary Waters and the rest battleaxe battalion .

  22. I was taught at a very early age,” It is better to say nothing and have people think you are stupid, than to open your mouth and remove the doubt.”

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