Ocasio-Cortez Issues Blatant THREAT To ALL Republicans

Hopefully she is ready for what comes next after what she did…

The far-left “Squad” leaders – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley – attended in Wednesday night’s NAACP conference and proclaimed Republican Party leaders “scared” of them “because they know how powerful” they are.

Ocasio-Cortez spoke of her background as a waitress and told moderator Angela Rye she does not “shy away” from her restaurant work history because it prepared her for her present position as a congresswoman.

“Nothing will give you the ferocity of advocacy like having that kind of experience,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“No one can tell me about things like sexual harassment. No one can tell me things like working for tips on a wage that is less than the minimum wage. No one can tell me about taking the subway at 3 o’clock in the morning home from a night shift,” she said, claiming that “no one else has those experiences on the other side of the aisle.”

“Very few people have those experiences, and by the way, when they do, like John Boehner, they’re lauded for it. They’re like, ‘That’s a guy I could have a beer with,’ but with me, it’s like, so–” she continued with a gesture.

The freshman lawmaker added that the Republican Party is “scared” of the “Squad.”

“It’s because they’re scared because sometimes I think that the Republican Party recognizes our power more than we do sometimes,” she said.

“Tweet that,” Rye interrupted.

“Because there is a reason we are on Fox News 24/7 while every pundit – while they’re sending mailers with our face on it – because they know how powerful we are more than sometimes our own – frankly I think – our own party does,” she added.

Rye mentioned that Republican Dan Bishop, who defeated Democrat Dan McCready in the Ninth Congressional District of North Carolina on Tuesday night, gave the “Squad” a “shoutout” in his victory speech by noting that his victory was a rejection of the “radical liberal policies” pushed by the “Squad” members.

“Is that why he won by a smaller percentage than Trump did in his district?” Ocasio-Cortez mused.

Bishop secured a win with 50.7 percent to McCready’s 48.7 percent.

    1. May I ask where in the world did she get her education. It sounds like from the gutter of New York. She should of never been voted in for anything. Even a dog catcher would be to much for her. Vote all five of them out.

      1. She graduated from Boston University and currently owes $76,000 in student loans. One area of her studies was economics and I think she has proven she didn’t pay attention in class and judging from her proposals on the cost of them appears she could not pass fifth grade math. In truth, she is not very intelligent. There are several looking to challenge her in her district and since her popularity there has gone way down, she will likely be a one term congresswoman.

        1. “Where in the world did she get her education?” was the question, not where did she go to school. She was educated by a bunch of Muslims in a foreign country who hate the US.

      2. I never thought an idiot like AOC could be a street sweeper or a bartender, they must have been really hard up. I can see how the rest of the squat squad are teaming up. One wonders which one has the lowest IQ. Myself, I think its a dead heat for 2

    1. Come next November she will be going back to bartending if anyone will have the narrcistic disrespectful retarded little twit.

  1. If It Wasn’t For The Establish Dummycrats Protecting Them From Being Punish For Their Hateful Speech They Would have Been Expel From The House We The3 People Need To Demand That Members Of Congress Be Held Accountable And To A Higher standards Than We Hold Members Of Our Arm Forces To

  2. This, off her rocker, little bar tender, should go back to what she used to do, at least she worked there. What does she do in Congress? NOTHING. Little miss bug eyes, Please don’t tell the Republicans anything. We know a hell of a lot more than you do. TWIT

    1. I think she will find out just how powerful she really is with 9% approval ratings in her district. What has she done???

  3. More laughs…Keep em coming crazy eyes………I really do feel bad about how stupid you really are…It’s embarrassingly sad………..LOL Thanks for the laughs…..

  4. Going by her standards, the attacks on Trump that began before he was even elected and have only ramped up tell us just how absolutely terrified the left is of the Donald.

  5. She laughs about a Republican’s margin of victory when the total voter turnout in HER election was HOW MUCH? And what was the percentage of Congressional support for her Green New Deal? Yeah, she’s REAL powerful with numbers like that. The only reason that the right uses pictures of her and her moronic cronies is to try to shame the left, which apparently is impossible to do. Even most of her own party can’t stand her, but they put up with her in a phony attempt to show unity. She’s a legend in her own mind, but that’s all she’ll ever be.

  6. I`ll bet this little twit is having a hard time getting her swelled head through the door nowadays. BTW, I have been a Republican longer than she has been alive but surprisingly I am not afraid of “the Squad”, a.k.a. “Three terrorists and an idiot”. .

  7. Another demo vomit that the media INSISTS on publishing it’s moronic ramblings, this pig suffers from severe diaherra of the mouth and constipation of the brain

  8. The real shame here is these five young woman who “could” have shown this country that young females have a lot to offer this country have shown that they are still children, disrespectful at that, with a lack of maturity! And a lack of intelligence! They are like school children who need a group to survive and nothing to Offer but disruption and will be shown at next election how their immature actions will be shown the door out into a life of ridicule.

  9. Cortez you are living in a fairy tale world. You are not prepared for what’s coming and neither are the rest of the nut squad or any other left wing clowns.

  10. We REPUBLICANS laugh at the “squad,” who thinks they are powerful. lol Actually, the “squad” and other liberal Democrats are afraid of us Republicans or they wouldn’t constantly lie and make fools of themselves. They hate us because their CROOKED agenda didn’t work. Hopefully, all DEMOCRATS will be removed in 2020. We AMERICAN CITIZENS don’t want Socialism.

  11. All out crazy, here’s a news flash, you are without any doubt the single most ignorant pos that the good lord ever allowed to steal oxygen. Immature uneducated hateful and at the end of the day just plain stupid. Please take yourself and your three equally worthless friend move to a third world socialist shithole, that is if any self respecting shithole would have the likes of you four , WHORES OF THE APOCALYPSE.

  12. “does not “shy away” from her restaurant work history because it prepared her for her present position as a congresswoman”. Right, cleaning up the toilets !

  13. So can someone tell me WHY this dumb bitch STOPPED AMAZON from opening a warehouse in Lower Manhattan/Queens that would have brought in a lot of new jobs to the area – there is something seriously wrong with the woman! She appears to be totally “unstable” with her “outbursts” & clearly does not have a working brain when it comes to what is needed in the State she “supposedly” represents!

  14. After cortex nixed the Amazon deal in NY if the people reelect her they are dumber than a dodo, if she is reelected what other businesses will she drive away and put more NY people out of work

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