Obama’s Recent Comments RAISE Major ALARM

Is he trying to prove that he HATES America?

Barack Obama asserted that the United States was founded on inequality, despite the Constitution enshrining equality into the law.

Obama said:

You know Brazil just thinks the United States was founded on inequality and we have to admit that even though the United States has a Constitution that says, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,’ At that time not only were blacks excluded, but women were excluded, and people who didn’t own property were excluded.

Obama commented on his understanding of the founding of the United States during the VTEXDAY 2019 conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday.

Obama said that the Constitution gave America the means of inclusion through Democracy.

“The more people we included, the more successful we became,” he said.

Obama used a basketball analogy to illustrate his point, pointing out that the NBA was better than ever by including more international players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, a Nigerian from Greece who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.

“Now he’s one of the best players in the world,” Obama said, pointing out that if the NBA did not include international players, they were leaving talent on the field.

“If you don’t include women, you are leaving talent on the field,” Obama said, saying it was in every country’s interest to “include everyone.”

He admitted that “perfect equality” was difficult to achieve, because of natural talent and work ethic.

“The issue is not perfect equality, the issue is, are those of us who are successful willing to give back enough to provide a ladder of opportunity for others that are coming behind us,” he said.

Obama continued with a discussion about the wealthy, asserting after a family obtained enough money to eat, buy a house, send their kids to college, and take a vacation once in a while, additional financial wealth would not make people happy.

He acknowledged that he now had more money than he ever had in his life, and claimed he could not spend it all if he tried.

“It’s not money that is making me happy, but we teach ourselves that our measure of success is the more we have, the harder we hang onto it, the better we must be, the higher our status is,” he said.

Obama said that the concept of wealth and status in the United States was what made societies less equal.

“We have to redesign our minds to say that we’re at our most powerful and influential when we’re able to help others,” he concluded.

Obama clarified that he still supported the concept of capitalism but called for a “revolution of values” to create a better, more equal society that was more environmentally stable.

“It’s not going to do us much good to have really wonderful apps and great virtual reality when the actual reality of the planet is getting hotter, and the oceans are rising, and the forests are getting cut down, and we can’t breathe,” he said.

Src: Breitbart

  1. I’d like to know how that Kenyan bastage community agitator came to be worth close to 100 million?

      1. Absolutely. Obama who had no legal ascension of the presidency was a creation of George Soros who was intent on bringing our country to its knees. Both should be tried for treason and punished accordingly. Why they’re both still here is mindboggling.

    1. Obama’s parents were married, so he isn’t a bastard as you imply. but he was born a Kenyan British citizen who received US NATIVE Born status when he came to the US with his US NBC mother. So he was ineligible to be president.

      As for his wealth, well he does come for the Old Style Mayor Daley Chicago MOB Socialist Democratic party Political machine Plantation. He and his wife got some very nice book deals.

      Here’s the breakdown on his estimated $20.5 million made from 2005 to 2016.

      130K Corporate boards
      3.1M Presidential salary
      610K Senate salary
      760K Univ. Chicgo Hosp
      250K Misc.
      6.8M Dreams of My Father
      8.8M Audacity of Hope & Of Thee I Sing

    2. Who ever found him, moulded him into pretending to be an American. This will be the biggest cover-up the USA ever had. To be president here, you have to be born here. A special on tv a few years ago showed how his birth certificate was one of another child (boy) born ssame day as Obama, It cost him (Obama) $2 million to get his birth certificate. It was easy to laser transfer his name on to the dead child’s birth certificate. If we allow this traitor to the American people to continue we will be a third world country and Obama will be the big Khauna of the Global World Obama will make. He will use his power after he gets made into the Sec-Gen of the UN. Obama has had a dream for many years. Everyone should read his brother’s book, VERY enlightening.

    3. Easy he sold us out for money and prosperity, betraying the integrity of the Presidency and the people who put him there.

  2. He opens his mouth and removes all doubt of his true ignorance and complacency of practicing what you preach. Is he giving away most of his wealth? as he stated he couldn’t spend it all if he tried or does that only count for people in the private sector that made the middle class and rich that truly worked hard and sacrificed to achieve great wealth. After all Obama a self proclaimed public servant was paid by who? we the people Rich and Poor from what TAX DOLLARS did he earn it? like say Henry Ford or Thomas Edison and the many others throughout history not hardly.

    1. You’re exactly right. He made those millions off the backs of the middle class the people he hates. Please,remember ge will be judges by our Lord & Savior he has no choice in this along with the rest if those hateful Dems.

    2. You know Hillary got 145 million day after Uranium One was approved and one thing you know is Obama is not getting one penny less. I guess when Obama told the Russian ambassador to tell Putin he would have to wait till after the election he would have more leeway. Uranium One giving our enemy 20 percent of our Uranium is Treasonist. Obama also crinalized several agencies. Only Obama could talk into career federal employees to commit criminal activity.

      1. A little clarification. We gave the Russians 20% interest in US uranium mining stocks. He did weaponize a number of executive agencies including the IRS, BLM, OSHA, NSA, CPFB, EPA, and especially the FBI and the DOJ. Of course it was unconstitutional.

        1. Yes but no body in D.C. cares. For some reason they are afraid of Clinton, Pelosi, Waters and almost all of congress. They don’t want to lose their high pay do nothing jobs.

    3. He proved himself to be, along with his husband, Michael, to be the cheapest president in the history of the U.S. Very niggardly of him!

  3. Obama claims to be an educated man. But in the vernacular of the period, the term men was short for mankind and included everyone. This guy is a hate America racist and a fraud. He has been from day one, but hid it rather well up until the day he was elected.


    2. I’m not sure he’s a man. He throws like a girl, shoots a bball like a girl, swings a golf club like a girl and has many other feminine aspects to him/her!

      1. Everyone told me that Michelle was the man and change to the female and the 2 kids were adopted under dark of night. I have never believed he was an AMerican citizen. I read his brother, in Kenya, and he alluded to it but wouldn’t say definitely. The book makes you believe he hated white people. With his mom being white, he wanted to be more like her. He has had plans for a very long time that he wanted to become the Global leader of the entire earth?? He envisions himself as the only one that can bring peace and prosperity to everyone. He almost thinks of himself like a GOD> In a speech he said no one needs to be rich. They only need money for the essentials and the rest of the wealth can be spread around to make everybody no matter who U aare or what your job is, it is called Sharing the Wealth.I bet Barbra St. wouldnt want to give up her millions. This man is a thread to our society in general. We need to keep our eyes and ears open to him and what he is doing. He is worth $25 M, he wont give that up. only poor people like us who struggle everyday to provide. He is not to be trusted.

  4. Put your money where your mouth is BHO and give away everything you have left after your children are educated and live like an American instead of the race baiting, American hating POS you are! And stop speaking for the real American people. You DO NOT represent us!

  5. I think the point he misses, as a country we have taken those statements and moved in a positive direction continuously over the past 250 years. However as we’ve moved to equal treatment rights etc he and the dems want to now redistribute everyone’s wealth but their own….. of course that in and of itself will mean it will never happen as the rich democrats will support the move right up until they realize oh it affects me? No thanks Mr politician.

  6. Send the fake President Obama back to Kenya and strip him of all the ill gotten gain of US dollars and forget him. Expunge him as serving as a legal President ,he was not qualified!

  7. Obama was NEVER an American he’s always shown his Loyalty to The Muslim Brotherhood and even when they Played the National Anthem he would not place his hand over his Heart! And is Husband Michelle Micheal said she was NEVER Proud of the United States, So it’s no big Surprise that he is going around BAD MOUTHING America and Americans! I say let’s unseal his Records so we can prove he’s not an American at all and he Defrauded all of us by become the President of the United States. His only Goal was to set in Place his Sleeper Cells so they can Destroy America from With In. I think we should gather up all the Radical Islams and send them Packing back to their Homeland before it really is to late!

  8. obama is not and never was American. he came to destroy this country and failed after doing a lot of damage . now is the time to prosecute.

    1. Well, I’ve got news for you Obozzo…..America hates you with a passion…..the potion with a functioning brain that is!!!

      1. You are so right , and I will be glad to see him go down for what they did to President Trump. Obama is a pathological liar, he has told so many that he believes them. Everything he did to get to run for President was a lie, like his birth certificate, his college grades. The man is EVIL and was trying to take this country down, he wanted America to be a third world country.
        When he does get charged for what he did, let’s hope they pull his salary for life, and when he does get out of jail, he can move back to Kenya because we don’t want him.

  9. The very first time i heard Obama speak i said that guy is so full of it,we could be in trouble. I am just glad that he was always wrong.

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