Obama Adviser Calls For Nationwide Election Rigging

This is getting out of hand.

Recently on MSNBC, former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett claimed that since there is “de minimis vote fraud in our country,” we “should have vote-by-mail in every state.”

According to Breitbart, Jarrett stated, “This week, we launched Civic Cities, where we are working with mayors across the country. I started in local government, so I appreciate how mayors really do have a touch on what’s happening in the communities. They are extremely influential. So I asked them to help us engage with the constituents they have. We have 31 mayors off the bat. Many more joined on since then. We’re working in high schools because people who are first-time voters tend to be lifelong voters. We have colleges and universities. We have the business community engaged.”

Adding, “To your point about voter fraud, we already know there is de minimis vote fraud in our country. Every study has shown that. Vote-by-mail has not been in any way an indicator of vote fraud. We should have vote-by-mail in every state. We should have early vote in every state. Everybody should be able to go online to register. Why is it leaders are not making it as easy as possible for us to vote as opposed to trying to suppress the vote? We’re trying to close the age and the race gap. We’re confident that this is a long term plan.”

She then said, “This COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the weaknesses in government and leadership. We know now the federal, state and local have to be cooperating to manage a challenge like this. So it should be a real wake-up call to the importance of making sure the people in office are actually going to be the ones looking out for your health and your livelihood.”

You can watch a clip of Jarrett’s comments here.

Image credit: ABC News

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  1. Obama golfed, played basketball, played video games and dry goods with his new friends. Jarret actually ran and RUINED the country. An extremely evil subhuman.

  2. She is not an American citizen, but rather an Iranian, which is why Obama sent billions of dollars to Iran. Obama was POTUS in name only because Valerie under the tutelage of Soros ran our country into the ground. She now needs to shut her mouth and go away and take her friends Bathhouse Barry and his partner, MICH with her. It’s unbelievable how someone like her wielded so much power in our country. She has lived of US taxpayer dollars for far too long.

    1. She is an admitted Socialist, and she is encouraging a rebellion against America. She is the iconic Democratic Socialist and is following The Socialist Agenda. Many of the Socialist minions that make comments online are robots for George Sorros the billionaire, and the more poor people the larger his slave workforce is. Those same minions are NOT Americans, they are the children of refugees or migrants that are not in the USA for its freedom, they’re here for the freeeee, and in the case of Obama and his minions they insist on everyone on the “gravy train”, but can’t figure out who they can send a bill to.

  3. Goving Democrats the right to vote by mail is like giving 6 year old boys a fully loaded revolver…..



    1. Great comparison !
      But in response of here deflected attitude, she has NO IDEA, as does everyone else, just how much voter fraud is occurring. As in California, the Democratic minions that make up the pollsters are ignoring those voters who are ineligible. All that is verified, is the person versus the address, NO MORE, and the law requires that the voter be verified for eligibility. When a few years ago the Democratic Politicians we’re pushing for “driver’s licenses” they KNEW then that with “motor voter laws” that EVERY ILLEGAL would become Democratic Voters. They knew then that they were contributing to voter fraud, further encouraging aliens to remain.

  4. Why would we expect anything else from any Obama supporter…when the Dems can’t win the election on political debate and the issues…then the Democrats resort to their usual hijinks..propaganda and corruption….in the past 3 years name one thing any Democrat has done for you to improve your life and insure your future.

  5. She tell the ‘people” in her homeland of Iran that same thing. Obama did NOTHING for 8 years, but, weaken America, kill Muslim arse, set race relations back to the 1960’s, nd get rich. That snake Jarrett, is an evil. sinister , foul, POS. now she lives with the Obama’s, yeah that is very normal. She said they the Islamic grab bag, would use our own laws against us to further their B.S. WAKE UP AMERICA…THE ENEMY IS WITHIN,

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