NRA Official Puts Cory Booker In His Place

Senator Cory Booker did not make himself any friends when he criticized the National Rifle Association while trying to explain his position on the Second Amendment. 

While speaking at a CNN town hall event in South Carolina, Booker lashed out at the organization saying they encouraged “loopholes” in laws that made illegal gun sales more common.

Booker said at the event:

“If I am your president, we are going to bring the fight to the NRA who wants to represent corporate gun owners, corporate gun corporations, manufacturers, more than they want to represent the people because this is what they’re doing to Americans. They are defending loopholes, like that loophole that if a man is convicted of beating his wife, he can find a loophole to go out and buy a gun to murder her. They are defending not their membership, but loopholes. Like the loophole that says someone on the terrorist no-fly list in our country can still go to a gun show and buy weapons. Or somebody that’s convicted of a violent crime can still find a loophole and go buy a weapon.”

However members of the NRA aren’t taking these insults lying down, spokeswoman Dana Loesch tore Booker apart over Twitter citing numerous instances where the senator was dead wrong. 

Let that serve as a reminder to Democrats on the campaign trail that they can’t just make up facts to suit themselves. 

  1. The American public is quickly learning that the word “DEMOCRAT” can be substituted with many words. The main one that comes to mind is “LIAR”. There is also “CHEAT”, “THIEF”, “RAPIST”, “MURDERER” and “CRIMINAL”. Mind you that the previous alternate words were for the politicians. The words that can be substituted for the voters are “IGNORANT”, “MISINFORMED”, “BRAINWASHED” and “SHEEP”. I suppose that we should add “PARASITE” now that they want to give Social Security to people who have not paid one dime into the program. There was a time when the Democrat Party was respected for their passionate Idealism and it was truly a great thing to behold the opposition fighting vigorously and debating issues with decorum and class. Now the once proud Democrats have let their failures consume them and the radical left has completely transformed that party into an unrecognizable circus side show.

    1. Thank you Mike. There are also many other words which come to mind when we hear DEMOCRAT. Most of those words I would rather not include here, however none of them reflect any good or virtuous qualities. I do like that you included PARASITE…an organism which lives off thd expense or support of a host but contributes nothing to the host’s well being or survival.

    2. Gun control doesn’t work, never has and never will! Background checks are useless, anyone that knows they won’t pass one will not submit to one! If a person wants a gun, they will get a gun, if they can’t buy a gun, they will steal a gun, then who does the background check? How long is the waiting period?
      A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people (the citizens of any particular state) to keep (own)and bear arms (carry guns of any type and caliber, anywhere, anytime) shall (absolutely) not be infringed!
      Militia: A military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency. You can’t join a militia with a slingshot!
      The American people must demand that the government and the courts stop interpreting the constitution and instead enforce the constitution as it is written in plain simple and easy to understand English that a fifth grader can understand!

  2. Spartakiss ass should watch his big mouth. There are not enough communists for him to get elected anyway

    1. I will bet Cory Booker has guns. And he is a DemoRat so he doesn’t want anyone but the DemoRats to have guns. The DemoRats can’t get any votes nobody is voting for them anymore because they have learned that they are nothing bit criminals o they have to have the illegals to come in and vote for them and the illegals are dumb they will vote for them but when the voting is over they will want them to leave.

      1. Also he said when I am President. Cory forget it, you will not be President. Only in your dreams.

    2. There is no such thing as reasonable gun control!
      Gun control does not work, never has and never will! We already have background checks and they do not work, they never have and never will for one simple reason, criminals don’t obey laws, that is why they are called criminals!
      If a person wants a gun, they will get a gun, if they can’t buy a gun, they will steal one, then who does the background check? How long is the waiting period?
      A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people (the citizens of any particular state) to keep (own)and bear arms (carry guns of any type and caliber, anywhere, anytime) shall (absolutely) not be infringed!
      The American people must demand that the government and the courts stop interpreting the constitution and instead enforce the constitution as it is written in plain simple and easy to understand English that a fifth grader can understand!
      Over 100 people per day on average die in automobile accidents in the United States, maybe we should outlaw automobiles since they are responsible for nearly as many deaths as guns!

      Prevent school shootings, if you dare to care, be aware, prepare, prevent, lock the damned doors! The way to prevent school shootings is to keep all guns out of schools period!

    3. He’s Another Low iq demoncrat ! Like Most of them he knows he doesn’t stand a chance getting the nomination but can’t get over himself ! Narcissistic Fools !

      1. he took an oath to a document that he knows nothing about. Isn’t THAT fraud ? Another RED FLAG the corrupt FBI cannot see ? Amerika is rigged, evil and corrupt, totally corrupt !

  3. The NRA should be investigated and if the spy confession should prove reliable, the NRA should have it’s Charter revoked! We can’t have corporations operating in this country that act and conduits for Russia to get money secretly to American member of government. The NRA is alleged to have been used by Russia to funnel $30 million to Donald Trump!!! Trump should be impeached and sent to prison and the NRA should have to forfeit it’s right to do business of any kind in the United States. The corruption, espionage, lying and perfidy have become so rampant, law and order is losing its ability to keep up with the perpetrators!!!

    1. What did your parents have against Birth Control? You are a prime example of inbreeding. You are also the prime example of what Planned Parenthood should be using for advertisement for abortion.

        1. IF a person has a job and works in Amerika, they have served. They are slaves. Half of what we produce is stolen by government. IT is to pay for permission, it is not freedom

    2. Have you always been this delusional or is this a recent development, either way you need serious help for your mentally challenged condition

    3. Are you really that STUPID?? Oh yeah your a demorat, of course your STUPID!! Pull your head out of your ASS you moron, your description just described every demorat politician and every demorat voter! Your all idiots, leftist idiots that deserve nothing but distain and humiliation, which you do to yourselves every time you open your filthy mouths!!

      1. Good Edward, very good. you have that so right. That stupid moron needs to pull his head out of his ass. “If I am President” Well they voted AOC the barmaid in and the two Muslims in they might be stupid enough to vote this ass in.

    4. There is a law ok on this website that you have obviously, but not surprisingly, broken. You must have at least a double digit IQ to participate.!! Sorry that your comments, aside from being imbecilic, don’t count.

    5. Hey Cleve Moten, you are a Bill of Rights trashing freedom hater. You don’t belong in America. You belong in the Soviet Union! Get out!

    6. You are an idiot. For Gods Sake get a life and check your facts before opening your mouth. also an education would help you. As a Southern Boy I Know that the republicans were in office during the civil war and the democrats controlled the South , now are we gonna have another civil war because a lot more southerners are now Republicans and we don’t spout Nazi and Communist proper gander as some of the new congress people do, an then there is the drivel about race yet 2 democrat congress women have insulted the nation of Israel and the whole world of religion not Muslim so if you are a Christian in this world then you have 2 congresswomen that wont you dead..

    7. Have you not been paying any attention at all! 2 years 37 million dollars and found no collusion! You don’t even make any sense of course if your “died in the wool” democrate, which it seems you are, you wouldn’t make any sense anyway. But I think I’d, if I were you, I kind of not make comments that show your ignorance!

      1. 43 years of the unGREATful SOCIETY at the cost of $22 trillion. Not one was made equal. Now you want reparations ? Even the SCOTUS ruled your race inferior in 2003. Only 4/5ths of a person

    8. You have obviously been living under a rock. Talk about the loss of law and order, let’s talk about the lying, murdering, corrupt Clinton’s. You seem to forget a few of the finer points.

    9. ??? You must be related to Sparticus. where on earth,(the democrook party, obviously) ) come up with this garbage?

    10. That is about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long while.
      Geez ignorance thrives in this mental Midget.

  4. To Cleve Moten
    There must be a really large bucket of Kool Aid out there somewhere.
    An “allegation” is not a crime. How many times do Liberals have to be reminded of that? If there was a $30 million contribution floating around out there, don’t you think it would have surfaced by now and an investigation started? Why would the NRA risk it’s reputation by doing something illegal? DJT and the NRA have done more positive things for this country than the last three Democrat presidents put together.

  5. Hey, Cleve, with reference to the NRA and Trump – you’re an IDIOT on both counts! You probably have Trump Derangement Syndrone, and a Trump Hater, like most of your stupid radical Socialist Demorats!!!

  6. These people are going to hate themselves if they vote democrat because the DEMONIC CRAPS are true liars and scammers. Once voted in their true colors will be rampant…..they don’t give two hoots about these illegals they are just blowing smoke up their buttocks….they want votes. Period. Plain and simple. If it happens these crazy, murdering rapists will turn on them….BIG TIME…..I WOULD LOVE TO SEE 🐷 LOSI, SHUMER. WATERS, WARREN, HARRIS, 📖 KER, THE three MUSLIMS IN CONGRESS. WINTERS, CUMMINGS, OH TO HELL WITHIT…..ALL OF THEM /DEMOS). Get there just desserts 🍨 from THE VERY ILLEGALS, RAPISTS AND CARTEL THAT THEY ARE DEFENDING…DEMOS ARE TOO STUPID TO KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THESE PEOPLE ARE. DEMONICSBETTER WATCH THEIR. ACKS

    1. They don’t want anything to do with the illegals they just want their votes. After their votes they will want them to go back to where they came from. Well they might murder a few and rape a few before they go back you dumb idiots. I hope it ios one of your children instead of one of mine.

  7. Cleve:
    I just don’t get it. You’ve joined the rest of those angry people who really don’t know what they’re angry about. All you do is echo what some other mindless socialist megamouth is screaming. Get a life. Research the facts from credible sources and be honest with yourself. Nobody with any reasonable intelligence would believe those far left socialists. Face it sport ; Trump has gotten more done toward recovering the dignity of this nation than any of his predecessors after Reagan. That includes that bootlicking, kowtowing, fake, pathetic criminal Barrak HUSSIEN (MUSLIM) sympathizer Obama. I get nauseated when I utter the name. Get some backbone man and speak for yourself. Don’t be nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece for some empty headed moron from NY, NJ, or CA. Gimmie a break!!!

  8. We want have to worry, because this ass hole will never be POTUS! The DNC is a joke, and this guy is a punch line!

  9. Cleve needs to check his facts… needs to get a real education and not a Democrat propaganda brainwashing. Dems will take us to one world government, extreme taxation, legalization of all kinds of evil, loss of sovereignty and loss of individual freedom. Cleve, are you ready to totally give up your freedom??? Stay with Dems and it will happen…will be too late to go back. Our founders tried to teach us …”freedom once lost will never be regained “. Grow up, get real with the TRUTH!!!!!

  10. The democratic party destroys anything
    AMERICAN, they want felons to vote.
    Our guns protect us from criminals.
    The very ones that they will allow to vote.
    They hate the president of the United States
    Because he has opened up a lot of the
    crimes they have committed.
    AND……..they destroyed the biggest cities
    in our America.



    1. And he is in Congress? Democratic Congress? Lord have mercy on this stupid man’s soul. He is another OHOMO. He is a dirty sexual predator. Girls and Boys don’t go near him, of course that is all the DemoRats are made up of. Sexual predators. Look at Hillary brought those babies from Haiti and slept with them. That is so SICK!!!! Then there is Biden always touching women and smelling of their hair. SICK!!!! Jill must not be giving him nothing anymore. Then there was Obama, married to a man and having other men in his bed the whole time he was President and these are ALL DemoRats. No hope for them/

  13. NRA funneled $30M to the Trump campaign for Russia? Another Democratic dream scape. You guys got to send all this stuff freely to US farmers so they can fertilize their crops this year. You must be trying to take over Washington DC by stenching people out by the smell of your breath. Can’t be back fires (human gas), you’re too constipated. It’s affecting your mind. Get some laxative, take a good three day dump, and you might turn out ok.

  14. Cory Booker, typical Democrats. The truth and his lips never meet. Another just like him is AOL. The more she lies the more bug-eyed she gets, just like Booker. His eyes start to bulge and their jaws flap faster and faster. Another Democrat with similar characteristics is the geek neck bug eyed Adam Schiff. From Ca. He lies constantly. 3 Democrats, all liars. Question? Is bugeyedeness related to lying? We have 3 examples that seem to indicate the symptoms goes hand in hand with lying.

    1. Yes that is where he needs to be. That is all he is good for and AOC needs to be back in some bar because she is so dumb that a box of rocks has more sense than she does

  15. The folks at Yale Law School must be very proud of Booker. Every time he opens his mouth his IQ drops 10 points. He is now at a negative 250. Old Spartacus made a complete Jackass of himself during the Kavanaugh hearings and he has only gone downhill since then

  16. Jeh Johnson and Cory Booker, two peas in a pod. I wonder whether Cory also thinks Guam can tip over.

  17. IT was the government that put a 5 day waiting period for gun purchases. Does Coony Booger know how many women were killed on day 3, 4 or 5 ? Waiting to protect themselves ? NO, he is stupid and an accomplice

  18. Cory, before you jump in with a post, please do some genuine research before posting comments – it is more than apparent that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE NRA!
    Get a life! and keep your comments to yourself when you don’t have a clue what you are talking about – that always helps the writer “appear” to be smarter than they really are…

  19. Bye Spartacus ,guy brings a sword to a gun fight …he drives the collective IQ of NJ down by being their senator,plus NJ has draconian gun laws ,and should be forced out of the union

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