New Scandal In ‘El Chapo’ Trial

The high profile trial ofJoaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán just got even more intriguing, if that was possible.

The New York Post has recently obtained and released evidence that Guzmán’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, was having an affair with one of his previous clients.

Sarma Melngailis is a restaurateur who in 2016 was arrested for stealing roughly $2 million form her establishment.  Lichtman took on her case in 2017, and his legal service allowed her to avoid over 14 years worth of jail time. However it seems that Melngailis received such exceptional legal counsel at a deep discount due to the specific relationship the two had. 

Hundreds of tests have been uncovered detailing the x-rated relationship the two shared from 2017 to 2018. 

One of the tamer texts from Lichtman reads, “You do look so pretty in that pic I would like to foul you. Is it bad that I’m thinking some disgusting thoughts about you?”

To which Melngailis replied, “Is it bad that Iʼm glad youʼre thinking them?”

This violates the New York State Bar Association’s code of professional responsibility which states that a lawyer cannot “require or demand sexual relations with a client or third party incident to … any professional representation,” or “employ coercion, intimidation, or undue influence in entering into sexual relations with a client.”

It is currently unknown if this scenario will affect Lichtman’s current case for Guzmán.

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  1. doesn’t money say legal tender ?this case should be seen as being tender for legal representation,is prostitution was legal in NY.wouldn’t this be ”like kind ”in services for services free plumbing for beating a murder rap would even be looked at yet somebody gets laid, it’s call the marines

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