New Legislation A Home Run For Trump

President Donald Trump was met with cheers and plenty of praise when he attended the Prison Reform Summit. 

The accolades come courtesy of Trump’s “First Step Act” which he declared would “give countless current and former prisoners a second chance at life and a new opportunity to contribute to their communities, their states, and their nations.”

At the event, Trump dedicated the month of April to the “landmark legislation” and honored many of the attendees who have gotten their lives back thanks to the criminal justice reform. 

“The more I met and spoke with those involved in our criminal justice system, the more clear it became that unfair sentencing rules were contributing to the cycle of poverty and crime like really nothing else before.  It was time to fix this broken system — and it’s a system of the past — and to improve the lives of so many people,” Trump shared with those gathered.

Many of those who have been given a second chance, were very eager to express how grateful they were to President Trump.

One such person was Catherine Toney, the first woman released as a result of the reform. “First of all, I would like to thank God,” Toney said. “Then I would like to thank the President for signing the bill.”

Gregory Allen was also released because of the legislation and shared his praise by using Trump’s signature slogan. “Two months ago, I was in a prison cell and I’m in the White House,” Allen said. “Let’s continue to make America great again.”

April Johnson shared how the reform had given not only herself a second chance, but her daughter as well.

“I got compassionate release from my daughter. And because of that, I’ll be able to spend what time she has left with her. … She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September and they have since gave her a grave prognosis. And because of the bill and FIRST STEP Act, I’ll be able to spend the rest of her time with her. And I thank you,” she shared.

Daughter Alice Johnson also shared her thanks saying, “I have to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, first,” adding, “And I want to thank our incredible President, President Donald John Trump.”

Overall it was an event filled with smiles and more than a few joyful tears. All of which shows that when the president is given the opportunity to remove himself from petty squabbles greatness can be accomplished. 

Trump himself pointed this out saying, “If we work together for the common good, we can forge a future of even greater safety, opportunity, dignity, and freedom for the families across this incredible nation of ours.” 

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