Nervous Nancy Flips The Script, LIES To American Public

Pelosi keeps trying to kick a dead horse with this impeachment thing…

Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the impeachment of President Donald Trump was “not of the table.”

CNN’s Manu Raju asked, “Last week, Jerry Nadler said an impeachment inquiry, it may come to the. You said in the past there’s not a path to impeachment.”

Pelosi said, “It’s not off the table. I don’t think you should impeach for political reasons and I don’t think you should not impeach for political reasons. It’s not about politics. It’s not about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about patriotism to our country. It’s about upholding the Constitution of the United States. If in fact the executive branch can say you can never have oversight over us, you have destroyed the system of checks and balances, which is the wisdom and the heart of our Constitution. And if you go down that path and you look to the Bill of Rights and the assaults they make on the press, et cetera, then you are undermining the Constitution, not honoring your oath of office to support and defend.”

”And part of all of that is, again, our responsibility, our oath of office, and what is appalling is the lack of respect for the oath of office that the Republicans in Congress, in the House, and in the Senate have for their own oaths of office to strengthen the institution in which they serve,” she added. “It’s not about Congress. It’s about the American people. We’re representatives of the American people who deserve to know the truth.”

  1. Well Nancy, when the DOJ’s IG drops his report, and AG Barr’s investigations are done and made public, you may be glad that the American people will have finally learned the truth, but I really doubt it, and I can’t wait to see how you and your Democrat cohorts try to block all that information from getting to the American people.

    But there won’t be any impeachments, but there will be lots of indictments and prosecutions, and they’re all going to be Democrats who will have to go through the same things that you and your Democrat cohorts have put President Trump through over the last 3 years.

    Coming up to 6 months now with the Democrats in charge of the US House, and by a large majority too, but nothing passed into law yet, as there will be nothing done until after the 2020 national elections.

    This because you and your Democrats don’t want President Trump to be successful in making the economy even greater than he has already made it, so you will probably not allow the USMCA trade deal be approved in the US House until after the 2020 national elections, because that too will improve President Trump’s economy, and you Democrats can’t allow that to happen before the 2020 national elections.

    1. They all should be prosecuted and the wii be found guility and a minimum of 10 years with no early release and no Presidential pardons. Loss of benefits and any bonuses paid have to be re imbursed to the tax payers. Would like to see Hillary get 20 years with the same above provisions. It is also time for term limits and Zero retirement.

  2. Nancy Pelosi does not realize what she is saying for she is a “under cover secret agent of the Republican Party dedicated to ensure that President Tr.ump gets re-elected by the biggest landslide in American History in the 2020 election”!! You know this is true for every time “she opens her BIG MOUTH, President Trump’s favoritism goes up and she is doing a great secret classified job for the Republican Party to have a complete Republican Congress too!! She is being helped by two other under cover secret agents of the Republican Party too, Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep, Adam Schiff, who are also doing a great classified job too!!! Oops. sorry, that I “outed all 3 of you as under cover secret agents, but you will survive the wrath of your radical left wing voters for being exposed”!!!!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of crooked and criminal Democrat Party Mob leaders, for remember what goes around, comes around!!! The truth above will set us “all free as American voters”!!!!……

    1. She still don’t get why she was allowed to become speaker , stupid is as stupid does , same thing with the guy who wears his glasses on the wart at the end of his nose !

  3. Nancy Pelosi is like a drowning person with her lies and miss information.
    She is desperately clutching at any straw that might keep her politically
    relevant and is doing so without much success. Both Democrats and
    Republicans see her and her loss causes for what they are; desperate and
    unattainable. With her rhetoric, she is doing much to further the Republican
    movement and the coming win of the 2020 election. For that, we should thank her!

  4. I wonder why what the Constitution says is important to Nancy Pelosi now. She doesn’t tend to follow it at other times. If they are going to use the constitution as their authority then they better read and and think about taking their oaths again.

    1. She quotes the the constitution , like she quotes Scripture total wrong , and out of context, she doesn’t know either one of them !!!

  5. The Democrats have never respected the American people, name something good for ALL the people of America in the last 50 years.

  6. pelosi, if the house and the congress were to actually do their dutries to which they were elected by the voters and stop trying to rig the 2020 election maybe the voters of this Country would actually believe in your worthless abilities. You elected beings are not accomplishing your duties to the American people and must be fired without benefits immediately. Your continual game playing and attempts to rig the 2020 presidential election are pathetic and are definitely grounds for the removal of the entire so called Congress!

  7. God forbid Something Happens to the president and the Vice President,do these people realize that nut job Pelosi would b running the country.She and all those damn Democrats known as the swamp don’t care how much this President does they will never b happy.Her and her buddies bought and paid for by the clintons are all going down and rightfully so.I would like to know why in 3 years they r getting a pay check. They haven’t done a damn thing to earn it. Now u got that damn yo-yo fro New York Cortez wants a raise for Congress. Go to hell.God bless u Mr President.

  8. All the Demotards know how to do is piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining. Why because they’ve got nothing. They suffer from social Munchausen Syndrome. They have nothing to offer the people unless there is a crisis to solve. The sad thing is 99.9% of the crisis situations they try to solve was caused by their sadistic policies. Their idea of a successful policy is one that causes all of the people or a sector of the people some form of pain and suffering. Then they rush out to a press conference and blame the Republicans or say we can fix this but we need more money. The Dems are source of all the American problems today. Just take a look at whose running the most fouled up, dysfunctional cities in the nation.

  9. The Dems hold 235 seats in the House. At a salary of $174,000 per Dem that is $40,890,000 per year. If they continue to avoid passing any Bills for 2 years just to despite Trump, that will be $81,780,000 of taxpayer money wasted regardless of the damage done to our country and its citizens. Remember that next election and how hard we all worked while they spent 2 years doing nothing.

  10. Ah Nancy ,Nancy ,Nancy , I have to give you a dozen Pinocchio’s for that delusional BS line only your fellow delusional Dems and,gullible followers believe that line, you must have practiced saying it it a lot in order to say that with a straight face, most intelligent thinking people know that it’s ALL about Politics as that’s all it’s ever been about with you and your fellow Dems ever since Trump took office.

  11. I can honestly say, I do not see what violations President Trump has committed?

    Everytime Pill Lousy opens her mouth, she talks in circles making no sense.
    She knows nothing about DEMOCRACY!!!!
    In fact, the Democrats have denied, defied & demolished it
    Bunch of CROOKS!!!

  12. Oh, Pelosi is now a patriot she has discovered the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and has finally acknowledged the fact that she swore an oath of allegiance to her post. Buuuuuut I wonder if she read any of those documents, has an understanding of them? Overbite is one thing, kind of like Barney Frank having over site on the banking industry while he an Pelosi bashed POTUS Bucsh, the problem was he was interested more in bashing Bush (just like what is happening to Trump) then he was in watching the bank regulators watching PORN, while Clinton’s legislation allowed home owners who could fog a mirror have credit they had no possible way of repaying it. (ie the Housing bubble). Then the Dodd-Frank new Wall Street fiasco that is worse then what they tried to fix.

    So wicked Witch of the West, get your fat ass out of the way of Trumps programs and join in on helping those people you have screwed over the years instead of promoting your SOCIALIST agenda.

  13. This old hag should think back to when we had a muslim POTUS and how he wiped his a** with the Constitution. Oh, but that was okay, right?

  14. Not one democratic cares about our comments. They don’t read them, big mistake, they aren’t interested in what we think, big mistake, not one so called news commentators read our comments, big mistake! Not but one person do I know thinks the way the democrates think or should say act, so they should be reading our comments but their not BIG MISTAKE!
    FOR they them would know TRUMP will win with a big margin, folks are sick of their do nothing for this country but try and prosecute TRUMP.
    They should have read and lissen but they aren’t BIG MISTAKE!

  15. Why wasn’t Obamas looked at Ms. Pelosi? Everyone knows how they lavished vacations and paying Grandma,etc. thats political and just outright stealing taxpayer money.

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