NBC Host ATTACKS Republican For Saying The TRUTH

This is how corrupt the left is…

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) had a heated interview with anchor Chuck Todd.

Chuck Todd said, “Let me start with something you told the “Wall Street Journal” late last week, you said Gordon Sunland seemed to imply that the frozen military aid was a promise for investigations, you said, at that suggestion, ‘I winced. my reaction was, oh, God, I don’t want to see those two things combined.’ Why did you wince? And what did you mean by those two things combined?

Johnson said, “Well, first of all, your set-up piece was typically very unbiased. Let me first before I start answering the detailed questions, let me talk about why I am pretty sympathetic with what President Trump has gone through. I am 64-years-old. I have never in my lifetime seeing a president after being elected after having some measure of well wishes from his opponents. I’ve never seen an administration sabotaged from the day after the election. I’ve never seen no measure of honeymoon whatsoever. So what President Trump had to endure a false allegation — by the way you have John Brennan on, you ought to ask director Brennan, what did Peter Strzok mean when he texted Lisa Page on December 15, 2016, quote—.”

Todd interjected, “Senator, what does this has to do with Ukraine.”

Johnson shot back, “It has everything to do with Ukraine.”

He continued, “He would like to know, I would like to know. I know his supporters would like to know, where did this all come from? You planted that false story? I have my third letter into the inspector general of the Intelligence Committee asking to just confirm, just confirm, are you investigating those leaks that Peter Strzok talked about with Lisa Page?”

Todd said, “I have no idea why Fox News propaganda stuff is popping up on here.”

Johnson said, “Because that is exactly why President Trump is upset, and why his supporters are upset, with the news media!”

Todd replied, “Senator Johnson, please! Can we please answer the question that I asked you, instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better here that you’re not criticizing him?! I’m just trying to ask a simple question of what made you wince?”

Johnson said, “Because I didn’t want those connected.”

After an extended back and forth, Todd ended the heated interview by saying, “I’m sorry that you choose to come on this way.”

  1. I am sorry that you view the world with rose colored glasses. It is true the fake media and Democrats view President Trump through their hatred and not his accomplishments, they have from the beginning of his presidency. I find it atrocious that the Congress controlled by the Democrats hasn’t really done anything positive for our country since President Trump has taken the office. Why are they being paid to try and unseat the president? )

    1. Good question..Can’t think of one thing the Dems have accomplishrr ..other than fighting everything Trump has said or done..They should return every cent been paid since Trump took office..and more..What bunch of dumbats!

      1. Correct, “We The People” are sick of the lying bias media hypocrites. NBC,CBS, CNN and MSNBC are NOT able of reporting the Truth. The sad part, ALL the American People know it and the media networks could care less.

  2. Little BOY UP-CHUCK TODD a littler boy Johnson Need to look at themselves in a MIRROR ! They are both DESPICABLE
    GRUNTS . And UP-CHUCK Needs to RESIGN from telling SO MUCH FAKE NEWS and littler boy Johnson needs to RESIGN from CONGRESS and go back from where he came.

  3. Chuck Todd is not a fact person with both sides of the aisle, he is a DemocRAT hack that wants to see this country destroyed because with the criminal activity of many government agencies by Obama and he the leader because only Obama could have directed a contgency plan with so many of the agencies involved. Obama did not want to persevere our country, our justice any means to hold on to power, that is the only judticr system by Obama and the Democrats. Todd and the rest of the so called media is the spike persons and that is truly a disservice to the country and the citizens. News was suppose to be told truthfully not made up, false, lies and unbelievable conspiracy theories. There is not very many news outlets that can be trusted which in a democracy and that happens it will destroy our great country!

  4. And I’m sorry that the Zotz medallion is NOT a real thing and that all defenders of POTUS don’t wear one every time that the enemy puts themselves in range. World would sure be better off without such progcommies as this.

    1. In the film version, Tom Posten was reduced tom exterminating cockroaches. If the power of the medallion was reduced to transforming control freaks to cockroaches, I could be satisfied with that. Out of control, though, out of control.

  5. Nbc attacks because they don’t want to hear the truth and when someone tells the truth on nbc they are afraid that too many people heard it and will start to think instead of following the nbc rhetoric like a bunch of lemmings

  6. We need a segregated country demo vomits on one side and Republicans on the other because demo vomits cannot assimilate into a normal truthful society

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