Nancy Pelosi SNAPS, Goes On INSANE Anti-Trump Rant

What was she thinking?

According to CNS News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared the January employment numbers “the rot at the heart of the Trump economy,” even though unemployment rate has dropped to 3.6% and earnings have increased 3.1%.

“After all of President Trump’s mistruths at the State of the Union, the January jobs report shows the rot at the heart of the Trump economy.  Our workers have lost 12,000 manufacturing jobs, while wages struggle to keep pace with the soaring cost of living.  Our farmers are suffering and farm bankruptcies reached an eight-year high last year.  Three years in, the Trump economy is creating 42,000 fewer jobs a month on average than the last three years of President Obama.”

“Today, hard-working families find their health care under constant attack from President Trump’s illegal administrative actions and his lawsuit to strip away every benefit and protection of the Affordable Care Act.  Prescription drug prices are out of control and President Trump keeps standing with Big Pharma against drug price negotiation.  Our communities’ infrastructure is crumbling and President Trump’s big promises have disappeared.”

“While President Trump ignores the kitchen-table reality of hard-working men and women, Democrats are taking action.  House Democrats have sent transformative drug price negotiation legislation to the Senate.  We are moving forward with our bold Moving Forward infrastructure framework to create an estimated 10 million jobs.”

She added, “We will never stop fighting For The People, to deliver results that make a difference in the lives of hard-working families.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: National Review

  1. pelosi, the apparent traitor to the Constitution of this Country, must be removed from office permanently without any benefits and she and the democrats must repay every penny of the millions of taxpayer dollars they stole because of this fake impeachment. NOW

  2. The only thing the witch is fighting for is complete destruction and control of ALL US peoples and families; she is the one attacking the new-found American prosperity and advancement. As usual, she is attempting to “project her own criminal activities” on to the President and his administration.

  3. “Pickled Brain PEELOUSY” needs to go home and feed her rats before they get so hungry she’d wouldn’t make in the front door alive!!!

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