Nancy Pelosi Makes Promise To Donors – Then This Happens

Nancy Pelosi, like most politicians, receives donations from members of the public as well as special interests.

She promised her backers that for every cent they donated it, she’d personally match it.

With her net worth being estimated as more than $100 million, this is easy for her to do.

But it’s just been discovered that she’s not done it.

Not even once.

What a fraud!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) campaign committee has repeatedly deceived donors by personally promising she would match campaign contributions but has not matched a single cent, according to a report.

Pelosi has been using a popular deceptive tactic used in political fundraising to gather more donations. According to the report by Axios, the tactic that has been under intense scrutiny is to promise donation-matching.

Pelosi’s campaign has reportedly gone a step further by the speaker promising the contribution matching would come from her personal fortune. But, reports show Pelosi has not made a single contribution from herself.

Breitbart News

Given the amount of money she’s supposedly got, why does she even need donations anyway?

What good would millions of dollars in donations do when she’s got more than $100 million…

Yet she’s gone full-on, sending more than 50 emails in 2 months asking for money.

Reportedly, between January and March, “Nancy Pelosi for Congress” has allegedly sent over 50 emails pledging Pelosi’s herself would be “personally” matching the contributions up to a certain multiple. Axios analyzed her campaign emails which are being stored in an archive for political email, maintained by a group of researchers at Princeton University.

Breitbart News

Maybe someone on her staff is sending these, thinking that Pelosi would tell the truth about something!

But she’s hardly getting any money out of it.

Last quarter, Pelosi had raised north of four million dollars. The report added, it is unclear how much the “contribution matching was able to generate, but the report said, over half of the emails were donations under $200.

The emails that solicit matching contributions typically attract small-dollar donations.

Breitbart News

$4 million is a lot to you and me, but not to Pelosi.

And it looks like everyday Americans are being caught up in this, sending a few hundred bucks her way.

Those people should keep their money and use it for something worthwhile.

A shady fundraising effort run by Pelosi is most definitely not worthy.

She needs to stop exploiting Americans, but for now, she’s keeping quiet.

Axios was unable to receive a comment from a Pelosi spokesperson after multiple requests on if the funds to match the donations would be provided.

Breitbart News

That says it all about Pelosi.

She’s not to be trusted.

  1. Of course she’s not trustable she’s just another one of the Dem’s many corrupt and manipulative pathological liars who couldn’t tell the truth about anything even if their life depended on it

  2. How did she end up with $100 MILLION on a congress critter’s pay?!

    Can you say by ILLEGAL MEANS, such as bribery,, graft, extortion, fraud,kickbacks, etc.!

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