Nancy Pelosi CROSSES The Line

She’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked President Donald Trump stating considering his “big frame,” he should have at least an ounce of decency.

Pelosi said, “I don’t intend to come on these shows and talk about the wandering of and the notion maundering of the president of the United States. He succeeds because all we do is talk about it. So, why are we talking about this?”

She added, “Three presidents praised John Lewis, George Bush, a Republican president, President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. President Jimmy Carter sent a letter of respect. You would think that there would be an ounce in that big frame of decency to say something about the importance of voting in our democracy instead of criticizing somebody else’s eulogy.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: ABC News

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  1. F..k Pelosi. Who gives a s..t what she thinks. She is a complete moron, throwing our country down the toilet just so she can get at the president. She should be arrested, indicted and tried for treason for what she is doing to this country. Screw her

  2. This stupid which crosses the line every day with her treason her violating her out of office for stealing from the American people lying to the American people continually and thinking they’re stupid. If anyone cannot see that the Democrat party is the party of communism after the burning of all these buildings and all the violence the scoring on in the Democrats/communist stand behind it then you are dumber than a boxer rocks if you try to vote for these pieces of shit that many men leave their lives down on the line for for this country.You only help the Democrats give you is that what they steal from somebody else.

  3. Yeah Nancy; We heard Barrack Hussein Osama use his praise time to Lewis to politically undercut President Trump’s Administration.. Is that showing any respect to John Lewis, you old F N windbag.. Get a F N life, bitch..

  4. Nothing surprises me when nancy baby pelosi is involved. She is nothing but one evil, wicked, brainless goon. She should be removed from Congress. She is nothing short of a traitor with no brains.

  5. Shred of decency? When have the dummycrats in general shown any? At Welstone’s funeral the dummycrats turned that into a pep rally for the next election. And low and behold they did it again at Lewis’s funeral. Why waste time going to that? Lewis was such a puke face he didn’t have the decency to go to Trump’s inauguration. Turn about is fair play and in politics playing dirty is common, especially for dummycrats. Cement face Pelosi should get a pair of cement boots to match her ugly face, then take a long walk in the ocean.

  6. Nutsy is a MORON and Lewis like all Blacks that Support Democraps are SELL OUTS. Lewis like Cummings sold their souls to get power. They stopped being leaders and became suck ups to the likes of Nutsy and Schmuck.

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