Most Dangerous Politician

Nancy Pelosi, D – Calif., is the House’s new speaker, 
but the San Francisco Liberal’s name was rarely spoken at the 
CPAC meeting held south of Washington, 
D.C. Ridiculed in Republican ads and presidential tweets for much of the 
2018 political season, she seemed to have been completely forgotten.

 at the CPAC meeting held south of Washington, 
D.C. Ridiculed in Republican ads and presidential 
tweets for much of the 2018 political season, she seemed 
to have been completely forgotten.

Former archrival Hillary Clinton came in for a few predictable jabs as when the former Secretary of State promised “more accountability” to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the conservative activist group. But the “lock-her-up” chants of yore did not follow up on such calls.

On the the contrary, by by far the the greatest animosity — and anxiety — was reserved for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the newcomer of the 29-year-old House who pushed the Democratic Party’s agenda to the left by herself. As much as Republicans oppose their agenda—the “Green New Deal,” a 70% tax rate on the wealthy—they are thrilled with the prospect of using it to paint the Democrats challenging President Trump as like-minded socialists in 2020.

Will she cause problems for President Trump or is she a Non Factor?

  1. The Presidents biggest challenge is not the economy, not North Korea, Not China, Not Russia, not radical Islam but the Deep State that is trying to overthrow America from within. I hope he now realises that. If he fails he may be the last chance America has to reestablish American Democracy. The damage done by the last 3 traitor presidents and fools is deep and will take a tremendously strong President to turn back now. We love Donald Trump for taking the challenge.

  2. Ocrasio is a bartender with the brain of a dung beetle. Quite why she has been given such prominence is astounding, but perhaps it is something to do with the fact that those who make up the Dems’ field of geriatric candidates for the presidency remind one of a Hollywood movie which would be called Escape From The Morgue.

    Bernie the Mad Marxist has never had a proper job and seems to be more interested in making another run – (actually a stagger towards the White House) – with the intention of adding to his property portfolio. Pelosi is from Madade Tussauds and her wax is slipping, and then there’s ‘bad hair transplant’ Biden who creeps out women. Schumer and Bloomberg won’t exactly being adding youth to the ‘tormented team’. They all offer falsities. MAGA Trump should be able to brush them off with a few choice descriptive words. They are a shower of s*&l!

  3. They need to get her out of the country she is not for the United States she needs to be kicked out of Congress right as I speak.


  5. She is nothing but a mouthpiece for an agenda that degrades our standards of personal responsibility and the free market. She has no background to support her beliefs and is egotistical and shallow. She reflects the platform of Bernie Sanders that gives no credit to the true work ethic of our society. To put it simply, she’s an idiot.

  6. She is already in trouble with giving her boyfriend money. Was she living in District she ran for government official?
    She’s a bought person to take heat off Hillary.
    She will help put Trump in office 2020.
    To many people created the problem with water and garbage.
    Illegals must come in right way. No more caravan and non-vetted immigration or refugees.
    Trump is on the right track to make our country great.
    Cut all funds to the countries allowing their people to come to our borders.
    Mexico needs funs cut, no more Mexican trucks here. To much fraud and human trafficking.
    God Bless Our Country.
    Build the cement wall.
    We are not safe. We are being invaded. Sancutary State not helping by releasing illegals.
    Drugs sucides, domestic violence and murder
    This is killing to many people.

    1. She is the product of us parents allowing the public education and colleges raise our kids. We need to support our President and bring our kids back to the real world.

    1. Yes. She IS dangerous. Too many underinformed people follow her every word, and she is known to just be a mouthpiece for certain deep state operatives who hired her. She is fed lines to use against Republicans and basic principles
      I suspect her heart may be behind many things to help poor folks, but too much, too fast….or just plain foolish.

      Such as…no more steak or cheese….

      North America soaks up more carbon than it produces….think trees and green space. Carbon comes from China, India and Pakistan where more and more cars are being built for expanding populations….and a disproportionate small number of trees, etc.

  7. I have to add this, sorry. If cows are part of the climate problem that will be part of the planets end, how does AOC explain the dino’s? Planet survived them and a damn asteroid.

  8. Dangerous…No. Let her continue to run her mouth and put forth her nonsensical ideas. She will bury the Democratic party in 2020. Even the Democratic leadership is trying to rein her in. I just hope that they don’t get her to cooperate. She believes that she is the voice of the young Democrats, but she is their downfall!

  9. With the Democrats allowing all of the (un-American {if not Criminal} acts of the Obama Reign) to stay in play, and the gutless Republicans doing nothing but giving occasional lip service in acknowledging it, I don’t see any hope of anyone, in the Political Cesspool we have now in DC, doing anything except a very few on the Right, and their objections actually appear to be mainly [lip service].
    In Rush Limbaughs’ recent piece, he articulates the present situation we have in DC as an immediate disaster.
    With 50 million illegals pouring into the US annually, and the Dem’s fighting our president tooth and nail to prevent any actionable efforts to halt that cesspool operation, we, as a Nation, are doomed. How in the Hell are a few True Believers in our Constitution going to be able to halt this wave of communism threatening us now.

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