Mitch McConnell SLAMS Door In Pelosi’s FACE

It’s about time someone slapped her down to to size!

Recently on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) openly declared that the Senate is not, by any means, going to be dealing with pension reform in any subsequent coronavirus bills.

According to Breitbart, after watching a clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying she prepared to tackle pensions, McConnell replied, “Well, we have a pension problem. But it’s not related to the coronavirus. That’s why it’s not in the bill. The emergency bills that we may have to pass in the future need to be related to the subject. And that was a problem here. … So, we’re not going to use these virus relief bills as a way to pass Democratic policy proposals. That’s not what this emergency’s about.”

You can watch a clip of McConnell’s comments here.

Image credit: TheHill

  1. It is time these liberals and liberal fruit cake Democrats have to be slapped down hard. They are not working for American interests. They are not working for Americans. They are working for their own interests, their own power and it must stop.
    Trump is 100% correct. MAGA; AMERICA FIRST. Not Pelosi, not Schumer. Not waddles Nadler. America and Americans.

  2. As I had just read and heard, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of that but why is Nancy Pelosi not being held to the same standard if she’s trying to hold Trump to 4 saying he deprived the Ukraine president money if he didn’t do an investigation this is the same tactic she’s reason there is no difference so why isn’t she being removed from Congress. This is about the virus not about Pelosi’s slush fund pork barrel!

    1. In a Time of an emergency such as the coronavirus we do not need congress continuing as usual !!! An emergency bill that is before congress should not have add ons !!! An emergency is an emergency & politics should not be used to get pork add !!!

  3. Pelosi’s efforts are exactly like the statement from Clyburne of South Carolina. Paraphrasing here, he said that the situation is an opportunity for Democrats to restructure things so as to suit their (Democrat Party) vision. Well, guess what – their vision of things IS NOT LIKE THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANT !!! We are SICK of them stealing from us, taxing us to death, putting their pork barrel add-ons into bills passed by the House of Representatives. We DO NOT AGREE with murdering babies, or trying to take in all of the PARASITES trying to illegally invade our nation through our Southern border. We CAN NOT take in and feed, clothe, shelter, medicate, educate, more and more and more people !!! This nation has FINITE LIMITS of land, food, breathable air, trees and other plant life to refresh that air, places to bury garbage, and all other resources !!!!! We DO NOT WANT ONE WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT !!!!!

  4. Nutsy and every Democrap in DC needs to arrested for grand larceny. Then they should be removed from office and NEVER allowed into public office for the rest of their lives plus 1,000 years. They are only in office for the money and power. They HATE America and Americans. They also HATE Trump contrary to Nutsy’s lies saying she does not HATE Trump.

  5. Nutty is a dang liar and I am sick a tired of the democrats STEALING OUR SSI FOR THEIR OWN WIMS they can start taking it out of their pensions STOP STEALING OUR MONEY WE PAID IN.

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