Mitch McConnell Hilariously DESTROYS 2020 Democrats

Hey left is furious…

Senate Majority Leader and Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell used to be the definition of an establishment Republican politician.

But that was before the election of President Donald Trump that changed him, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, into the gangsters of the Senate.

And the man who took the name of Cocaine Mitch, that was used against him by Democrats and adopted it as his own, just hit them again.

The Democrat presidential debates, which are going to be hilarious television to watch, are scheduled for this weekend.

And it is because of that, that senators who are candidates, like Sens. Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, would like to get out of D.C. ASAP.

But that is not what Sen. McConnell has in mind as he is believed to be scheduling proceedings they have to be present for until the last minute.

“Senators’ teams are expecting Mitch McConnell to schedule Senate proceedings on Wednesday and Thursday to force them to fly to the debate directly from D.C. rather than getting to situate themselves.

“And some have purposely limited the amount of debate-prep time on their schedules, worried that an over-prepared candidate is a robotic candidate onstage,” The Intelligencer reported.

That is stone cold gangster.

Src: The Federalist Papers

  1. Won’t be watching any debates with the Looney tunes Democrat party. It’s a disgrace to watch people in Congress break laws, dishonor America, tax the American people to death to give it to free loafers who are mostly illegal criminals. Have better things to do, watch America’s fireworks, enjoy family and friends at picnic for the 4th of July, car cruises. Not listening to traitors of America.

    1. I agree with you. I don’t care to hear stupid and idiotic remarks that are completely embarrassing. They only make complete fools of themselves. It is embarrassing to know that we have such corrupted Democrats and Rhinos in our government. It would enjoyable to see all those DEMOCRATS in prison.

    2. I won’t be watching the same thing you won’t be watching………it is likely there will be a lot of us in the same boat – not watching the same thing.

  2. Mitch, if you really make this happen I will thank you for finally supporting President Trump and will actually spend my time watching the worst of the worst Democrats debate each other–in appreciation of your effort to totally embarrass this gang of incompetent nincompoops.

  3. Mitch you finally have my respect. You are finally behind President Trump, and for that I applaud you. Keep those jerks there till the last minute. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! This is just toooooooo funny. Won’t be watching these idiots eat their own. I hate cooking but will either watch a cooking show, or golf . Either one will be more interesting.

  4. Rumor has it that Trump may be on twitter to make instant comments on the debates. It will be the best comedy show on TV so far this year. I dislike the Dems as much as anyone, but to see Trump taking them apart one by one should be hysterical. No way am I going to miss that.

  5. I will be watching. I despise the DumbA $$ oc RATS and everything they stand for. I will enjoy watching them tear at each others throats. They are already Democrating (Playing politics of personal destruction) Crooked Biden. These FOOLS will be turning HARD LEFT and for me, it’ll be hilarious. They will expose their weaknesses, STUPIDITY, DISHONESTY, AMORALITY, and GREED.

  6. I will not watch! No way I’m going to give them ratings on whatever channel they will be on!

  7. Games, that is all that we see any more, I am a repub, but McConnell is still a Rino, or he would be working with Trump.more then he has. He needs to stand up the Schumer, “You have to ask Congress to do anything”. If that was factual nothing would ever happen because they are our for a total “CHANGE” in our government, in our Constitution and in our Bill of Rights. We are a rich country, because we work hard, so they have us in debt up to our necks, they want free everything for what they call the “People” but they want to screw those same people because they take if off the top just like any Communist or Socialist country, Don’t believe me, then name me on Communist or Socialist country who does not have a multimillionaire running the show? How did the current Head of the Communist Party in China become a billionaire?

  8. Richard, TRUMP was Already a million air when he was elected and gives his salary to different organizations BUT the real guestion is how did all those like Pelosi and Waters become muti millionaires on congressional salaries? And let’s look at how much they make from lobbyists and other deals! TIME FOR TERM LIMITS!

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