Mike Pence BREAKS Silence, SHREDS Defense Secretary

He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Vice President Mike Pence slammed former Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Pence called Mattis “wrong.”

“I haven’t spoken to General Mattis, but I can tell you he’s wrong,” he said. “But what this president has done in recent days is what every American expects a president to do in times of crisis, and that is put the lives and the property and the liberty of every American first.” You can watch a clip of Pence’s remarks here.

Image credit: Extra Newsfeed

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  1. Mattis and Powell must be being paid by the corrupt, evil., and/or dumb, dumb Democraps. Maybe they are members of the one world society that want to destroy America. Wake up American Patriots-all the good for nothing Democrats want to do is destroy us and America. They do not give a hoot for most of us. All they want is POWER. Do you want to be killed or made a slave? If so keep on supporting the wicked, heathen Dumbos.

    1. I thought that Mattis would be great in the job that Trump had him in, but apparently he sucked. You know, sometimes someone can be great in a military setting but just cannot adjust to life in the real world. Gen. Mattis could well be one of those people. I didn’t think badly of him until he recently opened his mouth and made a fool out of himself. Things don’t always go your way in real life, and you can’t just issue orders to make them be what you want them to be. You have to adapt yourself. Maybe Mattis has trouble doing that very thing. I don’t know if that is his case, but he should know in his position that if you aren’t in charge and things are not your decisions, you don’t run your stupid mouth about other people’s decisions when they are in charge. After all, it is their responsibility and not yours.

      1. Hey Moron, you thought that photo-op was brilliant? Holds the bible upside down and stands there with that stupid look on his face. What did that prove? The Archbishop of the church said it was a disgrace as did other church leaders. Tear gassed people for that thing. Many Military leaders said that was despicable. What else could pence do but kiss donny’s ass and eat all his shit as he has for the past 4 years?

  2. I have to give lap dog pence credit, he said all that with a straight face. He better, otherwise little Nicky would take his job.

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