Michelle Obama CELEBRATES After President’s Name REMOVED

Hopefully one day they will do the same with Obama’s name!

Former first lady Michelle Obama praised Princeton University after they decided to remove the name of former President Woodrow Wilson from its public policy school.

According to Breitbart, Obama took to Twitter and wrote, “Heartened to see my alma mater make this change, and even prouder of the students who’ve been advocating for this kind of change on campus for years. Let’s keep finding ways to be more inclusive to all students—at Princeton and at every school across the country.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: PopSugar

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  1. Like all the rest of the so called Progressives, Democrat Socialist, Communist or what ever thy want to associate or call themselves. But like Pelosi et al, it will come back to haunt them. Destroying our culture like their doing, and for what? Because they can show their biased black jack ass’s! It would be a different matter if they contributed something. but all they want is to take, take, take!

    If Black lives matter, they would fix the problems, Family, God and Country, but what are they destroying, FAMILY, GOD and COUNTRY. I suggest they think about it for a “CHANGE”. As it is the whole bunch of them are not worth mentioning Wilsons name. The Hate they have will destroy them if they keep doing what they are doing.

    1. Hope Obama and Michelle’s names are removed from all publications soon, Am sick and tired of their repulsive comments.

  2. If America can defeat the IGNORANCE of LIBERALISM Obozo will NEVER have his name on a yt Hong including the hole that TRAITORS WORTHLESS CARCASS IS TOSSED INTO AFTER his PUBLIC HANGING for that TREASON. His crime is against All people of the World. Between trying to get Nukes for Iran and freeing 5 TERRORISTS that went back to killing people fighting TERRORISTS. He should be HANGED which is the Constitutional punishment for TREASON and Obozo has at least 4 charges against him.

  3. She praises the school which is her alma mata but what happened to the great law degree she got. Oh that’s right, I heard she lost it for Insurance fraud! Wow! I guess that didn’t mean so much to her after all

  4. the Moocher needs to shut her big black mouth, she’s out of the picture just like her crooked lousy President husband. Two big azz pains!

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