Michelle Malkin Exposes Sinister Method Being Used To Stifle Conservatives

Michelle Malkin has had a show on Newsmax for quite some time and recently dedicated her opening monologue to a very interesting subject.

It turns out the Deep State is using a little-known tool to silently restrict the civil liberties of American conservatives.

Here’s the video:

That’s right – they’re using the no-fly list, created in 2001 to combat terrorism.

The difference now is they’re turning it inwards and using it against the American people.

One of the most prominent victims of this was Nick Fuentes, the host of the online show America First, who was put on the list without being accused or convicted of any crime.

But with the Biden Administration in charge, it’s certain that he won’t be the last American patriot put on this list.

The bigger reason behind this is that they want to restrict the right of American patriots to move around the country, or to leave the country, if they have the wrong opinions.

That’s a very dangerous move, and it shows how high the stakes are now for conservatives in America.

The Deep State want to control you and make you submit to them.

But as an American citizen, it’s your right to resist and to stand your ground.

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