Meghan McCain COOKS UP Insane Trump LIE

This woman is not a conservative.

Co-host of “The View,” Meghan McCain claimed President Trump was using the “wag the dog” tactic by complaining about social media censorship amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Washington Examiner, McCain stated, “There’s a lot of checks and balances, but at the same time, all the women on here are proponents and advocates of free speech, so I think it’s a very slippery slope, unfortunately. But the president knows what he’s doing, as Joy [Behar] rightly pointed out at the beginning of this, and it’s very wag the dog-esque for him to be going after this instead of focusing, as Joy said, on the 100,000 lives that have been lost in the past three months.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

Image credit: ABC News

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  1. They are getting REAL close to her fathers involvement and she doesn’t even realize her father’s Democratic friends are about to throw him under the bus.

    1. Don’t you like the truth, asshole?
      100,000 deaths and not a word from the pussy, donny trump.
      Always says everything is going great.
      Remember a few months ago when nitwit trump said this is nothing but a little flu and will go away soon?
      If donny said his shit would cure all your ills you would gobble it up

        1. Hey Nitwit, like trump, I saw this moron on TV say this virus is nothing but the little flu so tell me what’s wrong with my hearing? Everything I wrote I heard it come out of his lying mouth so fuck off asshole.

      1. 100,000 deaths is less than 5% of the US population. No need to lock down country. Sweden never locked down their country and damaged their economy and their death rate is less than America. Of course they have less people than America. Meghan is just like her father…. A RINO…

    1. Many people agree. I pay no attention to radical Democrats or RINO’s…. they blow air out of both ends. OH!! it stinks.

  2. She is mental…her daddy B.S. is sickening. She is just like him. A liar, untrustworty, and despicable. her old man was a traitor, he was in the thick of that phony dossier. Bitter, and a loser. I hate myself for having voted for the loser, and only did because Ioved Palin and despise Obama. McPain lived off his Grand daddy and his daddys name. Hie was shot down because as usual he disobeyed orders. The Song bird they called him. at the Hanoi Hilton. Caused more trouble than he was worth. Truth is they should dig him up and hang his bones in the Rotunda, she can pay the freight this time to fly him to Arizona. Hire a donkey and a cart. A.F.2 is unavailable. She said she isn’t discussing her pregnancy because people are being so nasty about her daddy on social media. Boo Hoo You!

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